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Comment Incognito mode. (Score 3, Interesting) 580

A while back, people asked questions bout why you'd use Incognito Mode in a non-pr0n situation. This is one of those reasons.

Also, i didn't notice anything as to WHY people block ads. Namely, i would have liked a "we promise to actively check ads to make sure they don't try to hijack your browser, or set EverCookies". We're not blocking ads to screw you. We're blocking ads to not have you screw us. Address that and then we'll talk.

Comment Re:Maybe it's not profitable? (Score 1) 244

Try Comodo Dragon, which is Chromium without the Google crap baked in, they also have a version of FF called IceDragon if you want the Gecko engine.

I use Dragon on my netbook I use for service calls, we're talking AMD E350 which is a 5 year old lightweight APU, and once it loads its quite snappy and a pleasure to use. Firefox IMHO has just gotten too bloated as of late and really slows down older systems.

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 568

Nooo the surprising thing is even corporate users cannot disable the spying as this was Windows 10 ENTERPISE, the version that they sell to huge megacorps, and even turning everything to OFF it still called thousands of times!

So this should be more than enough to convince any corp that has to abide by S/OX or HIPPA that Windows 10 has to be verbotten, its as big a risk for data breaches as allowing USB sticks...who would have thought that Windows would go from being a spyware risk to being actual spyware?

Comment Pity there isn't a -1 ; Conspiracy Theory mod (Score 5, Insightful) 246

Slashdot needs ones. Seriously, for a community that claims to hate FUD, the OSS types sure like spreading it when it is about the "right" groups. If you actually care about what kinds of things the telemetry communicates back at various settings, the information is all out there for you. No, SSH data isn't one of them. However I am going to imagine you don't, and this is just crap you want to fling at "the bad guys" because you can.

Also a thought for you: Your OS, by definition, has access to anything any program on the system is doing. What would stop it from looking in at any 3rd party SSH server you ran, if you think it does that?

Comment Re:You must be new here (Score 5, Interesting) 1832

"controversial" comments

The comments are a symptom. One easily ameliorated by the existing comment moderation system once the cause is addressed.

The real place "controversy" needs to be addressed is the stories. No amount of comment moderation will suffice to deal with the squabbles created by mdsolar's anti-nook crap, global warming click bait and gamer gate grievance mongering, among many other sad themes that have damaged Slashdot. That stuff needs to stop so the malcontents that live for it go away and let the place heal.

And no, just turning over story selection to the (existing) crowd will not work. They'll squander their employers time indulging their favorite cause and keep feeding in the same click bait. What is needed is a few people with good judgement and some patience to allow time for recovery.

As I write this it occurred to me to survey the last few days worth of stories. Except for the Clinton coin toss mistake — which promptly descended into a giant flame fest — it looks pretty good. Keep that up, add some more Linux/BSD/MCU/etc. related stories and something good could happen.

If I'm right and there really has been an editorial change, keep it to yourselves. Talking about it will just produce a giant sh*t storm.

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