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Comment: Re:Rewarding the bullies... (Score 1) 796

This sort of oppression happens all the time, and is the underlying reason why bullied kids occasionally take matters into their own hans, sometimes with fatal results when gun are involved.
Had proper attention been paid to bullied kids how many lives would have been save over the years?
I was bullied in high school, so I whacked the bully with a broom handle on the head = problem solved as he started crying.

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by aurizon (#46679841) Attached to: How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion

Yes, a friend of mine was fired back in 1962 for screwing a female student of 16. She came and sat in the front row with no panties and let him have a look, but in such a way that others were unaware. They soon screwed, he was fired they got married, but she was so hypersexual that she had lovers up. I used to visit him and hear the goings on. He did not complain. He was a Jewish nerd and the left over sex was enough for him.

I would like to see the per capita stats on this. Teachers outnumber priests 10 to one.Priests went after boy. Teachers in general had consexual sex with usually girl who wanted higher marks, or were hypersexual. I met one of those, it was fun while is lasted, but I could not have sex 2-3 times per day 7 days per week, which she wanted. I would not tolerate the infidelity, so stopped calling her.

Priests were true predators, and I place forced homosexual predation by a priest as more serious than consensual sex by teachers. I am sure a small number of the boys were also gay, so that portion was consensual.

Comment: Religion = a way to control people and live free (Score 5, Insightful) 1037

by aurizon (#46675143) Attached to: How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion

I knew this when I was 10, and that was in 1950, my total lack of belief in the mumbo jumbo of ALL religion began then and became a certainty soon after that. Family was catholic with all trappings, control, coercion etc....water off a ducks back.
Religion wants a closed ecology - you get your words from the priests, work hard and pray and, oh yes, give me money.

There is no difference between scientology, islam, catholicism or bantu spirit jabber - they are all mechanisms to live free and prosper at the behest of others.

I want the tax exemptions for reiligions stopped, I want them taxed, kick them in the ass.
And on top of that they all seem to thrive on child molestation. It is no joke the way Giles portrays clerics grinning after alter boys - many lives were harmed and criminals protected.

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It is low profit to the drivers and newly bought medallion holders.
Legacy medallions = cash cows, radio services = cash cows.

Most cab companies are filled with legacy medaiilions, although they buy a few to maintain share.
The biggest racket is the casuals, who drive for a week and go away because they hate it. Usually their hours are logged as a family membersor friends , and after a while(15-20 years) = free medallion. A company will have a few people they can drop driven hours onto, to add to the hours they drive for real.
Back in the 60's quite a number did this

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AFter WW2, when tens of thousand of men were demobbed, they had ARmy skills,- Shoot - explode -shell, and almost all were taught to drive.
So they would get a car and offer rides for a fee, from these our cab companies evolved.
There were more cars and drivers than there were passengers to support them, as a result little walled gardens of taxi rights appeared. As time wen by radio dispatch came along, and that was another little walled garden.

Now we have an iphone ap = radio dispatch is now dead, but still walking around and tryint to create barriers to alternate dispatch methods, such as the web and iphones.
Now along comes these cars, web booked via iphone ap.
The very turf beneath the feet of the taxi business and radio dispatch business is sinking.

Radio dispatchers, the greedy little fucks, want $400-$600 per month, the plate ownjers want $3000 per month to rent a plated cab.
They will fight and bribe all the politicians in city hall to keep their little, very very very high profit turfs.

These turfs need to die, these turfs live of the back of the cab driver and the public. Get rid if these little turfs and drivers will make more and riders pay less.

We need to free this market, griffin is wrong, this is not a free marker, it is little absolute monopolies(turfs or fiefs) that screw us all.

Comment: Taxi Ecosystem is fat and needs to be trimmed (Score 1) 353

by aurizon (#46622703) Attached to: If Ridesharing Is Banned, What About Ride-Trading?

At the heart of it is a guy who owns a car, then he needs a radio/web system to fields calls from clients and find the best cab. A simple web app, supplemented by a call center would work fine.
What we have is guys who own plates who rent them for a few thousand a month, and guys who own radio despatch systems who who also want a lot. These are the guys who whine that their little cash cow would get killed. It is no secret that taxi rates are sky high, these middle men are the problem

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The USA does not have a functional health service for all it's people. As a result a large number of desperate people clutch at the weak straws of holistic medicine because medicine that worked is priced beyond their reach. Holistic medicine is usually made of very low cost components, has zero efficacy, and is often dangerous to the user either as a direct toxic procedure or because it diverts a person from effective meds. That said, incurable illnesses kill you no matter what you do.

