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Comment Re:Can't see Circuit City anymore. CEO seeking a g (Score 1) 161

It was the CEO BEFORE the last one that burnt the company for the insurance, that is how this works. Its the same with AMD, the current CEO is trying to stop the bleeding, even going so far as to hire back the designer of the Athlon64 from Apple, but it was the one after the founder (Rory Read I think, but they went through 3 real quickly) that fired everybody and cashed out.

You see its like playing hot potato, you don't want to be the one left with the bag.

Comment And what does that cost for gigabit routing? (Score 1) 68

The problem PFSense has as compared to consumer routers is that running on normal Intel CPUs it needs more CPU power (and thus cost) to be able to forward a given amount of traffic. Plus all the NICs and such are separate silicon. Boradcom makes little all-in-one chips that have a couple of ARM cores that have acceleration for routing and so on. Also they have things like an ethernet switch and ethernet PHYs on the chip so they needn't be added. Have a look at a BCM4709A for an example that is popular in routers.

PFSense is good but it is not the most economical thing if you are talking features matching a consumer router, meaning gig routing, multiple ports, and wifi, you can have your costs go up a fair bit. Particularly if you also then want it to be fairly small and low power. If you hop over to PFSense's site it would cost about $575 for a SG-2440 with WiFi which would give features roughly on par with a consumer router.

While I'd much rather have that over a consumer router, a consumer router is in fact what I have because I didn't want to spend a ton of money for a home router.

Comment Re: Litigious Much (Score 1) 739

I dunno. He's not violent, but he and his family are now terrorizing the school district and/or the police department.

He was told to do what he did, and his father almost certainly coached him on how to "show" it in class to garner the precise reaction he got. Ahmed and his family should be airdropped into Aleppo and left to fend for themselves.

Comment Re:400K questions/month - but how many answered? (Score 1) 166

Most questions are rather poor, have too little information provided, or require familiarity with the specific library the questioner is asking about. Not all questions are answerable with the information provided, and many times the questioner will ignore any request for clarification.

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