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Comment: Re:Employees think the POS is their personal compu (Score 1) 83

On Another Site, someone asked (relatively recently) how to run a web browser on windows 3.1... on industrial computer controlling a bandsaw. At this point, Win 3.1 and any IE that could run on it would be not updateable. So let's allow our bandsaw controller to be pwn3d.

People do stupid things.

Comment: Re:I wonder why... (Score 1) 289


I agree with everything you say, as far as justification for why it was a (Confederate) Federal Statute but nobody argued "states rights unless it crumbles under the weight of traveling state to state, then States Rights is really a synonym for Federal in some cases". We already had the "we respect property rights if you cross state borders", witness the Dredd Scott decision.

States Rights is still just as hollow of a phrase, used to justify whatever we feel like doing today.

Comment: Re:I wonder why... (Score 2) 289

Though this may be a bit Godwin's laws ish....

Remember that State's Rights were used as a justification for secession.

But, in the Confederate Constitution, it pretty much was a copy of the US Constitution.... three exceptions. 1) anything based on age was of course reclocked to start of Confederacy. 2) anything based on number of states was reset to number of Confederate states 3) you HAD to allow slavery. No choice.

So, the US Constitution allowed various slavery modes (not that this was good, but we're arguing something else), but the Confederacy didn't allow the state that right. "State's Rights" south had less rights for the state. States Rights is basically an excuse for "do what I want at any given time" rather than follow any actual ruleset. In this context the inconsistency above hypocrisy fits.

Comment: Re:More than money (Score 1) 214

Another thing is residuals I dont think they get a backnd A show can go to syndication profitably after 100 episodes or so. The Simpsons have over 500 shows

think of this in context of: 1) the shit-ton of money FX paid for syndication, and no voice actor gets a penny, and 2) the shit-ton of money handed over for Seinfeld.

Shearer probably has more money than he needs, but his contract still may be "unfair" in that hes not getting a percentage where many other people are.

Comment: Re:Good luck with that... (Score 1) 420

by cant_get_a_good_nick (#49664021) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Moving To an Offshore-Proof Career?

Not so much with the lawyers. Imagine spending tens of thousands, possibly up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for your degree, and you can't get a job to pay it off. It's happening now.

Imagine a world where most of the day to day stuff is paperwork. Now you get that paperwork on the Internet. Your $500 document fee is now a $29 download.

A friend works for a volunteer agency that gives out legal advice. They have a waiting list for lawyers to give their services. Anything to get their name out, even free, since they can't get a job.

So now we have jobs that need accreditation going away thanks to the Internet. Im not sure what's safe anymore.

Comment: Stone soup (Score 5, Interesting) 469

by cant_get_a_good_nick (#49631927) Attached to: Why Was Linux the Kernel That Succeeded?

When I was a kid, i read a book called Stone Soup. It was about these guys that wanted to eat, had nothing but a pot. They put in some stones... called it stone soup.

Eventually people got curious, and added things.. the soup became real. Going from water and rocks, to where real ingredients went in, and the stones just fell away. A seed, but then dropped when something real came.

I always thought of Linus as a guy who managed the Stone Soup well. It wasn't specially good in .01 version. But he made people want to add to it. The GPL helped some. Linus chose that license, not as a "hey Im a zealot and you need to give me everything you write" but he thought "if people do cool things they need to let me see their cool things"

That, and FreeBSD had a few handicaps. The biggest one was the AT&T lawsuit. Linus himself once said he'd probably not have bothered with Linux if BSD was clean. The second, BSD had a slower model of improvement. You needed to have the commit bit to do anything constructive. Meanwhile Linus (later Cox) took code from pretty much anyone that made sense. Third, BSD5 had a radical new kernel design that added a lot of complication for threading with little gain. DragonFlyBSD was forked because of this.

So, IMHO, there were a few things... all of them dented (Free)BSD, and there really wasn't another competitor out there.

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