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Comment: News flash for you (Score 1) 135

by Sycraft-fu (#48025247) Attached to: CEO of Spyware Maker Arrested For Enabling Stalkers

If you set foot in a country, they can arrest you for violating their laws. Doesn't matter if you aren't a citizen and live overseas. If you come there, they can arrest you. So let's say you regularly trash Islam and the Ayatollah and are well known for this. Then you travel to Iran. They very well can arrest you for that. They can't do much if you don't go there but if you show up, they can grab you.

Now in terms of if this particular arrest is legit for the American legal system, almost certainly. Doesn't matter that he was living in a foreign country. If he sold something that is illegal to Americans and using American services, he broke American law. Doesn't matter if he wasn't in America at the time, you don't have to be in a country to break their law. Let me give you a couple examples of how one can easily break a country's law from another country:

1) Ordering someone murdered. Let's say you have yourself a little gang with members in a few countries. You don't like someone over in Sweden so you order one of your Swedish members to murder them. That person broke Swedish law, but so did you. Doesn't matter you weren't there, you orchestrated a murder, that's illegal, and if they can get their hands on you you'll stand trial for it (the US would happily extradite you for that).

2) You set up a gun smuggling business for Canadians. You go and buy guns that are legal in the US, but illegal in Canada. You have them smuggled up and warehoused there, and then sell them to Canadians. You've broken Canadian law. Even if you are operating everything out of the US, what you are doing isn't legal in Canada and that's where it is being done. You house the guns in Canada and sell them to Canadians, that makes it a Canadian issue (you'd get extradited for that too).

So if this dude is selling his shit from AWS, to Americans, the courts will have no problems with the claim that American law applies.

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by Sycraft-fu (#48025219) Attached to: CEO of Spyware Maker Arrested For Enabling Stalkers

Intent matters in the law. There are things that can be legal or illegal depending on the intent behind it. This can apply to tools as well as actions. If you sell a tool for legitimate uses, you are generally fine even if the tool has some illegitimate uses too. So long as your actions, as in marketing and such, show that you intend it for legit uses, you are fine.

A good example would be all the fine burglary tools for sale at Home Depot. A large number of the tools they sell would work very well for breaking in to houses or cars. However it is very clear that isn't why they sell them, nor why 99.99% of their customers buy them. Not only do the tools have a substantial legitimate use, but that it what all their marketing is about. They don't try to convince you that you need a hammer drill because you could drill open most locks, they try to convince you that you need a hammer drill because you want to put up shelves in concrete or the like. They intend their tools to be used for legitimate activities.

The more shady the product, the more careful you'd better be about how you sell it because the easier it could show intent to have it used for criminal purposes. If it looks like you are just paying lip service to legit uses but really trying to sell your stuff for illegal uses, you are likely to get in trouble.

Comment: Toyota was a fringe brand once (Score 1) 233

by cant_get_a_good_nick (#48022949) Attached to: Former GM Product Czar: Tesla a "Fringe Brand"

So was Honda...

Hell, at one point even GM was "fringe"...

Im not saying that Tesla will grow that size. Suzuki was, and IS a fringe brand. But saying "hey they're small now" is what screwed GM back in the 80s with the Japanese and Volkswagen invasion.

Other bad (for GM) echos are the possible paradigm shift. What allowed the Japanese invasion in the 70's? They had better small car/low gas consumption cars. Here, Tesla has a huge tech advantage in electric right now. Could this be a tipping point? Dunno... But silly for GM to dismiss

As a side point, it makes me a bit sad. GM had the all-electric Impact. But like Microsoft, Nokia et al., they squandered a huge lead in tech and now are trailers.

I hope this is a "Steve Jobs says a competitor's feature sucks because he doesn't have it, but really sees it useful and feverishly puts it in his next release" Sadly, this probably really is "we don't even see them on our radar" and GM is toast. A lot of people work for GM, and whatever you think about the company (generally poorly run for years) if it goes under it's gonna hurt us all.

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by cant_get_a_good_nick (#48016549) Attached to: Yahoo Shuttering Its Web Directory

Same. I remember when I got my resume listed there back in the mid nineties. You had to post it, and because it had to be accepted, there was just a tiny bit of "you're in the club". It was a bit of geek cred (that and posting it to Dice back when they still had you use telnet).

Cool Yahoo, a phrase not much heard now, a term of days long gone.

Comment: Interconnected network of hacked things (Score 3, Insightful) 115

I shudder when i think about all the way these things will be hacked and pwned... I remember a Samsung fridge with a touchscreen to run Twitter, and someone put on the fridge "I'm a fridge, why the fuck am I on twitter."

That and the world scrambling to fix the Shellshock bug that was 20+ years in the making...

