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Comment Incognito mode. (Score 3, Interesting) 602

A while back, people asked questions bout why you'd use Incognito Mode in a non-pr0n situation. This is one of those reasons.

Also, i didn't notice anything as to WHY people block ads. Namely, i would have liked a "we promise to actively check ads to make sure they don't try to hijack your browser, or set EverCookies". We're not blocking ads to screw you. We're blocking ads to not have you screw us. Address that and then we'll talk.

Comment Re:Open software (Score 1) 312

There's a guy that tried hard to make a toaster all by himself. went to elements, tried to get to a toaster. He didn't quite get there all by himself. he needed to cut a few corners.

So, a many order of magnitude more complicated object such as a network attached computer.... this argument is interesting in theory. But it's irrelevant in real life. You'll never get a useful machine that you know all that's happening to it.

Comment Re:Politician-Speak (Score 1) 875

Not sure how making claims for things that there's no way he can pull off makes him better than any other candidate. In my mind it makes him pretty consistent with many other candidates. Promise the moon and the stars and then backtrack like mad once elected. Yep, pretty much like any other candidate to me

Comment Re:Apple is New to Reacting to Security Threats (Score 1, Troll) 80

To be honest, Apple is arguably better at this point than Microsoft was at a similar point in it's lifecycle, from a tech standpoint. Rootless MacOSX is a thing. Gatekeeper, though major holes, is a thing. It's just that back then, the Internet was not as much of a source of riches. There's never been a Slammer work for MacOSX. Nor a "I love you" virus.

You know who else had really bad security reputation? Redhat was horrible in the beginning. You know what famous developer doesn't pay enough attention to security? Linus Torvalds.

Not to skewer MS. Not to skewer Linus or Linux. But realize we're comparing relative bad here. The best OS from a security standpoint is just the least horrible OS on a security standpoint.

Security is hard. How do i patch an infinite state machine against people who can make a lot of money breaking it. It's not a trivial task.

Comment Re:Doesn't matter. (Score 5, Funny) 80

I really never understood the anger of someone mad that someone else bought, well any item.

"you're such a _____ fanboi and you buy _____ and you suck (____'s CEO)'s dick!"

Who the hell cares. You buy what you want to buy, If you don't have a mac this doesn't affect you in the least. At least the Linux fanboi's could bitch at MS worms taking enough bandwidth to hurt Internet speeds. Apple Mac market share is small enough (through growing) to not hurt anyone not owning a Mac. This really isn't a true new worm. Anyone getting you to install a new app that partially passes gatekeeper can probably get you to install it and override gatekeeper. It's not that big of a leap.

I honestly feel bad at anyone angry at Apple selling too many computers. Do you need a cookie? Want to talk about it? Did your parents love you enough as a child?

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