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Comment: Re:Stop throwing good money after bad. (Score 0) 352

by aurizon (#47419927) Attached to: The Pentagon's $399 Billion Plane To Nowhere

I agree with you. This is a fleet of flying garbage cans. G limits on the crews means they are easy targets for the latest missiles that Russia and many others have. All the money spent is wasted in most respects, but a lot of the knowledge base can be used for a new generation of pilotless planes with fight alone capability once they reach an area to respond faster than a remote human can. Remotes can be very hard. but jamming is walys possible, so fight alone autonomy is needed. There is also a need for fight along long range missiles that can hang around and interdict an area, then come back for fuel. They also need higher energy fules, boron derivaties that still use air for these remote missiles.

Comment: how can they be made faster? (Score 1) 202

These printers come in 3 broad types, melt a fiber , sinter a granule and cross link monomers.
The melt a fiber you can make fastter with a jet of cold air/gas or water so the print head can pass that way again sooner, or run in a cold box = faster colling.
The trivial answer of a 20 nozzle print head = been done.

The sinter a granule, more power in laser to aggregate more granules?

Monomer cross linking, higher power laser, more reactive monomer?

I find it hard to achieve a ten fold speed ramp with rate limited physical processes standing in the way of speed ups.

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by aurizon (#47355809) Attached to: Ninety-Nine Percent of the Ocean's Plastic Is Missing

The term plastic covers many materials. The ones made from hydrocarbons - polyethylene, polypropylene etc are gradually attacked by bacteria. If they are very thin as in plastic bags they are short lived. it is a little lighter than water, so it floats and gets the cross links broken by UV light unless filled with something heacvy, clay, TiO2 etc and might sink.
These are not long lived, nor are they hard, the scraping tongues with erode them, and a few cyles = gone.

If you replace one or more Hydrogen with fluorine or chlorine you get items that are not metabolized by any complex organism, however bacteris can colonize them and they remove an atom at a time, so they eventually go away.

These are all soft so the scraping of tiny teeth turns them into small particles and the bacteria get at them.

One big problem with small particles is their lack of nutrition, so the small animal wastes energy to gnaw it and gets nothing back. Too many small particles and they starve to death via metabolic losses. People can starve on some foods that take more energy to digest then they yield.

Recently microspheres for cosmetics have been released into the water and they get through filtration plants = starvation again for the small fly if there are too many.

The rise of biodegradable layers has helps plastic go away sooner, if we made bags from starch film, if would be eaten in weeks in the sea

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! Interesting what Nobel prize-winning physicists do in their spare time. !

This tells the tail of an inquiring mind that turns it's focus on many things. He reminds me of Fenman, among many similar Nobel Laureates, whose curiosity was not limited by a 9-5 mentality, but was active 24/7.

It is this quality that produces the Nobels...

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by aurizon (#47290539) Attached to: ICANN CEO Wants To Make Progress On Leaving US Control

If the UN is any example, an independent ICAAN will turn into the corrupt instrument of the nations that compose it and will control the new ICANN and then a new regime will levy taxes on the users - and these taxes, which they will call fees, will be spent uncoltrollably to creat an edifice like the UN, 200% corrupt. THE US congress is similarly corrupt, as we see by the FVV and Internet lobbyists.

I do not know how this can be prevented, apart by not letting it fall into the control of these crooks.

That said, ICANN is already a little crooked...

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Just buy some invisible IR light units, and shine them into the camera eyes of any spying device. Placed outside on the window ledge with a slight up angle, they will not illuminate anything on the ground, but anyone who wants to peer into your widows with night vision (NV) will find the bright IR lamps will desense their NV.
These are often used to hinder attacking enemies with NV goggles, although this has developed into a spy vs counter spy among the various national forces that use NV.

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by aurizon (#47146865) Attached to: Patent Troll Ordered To Pay For the Costs of Fighting a Bad Patent

Well, If you build a new house in Toronto as part of a development you are forced to pay an infrastructure fee = huge cost. If you build on an existing infill lot it is a lot less, and cheapest is if you buy a house, tear it down and build a new one.
This process can take years because it is part of a scheme to increase housing costs

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by aurizon (#47093005) Attached to: NASA Money Crunch Means Trouble For Spitzer Space Telescope

People seem to feel that money spent on exploration has no valuable return! Yet they spend countless billions on food stamps and welfare, yet these also have no tangible return.
They lose sight of the fact that 99% of the money spent on exploration is for the purchase of items made on earth and represents the labor expended to produce whatever item.

Take gold - it is free in the earth, but we pay the miners to drill, dig, break rocks, extract etc, and ever stage is almost totally for wages to deal with a raw material. Same for wood products, fibers. plastics, metals etc.

Research means we pay thousands of people to do intellectually challenging and technically difficult tasks to gain knowledge. Welfare and food stamps means we pay millions of people to sit on their bums and do nothing. Welfare and food stamps are a $$ sink. Sure they allow people to live without effort, without intellectual challenge, yet why do we spend more and more to grow this welfare and food stamp industry? We have given excess voting power to non-productive elements of society. In Roman times, only citizens of the city of Rome had the vote - none in the others could vote, to get these few votes, the voters were bribed by the senators (the only politicians of the age) with food and entertainment, which came to be called "Bread and Circuses"
The huge empire of Rome declined and fell due to various forms of mismanagement and some say, lead in the wine? The USA is not immune to this.
If the research that underpinned all the gains the USA and the world have made in the past 100 years is not continued, we will decline into a morass of welfare grubs. It might take a while, but the decline has begun and will accelerate. We need both democrats and republicans to be isolated from the lack of a private ballot.
We thing that seeing how a politicians votes gives us accountability - it does not, it gives the lobbyist accountability - he sees his bribes at work.

We need to break this pathway. Can we? The politicians have grown used to their well feathered nests and will peck at the hands of those who want to change things.

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