Comment: They want the court fight (Score 4, Informative) 324

by Sycraft-fu (#48011095) Attached to: State of Iowa Tells Tesla To Cancel Its Scheduled Test Drives

They know this is an issue they'll win in the long run. There is no justification for the states doing what they are doing, they've just been paid off by the auto dealers. Tesla has won every fight about this I'm aware of. So they want it, they want to get this straightened out in the courts.

If you try to do something to skirt the law, you risk it biting you in the ass later. If you get a court ruling saying "You are allowed to do this, the state has to F off," then you are good to go.

Also, you might notice it gets them press. Nothing like looking like the poor trod on underdog to get more people sympathetic to your cause an interested in your product. They go about everything above board, get stepped on, fight back, win, and then get their way, plus good PR.

Have to take the long view on these things.

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by hairyfeet (#48010525) Attached to: NVIDIA Begins Requiring Signed GPU Firmware Images

Bimbo Newton Crosby, Nvidia has been getting a LOT of shit about how easy it is to flash the firmware to lie about the card and I am 100% with the users on this as there is ZERO way to tell what chip a graphics card is using without tearing the card apart, voiding any warranty, and possibly damaging the card in the process. After all if I hand you a card with a huge double heatsink and tell you its the latest card, the screencaps show GPU-Z showing its the latest card, how else are you gonna tell what it is without tearing off the sink and seeing what chip is underneath?

I do think its funny the author tries to frame it as a "freedum!" issue which I would argue it is, only its Nvidia trying to give its customers the freedom from being scammed!

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by hairyfeet (#48007221) Attached to: Canon Printer Hacked To Run <em>Doom</em> Video Game

Well if you had ALL VXD or ALL WDM? then you didn't run into the GDI bug so most likely you had all VXD drivers. you see what really doomed WinME was that Win2K had come out and it was using WDM and the OEMs already had XP beta and it too was WDM and if MSFT says it can use both why not just use these WDM drivers for the new stuff and use the old VXD for the older hardware we are still selling? Most folks don't realize most boards, especially back then, were this mishmash of hardware that could be as much as 5 years old, see the whole "Vista capable" debacle that came about because Intel still had a warehouse full of shitty 9xx chipsets they were trying to move. The 9xx were IRL a DX8 GPU that Intel used software to run parts of DX9 on the CPU, which just didn't work worth a piss in the first place and which tied a boat anchor to Vista, hence "Vista capable" that only ran Vista Basic non accelerated desktops.

On your Win9X the biggest offenders for having old drivers were the "winmodems" and the sound chips, the old Sounddesign and Realtek chips were used for ages, hell I have seen boards as late as 3 years ago with AC97 sound chips on them! So this is what bit WinME in the ass, the OEMs would mix and match VXD and WDM drivers and with a 16bit GDI already being severely memory constrained? Yeah it really didn't take much, just one even slightly leaky driver could cause the house of cards to come crashing down.

As far as Linux goes like you I wanted options but after 5 years of dealing with their bullshit? there is a REASON I call 'em FOSSies, like Moonies and Scientology the amount of logic disconnect and the sheer amount of fuckery they are willing to tolerate and hoops they are willing to jump JUST to support their belief system? Its fucking nuts. I mean we'd laugh our asses off if MSFT told us we had to blow away our OS every year and a half, or that you would have to change to a different OS and reload ALL your programs AND reset and reinstall ALL your software because some jackass changed a critical subsystem and now your hardware doesn't work, right? Yet both of these are considered completely "normal" behavior, I have even read articles by Linux "experts" advising new users to have their Home on a seperate partition so that when ubuntu or Mint or whomever shits on their drivers they can "easily swap" distros until they find one that works...of course then they get to spend hours reinstalling all their software and getting everything back the way they had it, but that is part of the "fun" of Linux, right?

As for Win 9? The rumor is Nadella is sick and tired of so many refusing to upgrade from WinXP and Win 7 so the rumor is he is gonna give it either free for everybody or free for those that bought win 8 and $20-$40 a pop for WinHome for everybody else, just to get XP off the radar. Now this is just a rumor but its coming from reliable sources like Mary Jo Foley whom have been on the money in the past and it also lines up with what Nadella has been saying about making Windows less about "one big purchase a decade" and more about selling add on services like SkyDrive and Office 365. Again this is rumor but makes sense, especially if Cortana (their version of Siri) and Bing are gonna be integrated the way Google integrates their search into Android. as someone who uses Bing this is fine with me and if integrates as smoothly as Google search does with Android I really don't have a problem with it.