The USA has an effective medical system for those who can pay for it, via cash or insurance. The touted claim that hospitals will provide services for those who cannot pay as helper of last resort is true in a narrow sense that you will be given palliative aid as you die after the tests and early work to diagnose and perhaps to save you were blocked by your economic situation. Even the so-called Obama reforms are a poor start, but they are a start, and they might in time reach a system as good as the French, German, Canadian, or even the Cuban system, as measured by age at death stats. I figure better health care makes you live longer, so longevity assesses systems. The USA has many different populations, white, black, fat and skinny, Jewish, Christian, men and women, etc. etc., and all have their own longevity tables. Some are quite bad, like poor black and South. Rich northern educated Jewish white men do better.

But overlaying this is the undeniable fact that universal health care raises the longevity chart of every group, not just saying the USA = best, the USA is the most costly, which means Americans are the most cheated group on earth by their medical services, because all the others get more bang for their buck - or Kroner or whatever.

Comment: I do not mind a scan to find reported stolen cars (Score 1) 405

by aurizon (#46564641) Attached to: L.A. Police: <em>All</em> Cars In L.A. Are Under Investigation

. These guys are thieves and or cheating the system. We have laws that people can not wear masks in public, which we except at Halloween, why should we have masked cars.
This would catch guys with 50 parking tags unpaid - towed to pound, and I can go on.
Should we allow meta-tracking? I think they should store meta tagged data and ask a judge if they can inspect the meta-data for a location and time period to follow that car, without any ID at that time?
This would be useful in hit and runs, robberies, car thefts. All it will do is give a partial set of data that shows what pints the car had passed for the time mentioned, after the judge has said OK, no data voyeurs allowed to follow their girlfriends etc.

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by aurizon (#46534601) Attached to: Jesse Jackson To Take On Silicon Valley's Lack of Diversity

?? Punish the studious exists in kids, but not as they get older, they outgrow it and are taught to not do it.

Are you so involved in hurling accusations of racism that you deem political correctness the new acme of rationality?

Ever hear of realpolitik?

It seems to trump your PC attitudes.

You will be pleased to know that as online education venues like MIT Academy ( and Khan Academy ( advance, they leave PC behind, because the color of a man's or woman's skin is not evident in keyclicks, and more and more people of all races and tribes are getting an education in whatever path they choose and whatever level their ability allows.

That said, some third world countries have bad access, however, DVDs and hard drives with entire segments of these courses rendered into memory(it takes banks and banks of drives to hold them all) are being transported to these areas where web centers help. I would like to see broadband come to Africa.

BTW, the way Arabs attack whatever is Jewish, even as it becomes theirs is much like the antipathy black students have to other black students who "go whitey"

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by aurizon (#46533963) Attached to: Jesse Jackson To Take On Silicon Valley's Lack of Diversity

Again you miss the fact that I spoke of Africa, not within the USA. It has been well documented that white study patterns are looked upon as bad. Now this might be because they have been caught up in the hatred of pushy white religions who are also hated in many areas. Often the true degree of hatred for each aspect can not be dissected - they are all hated.
    It is a strange fact that creams that bleach the skin are hot sellers on Africa and at the same time white infrastructure is decried and destroyed. This reminds me of the Arabs who destroy any Jewish business they take over instead of staffing it with Arabs and making $$.

Comment: Re:Why are there so few black engineers? (Score 1) 397

by aurizon (#46529853) Attached to: Jesse Jackson To Take On Silicon Valley's Lack of Diversity

Yes, I agree. I was too general. The problems I spoke of are country specific, but there are several of them.
A friend of mine was a prof in Zimbabwe, prior to the advent of black corrupt rule. He told me stories and why he eventually became an expat.
That crooked ruler is one whereof I speak.
The breakdown of society by men with guns who want kids to project their power is also a big problem. Those kids get ruined for any normal life, unlimited booze, hookers and drugs while young with a gun tends to do that to you - sort of "the Lord of the Flies - with added guns"

Anti intellectualism arises from envy and greed

Comment: Re:Why are there so few black engineers? (Score 1) 397

by aurizon (#46529523) Attached to: Jesse Jackson To Take On Silicon Valley's Lack of Diversity

So that .1% fellow blackfooted persecuted you? Or the white rednecks.

I was referring the the sad fact of black males persecuting other black males who show any ability to study, read etc.
In some areas there is enough teacher presence in halls, yards and stairwells to curtail this bullying in school. Many places have had wages taken so high that there is insufficient teacher presence in halls, yards and stairwells that bullying flourishes in these areas, and this bullying chills many black students into mediocrity. The really smart ones hang back and keep their own counsel and are able to do well in school.
I think this is part of the problem in Africa, working hard, studying are seen as bad white traits.

Comment: Re:Why are there so few black engineers? (Score 5, Insightful) 397

by aurizon (#46528547) Attached to: Jesse Jackson To Take On Silicon Valley's Lack of Diversity

Actually, black culture penalizes anyone black who allows his/her intelligence to get them ahead. Any child who does so is beaten and bullied by the other black kids, so they learn to hide their abilities and blend in. Some emerge and excell, but sadly, too many are lost to the lifestyle.
As a retired teacher, I have seen this and it is hard to eliminate, and if you try, it is risky.

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