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Comment Re:So basically 1-track MOD tracker (Score 1) 54

The Apple ][ had very very bad hardware. You could basically ping the speaker, that's it. People built around that, making libraries that eventually became sound, then music. The Amiga had really good sound hardware (as did the Commodore 64), so not a lot of "geek builder cred" there. The PC had whatever hardware you put in, from the bare bones "ping the speaker" that essentially Apple had, to real dedicated spend a hundred or so sound cards. that makes PCs "it depends"

I heard stories of the old days of mainframes where they used disc packs for sound - access them a certain way for certain sounds that can be called "music" if you try hard enough.

Comment Comments here kind of tell a tale as well. (Score 4, Insightful) 680

I've seen references to "don't get your panties in a bunch", Mr Garrett called "girly" in a negative tone, and a "pussy", in a negative tone. And people wonder why some form the opinion of developers as sexist?

And we all talk about OpenSource as choice, yet when someone chooses to leave a project because of non-technical issues such as language choice from managers, we deride them. So, choice is good, as long as you choose to follow what I tell you...

anyways, carry on.

Comment Not so Mild Irony (Score 1) 411

Weren't the founders worried about Russia and data collection from the government? They've created away of collecting data about you across multiple devices and environments that the CIA/NSA/KGB/The Stasi do/would dream about. As indicated by the NSA trying to use Google cookies to track users. The additional irony of Google then being pissed that the NSA using those cookies to track. Hey only WE can track people across everything, not agents of an elected government.

(The last sentence is not saying NSA are choir boys in this, just that Google a company that 99.999999% of humans have no control over is tracking me with much greater efficiency than a government that i can conceivably vote out of office).

Comment Re:In other news (Score 1) 451

Oddly enough, me and my wife argue about #1 and #3.

No signaling: if you signal to change lanes, a lot of times that's just a signal to the guy in the lane you're going to... "wait, you're going in front of ME! fuck that" and he hits the gas. I get the "why do you bother, you're just making it harder on yourself to drive.

Safe following distance: my safe following distance tends to be big enough that someone will always jump in front of me.That means i need to now drop back, for another safe following distance. That allows another car to possibly jump in front... Lather, Rinse, Repeat. I get the "do you really want to go slower" from the wife.

So, me trying to drive safely causes me to be much slower because a lot of other jerk drivers. Perverse incentives.

Comment Re:Sorry, but Apple still deserves most of the cre (Score 2) 354

Though the "dragging disk to trash" makes zero sense now, it at least made half sense back with the first Macs which had a single floppy drive. Half sense may be a bit much; Quarter sense? can I make up stupid terms like that?

Anyways, the first macs were single floppy only affairs, with the OS on a floppy, and presumably you have a user floppy. And you'd have to eject the system floppy to get your user disk in. And then swap back and forth. The OS would need to keep track of the volumes, even if ejected, so they know what disk to ask for. so you got these grayed out icons for known-but-ejected-disks. But, now, you have this grayed out "i know about you but you're gone" icon and you want to get rid of it. well, we have a trash can! get rid of the *placeholder* by trashing it.

Of course, even that's stupid. and it makes no sense at all for a disk that's inserted. But they stretched that metaphor out, and that's how to eject an inserted disk. so when macs started getting dual floppies, or even hard drives, "you want me to put my disk in the trash!!??"

I worked at a mac lab in the System 6 System 7 days, and this always always freaked out new users. I had to go through a big explanation.

Comment Re:Not really (Score 5, Insightful) 354

As far as games go, Microsoft (smartly) killed gaming on the Mac.

There was an awesome game called Marathon on the Mac, from a new firm called Bungiesoft. It was a quantum leap past what most Mac games were (and PC for that matter), and could have made PowerPC the gamer's choice (anyone remember the Pipin? im sure you don't). But Microsoft and Gates smartly bought out Bungiesoft, and their next Mac game Halo got quickly made into a PC/XBox only affair. Imagine a world where Halo was a Mac game, a Halo halo effect as it were, and the home computing world is much different.

In MacOS6, all control panels were in a DeskAccessory called Control Panel. There was a selector on the left, and a general area to fill with content on the right. Why did the author pick windows 95 for this "all in one control panel" instead of the Mac's own legacy from 5 years previous to Win95 I don't know.

Also, the 3 buttons in the window, that's as much to do with XWindows as Microsoft. Remember MacOSX has roots in NeXT which has roots in UNIX. It's odd to attribute to Windows when there's a direct line to XWindows.

I had TCP/IP on my personal Mac in 92 or 93, with MacTCP and either MacSLIP or MacPPP (as my back end improved). I don't know how you go from "Apple bundled previously separate Mac Specific freeware" to "it was Win95 that did it sir!". Everything going to TCP/IP was obvious back then.

There are several stretches in the article to attribute things to Win95 when it's easy to see sources elsewhere. Not that Win95 didn't have influence. But no need to say the world changed ONLY because of Win95 when there were several things moving in the same direction.

Comment Sandler's company rather aggressive? (Score 2) 144

So there's this, and them blindly going after anything named Pixels any place and specifically on Youtube. Sandler's movies are doing bad enough recently, Do you really want him hated for over-aggressive Rights/Restrictions management? Whatever you think of the piracy around Metallica, their popularity really fell off the map once they lost their fans from what some felt was over-aggressive policing.

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