Finally as for Linux numbers get ready to bust a gut, as it seems that the users are growing wise to their bullshit. From a high of 1.7% after ubuntu 9 and their big ad push their current figures worldwide? Drumroll...0.97%. that is right, they aren't even 1% anymore and are just 0.01% higher than "other" which is commonly accepted to be Win2K and Win98 put together LOL! How much did they gain when Win 8 pissed everybody off? 0.00%, that is right any change was so low as not to register. Now I don't know about you but if I were to give my product away for 20 years against a competitor that sold their for $100 and couldn't even make a lousy 5%? Then I'd be taking a looong look in the mirror and asking "what am I doing wrong that the other guy is doing right" but spending 5 years in the trenches like I said to them a functional OS? Really isn't even a primary concern, its all about the politics of GPL and the belief system, for an example look at how many say "just fork it" when its pointed out systemd is a cancer spreading through the Joe Average has the ability to rewrite a huge chunk of a major subsystem...yeah and I have a 14 foot dick named Leeroy Jenkins LOL.

Anyway we should know more on the 30th, that is when the tech release of Win 9 is supposed to hit, just keep an eye out on freshnews and dailyrotation for more info.

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by Sycraft-fu (#47999823) Attached to: Miss a Payment? Your Car Stops Running

No kidding. The whole reason there's a time between "due" and "late" is so that you've time to get a payment out and deal with any issues. Hence it behooves you to pay when something comes due, or shortly after, rather than wait.

Like one time I get a call from some business who just got a check from me to them by mistake. It was for my association dues. My bank mails out a cashier's check, at my behest, each month to the property manager. They had done so properly, but the USPS fucked up and sent it to the wrong address. Now this was no issue as I still had 25 days until payment was late. So I called the bank, they voided the first check and issued a new one. Everything got there no problem.

Now had I waited till the last second it would have been ok, I wouldn't have been out of house and home or anything, but it would have been a hassle getting things all straightened out, and I might have had to pay a late fee. Probably not, as they need to be nice to the owners since we hire them, but they would have the right to charge it.

You want to build slack in to your schedule in case something goes wrong, and that applies to finance as well as it does travel or the like. Well, that time between "due" and "late" is the slack.

Comment: Re:"Photorealistic" (Score 1) 131

by hairyfeet (#47999503) Attached to: Euclideon Teases Photorealistic Voxel-Based Game Engine

That is why I loved the NovaLogic games, thanks to Voxels you didn't get that "pop in" when you changed your view distance (like with sniping) that we saw in so many games back in the day. I never understood why their voxel tech didn't take off, they must have been dicks when it came to licensing or something as their games in the late 90s/early 00s looked a lot better IMHO than the other guys while running smooth on (what was then) not even a midrange system.

But as far as graphics goes...the games ALREADY have better looking graphics than we can really notice while playing so do we really need even more? Personally I think we have gone backward, with games like Far Cry and FEAR 1 having MUCH better AI and a better overall experience than todays games simply because everything has been sacrificed on the alter of graphics. How many games have YOU played that this summary is apt? "The graphics were amazing, gameplay blew chunks" because I have played too damned many that fit that description. Maybe I am weird but I'd rather have a game with Far Cry 1 or even no One Lives Forever 2 graphics that was FUN with a capital F than have another really pretty and boring as shit sandbox to play in. We have seen what that gets us, games where we get the "fun" of shuttling around our fat cousin to get drunk and get fatter...blech.

Comment: Re:Well hang on there (Score 1) 903

by Sycraft-fu (#47996069) Attached to: Miss a Payment? Your Car Stops Running

I wouldn't presume reporters did their job, they rarely do these days. It is amazing how lazy most reporting is. I generally assume when you hear a story with no discussion of it that all they did was get that person/company's story and print it and did no checking. Usually, I'm right in that :P.

Comment: Well hang on there (Score 4, Interesting) 903

by Sycraft-fu (#47995103) Attached to: Miss a Payment? Your Car Stops Running

While I'm not saying we should take the word of the lenders without verification, neither should we take the word of the people who are on the receiving end. They may very well not be telling the whole story. Some people who have financial troubles have them because of their own choices, but they rarely admit it.

I had a roommate like that. He was an alcoholic who wouldn't admit it or deal with it. He continually made bad choices in his life, but would never admit anything was his fault. In terms of finance he never paid things when they came due, he didn't pay until he was forced to. It was "due" according to him when they were about to shut off his service, or the like. So he'd get mad about his cellphone getting shut down when he was "a day late" by which he really mean "45 days past the due date, over 30 days late, and had 2 threatening letters to disconnect."

So before you go jumping to the defense of the people in the article, you might want to see what the terms of something like this is. I don't know, and I'm not saying it isn't a "you have to pay by the second it is due or we shut it off," but it also might well be a normal "It is due on day X, late on day X+15, and we shut it off on day X+20," and the people involved have just decided that "X+20" is the day it is "due".

With regards to #2, where in the US if you call 911 do you not get an ambulance? They are not taxpayer funded, but they are required to take ALL calls. If there's a medical emergency, you'll get transport and treatment, even if you lack the means to pay. That is part of the problem with high healthcare costs (the costs of people who don't pay get rolled in to the people who do) and an excellent argument for universal healthcare at least for emergency treatment.

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