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Comment Re:Yeah, I thought this problem was solved (Score 2) 35

But, we forgot about lazy, cheap people.
Yes, chlorine or hydrogen peroxidation would solve this, but require some method to maintain the antiseptic aspect.
Copper sheeting might shed enough Cu ions for many years, but would ne replacing as it eroded away.

Newly installed cooling towers deal with this, as this search shows.

Comment Capacitor faults and strengths (Score 1) 144

1 Capacitors hold charge between two plates separated by the electrolyte, and typically excess electrons accumulate on one conducting plate as a cloud. Once you reach a certain voltage, the insulation fails = punch-through. If self healing, the voltage will fall and the arc will stop before the charge is gone. If not, most of the charge will dissipate.

2 Capacitors are the mechanical analog of the spring, more force = more spring stretches, in the same way as you charge a capacitor the voltage increases as the charge increases. There is not voltage plateau of the the electro-chemical difference. Charge Q = 1/2 C * V * V, with Q = coulombs C = farads, and V = voltage. Not the square function, when voltage drops by half, charge is 75% gone, and vice versa. The voltage falls, so there needs to be a regulator for loads that need a constant voltage.

3. Since all surfaces are in parallel, charge and discharge can be very rapid, limited by path resistance and inductance.

4 Batteries change the chemical state of the charge/discharge compound, as a bulk material. This is inherently 25-100 times as much as a capacitor's charge.
Even these capacitors face these limits.

That said, their speed and near infinite life will find them a role, just where they will fit? My fitbit runs for a week on a capacitor and charges very rapidly. Will an iPad or android pone run on that sort of a tiny charge? It is possible that e-ink devices as book reading displays will get to do this, but devices that transmit RF power use more than 1000 times the power of an e-ink reader in static mode, and 100 time in rewrite mode

Comment Re:How is this legal? (Score 1) 311

Smart crooks, stupid no-hope male clients bought this crap, and paid $$.in fooling themselves thay had a live fish, sort of an online whore house emulation.
In a bricks and mortar whore house you get your thighs rubbed to get you interested.
Now the lawsuit. They will pay to fight it, stretch it our for years, and may be win and maybe lose, and if Asley loses, the winners will find the money is all gone, and all their legal work went for nothing and the class action suckers will also get nothing, except being very very well known.

Comment Penned Animals pestered by biting flies. (Score 1) 319

That is the correct analogy with respect to cable companies and customers. They send more flies to bite more often (higher fees), is it any wonder we are restive in our cages and when we break out of the cage, how reluctant we are to enter the cage again.
Cable companies only thought is how to make a stronger cage (restricted competition via continuation of retransmission fees).
Now we have the ability to have a cloud of DDT suppressing the flies ( diverse wide band internet suppliers, that will allow the netflix etc to completely replace broadcasters)

It is any wonder that more and more of us yearn to escape the flies.....?

Comment Re:Will Ad Blockers Kill the Digital Media Industr (Score 1) 519

In the old days, before Amazon, before the web, there were support staff, paid for by the margins on books and magazines.
Now huge numbers of scanned books are traded for free on line = zero profit on those. In addition, Amazon's buying power and pricing policies have meant that the book shops no longer have hose margins. People come and look and ask, then go home and buy on Amazon or get an online file.
Most magazines were sold far below the cost of printing, the ads paid the freight, and with paper magazines and story splitting there was enough ad readership to sustain the system.
If 100% of ads get blocked = zero to pay for the web site, the site will fold.

Solution:- Sites can now render the site as a full screen jpeg, with the ads as part of the picture, unblockable. All they need is a click detecting frame for each ad..
If the frame is blocked, the system will not render the jpeg = you can not see the site if you deny the frame.

This will be slower to render, but with wide band = doable.
The alternative = pay a fee to see a site.

There will be few altruists capable of funding a high volume site with zero revenue.

Comment Toss a Net (Score 1) 1197

I wonder if it would be possible to fabricate a compressed net that could be shot from a bow for 25-30 feet that would open up and foul the propellers, which would ground the drone with minimal destruction.
I agree with the property owners aggravation, but the use of a gunshot to deal with it is excessive.

Using google shows I am not alone.

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