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Comment Re:The Onion had it right (Score 1) 110 110

Why isn't Africa progressing when so many other nations, often with much fewer resources and far less support, and coming from a much worse situation, managed to turn things around?

Far less support? Marshall Plan? You need to at least pull Europe from that list.

And we fundamentally broke Africa over generations, hundreds of years. We kind of broke Europe over the course of decades. Europe had decades to recover. Africa, we kind of let free a lot more recently than that.

I hope you're asking earnestly and not looking to point fingers. Real analysis of how things break and stay broken is hard, both to see the connections, and to push through people's initial perceptions. We need more people asking your question and trying to answer it.

Comment More sloppy than normal? (Score 1) 75 75

So besides the mild irony of a Flash Video (and I'm sure Flash is not allowed on PureOS) the URL for the OS has both a typo AND a missing period. It's

And people have shown over and over that Free as in Speech takes a back seat to actually getting things done. I'm glad for the people releasing this, I hope they have fun, but it will be a small circle of people patting each other on the back as everyone else goes to mobile.

Comment Re:She is better then jeb bush (Score 2) 571 571

I forgot to put something in my original rant... and Slashdot doesn't allow editing of comments, so I'll post this here.

Paul Ryan rails against people getting their entitlements. He calls people who take those entitlements freeloaders. Yet he himself took an entitlement. Why is he allowed to get his entitlement, yet others, who don't want to "leave anything on the table" bad? It's duplicitous. And technically, Ryan wasn't even entitled to it directly, it was his dad's SS benefits. Also, his family had enough cash to send him to college, but he took the government entitlement. Again, leave nothing on the table is fine, but that's not my point.

I don't mind either Rand nor Ryan taking benefits. I don't even think Ryan duplicitous for trying to dismantle the same program that spawned him - though I view it short sighted. What bugs me is people who take entitlements who rail against others taking entitlements. Either don't take any, or shut up about others taking the same help you took.

Comment Re:She is better then jeb bush (Score 4, Insightful) 571 571

Not trolling here, but you assume a lot of people think all those are a bad thing.

My check from the government is my earned entitlement. Your check from the government is an amoral welfare. Paul Ryan hates Social Security, but when he drew Social Security to get to college, it was somehow fine. Even Ayn Rand drew government checks.

Also JEB Bush is redundant, like typing your PIN Number on an ATM Machine. J.E.B. is an acronym for John Elliot Bush. The Bush is redundant, much like Bushes in general ;) Ok, that last part was a troll, but the first part not, I swear.

Comment Apple tends to build out it's replacements (Score 1) 213 213

One thing lost in all this... you always hear about companies caught flat footed, and then not seeing replacement technology coming and smacking them in the face. Apple is one of the few companies that build out the tech that will eventually replace them.

iPod was worth millions/billions, lets build a phone that will replace all MP3 players. Hell, even intra-line.... they killed the Mini (our fave hard drive player) then introduced the flash based Nano, then the iPod touch. There's sure to be a large amount of cannibalization up and down the iPod touch, iPad Mini, Ipad, iPhone 6, 6+ line. Hey, we'll sell you whatever, as long as it has an apple logo on it.

I see the watch as a toe in the water of a phone screen replacement. Maybe you use the watch all day. Maybe you use the phone.

So now Apple already has a hedge. So you're saying people may buy one, and have a high margin watch on their arm? Hey, we have one with an Apple logo on it. Or you say, people want to stick to their phone? Hey, we have one with an Apple logo on it, (surprisingly high margin compared to the industry).

It's a hedge. A very interesting hedge with a brand new UI (I'm a fanboy for any new UI interaction - taptic engine + Force touch kind of makes me say WOW, i'm a UI geek like that).

Maybe it will be a Newton (don't think so, it's already way past Newton numbers). Maybe it will be an Apple TV, nice, good numbers for any company besides one the size of Apple. Or maybe it will be iPad. But Apple should be congratulated for taking the risk, for having enough foresight to see possible competitors and neither ignore nor buy them, but create them. And it has the cash to let this one percolate a bit.

Comment Re:First thing I thought of (Score 1) 446 446

I have no idea if A-M does this (i don't have an account there.... ) but a common thing is to keep charging credit cards for no reason. And if you fight the charge, well sure you and your wife just fill out this affidavit to, i'm sure she'd be happy to fight the charges with you.

Comment Re:Go ahead (Score 1) 446 446

We just had kids... twins. $DEITY bless my wife, she's still jealous after 10 years of marriage (anniversary today), have no idea why, i'm not worth being jealous about :)

Anyways, i tell her often, don't worry, I just don't have time to cheat on you :)

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