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Comment: Re:Who's chips do they use? (Score 3, Insightful) 56

Given that the SIM is supplied by the carrier, and we don't know where our carrier gets his SIMs, - they probably all get them from the same place, we are all fucked.

If you have a secret, I do not recommed using a mobile phone to discuss it.

Or indeed, telling anyone about it at all.

Comment: Incompatible with some situations (Score 1) 158

by spaceyhackerlady (#49150119) Attached to: Can the Guitar Games Market Be Resurrected?

I live in an apartment and a couple of years ago my neighbours bought Guitar Hero or something similar. They played with it for about two days. Then they stopped (and sold the hardware) when the building management gave them an ultimatum over the number of noise complaints they had received.


Comment: Re: things you wouldn't expect to hear from Micros (Score 1) 166

by HiThere (#49149515) Attached to: Microsoft's Goals For Their New Web Rendering Engine

That's all very nice, but MS is a software company. I'll admit I was thinking of cross-platform development environments, like their announced open source .NET, about which I know little, and I don't really count stuff they sell as end products. I will acknowledge that this is bias on my part.

OTOH, ... you actually use those things on a tablet? As other than file viewers? (You didn't say you did, so perhaps I'm misunderstanding you.)

That said, if I'd been thinking of consumer end-products I'd never have made that statement. MSOffice for Apple has been out for ages...and MSWord 5.2a for the Mac was the best word processor I've ever used. Far superior to any later versions, and it fixed a lot of bugs from the previous versions. These days it wouldn't be so good as, of course, it didn't handle unicode, but that's still the only improvement that I know about.

Comment: Re:One thing for sure (Score 1) 512

by HiThere (#49149385) Attached to: Machine Intelligence and Religion

While I agree that there's no good evidence that Jesus, per se, existed, there's some evidence that a person somewhat similar existed several decades before the time Jesus is supposed to have lived. Or at least someone who promulgated the doctrines that Jesus is reported to have promulgated. (Ignoring those of his disciples that diverge from the "red letter" text.)

It's been awhile since I looked at this so I can't be closer than "several decades", but it was somewhere between about 40 years and about 400 years. (Not a big help, I admit.) I think it was related to the Essenes.

Comment: Spock made me who I am today (Score 4, Interesting) 400

by spaceyhackerlady (#49148721) Attached to: Leonard Nimoy Dies At 83

This one hits close to home.

As a child in the late 1960s I was inspired to my present technical life and career by two major influences: Project Apollo and Star Trek. I thought Spock had the coolest job in the universe. He played with techie stuff and figured stuff out. I wanted that sort of job too. And I got it.


Comment: Re:Fragmentation is terrible for hardware owners (Score 1) 136

by Anne Thwacks (#49145191) Attached to: Who's Afraid of Android Fragmentation?
How many people kept on using 8086's once there was a 486? Kept on using DOS3.1 once DOS5 was available if they had an HD?

The early Android phones had very limited processing power, ROM and RAM - the equivalent of an 8086. Now we are getting phones with 4GB RAM (I remember mainframes with less than 1MB), then upgrading is not going to face the restrictions it did when there was only 86M of RAM.

As for "waiting for you carrier to upgrade" - you must live in the USA or Australia. Carriers elsewhere DO upgrade. However, I predict that locked boot loaders will go the way of the "Not quite IBM compatible PCs", and the Video cameras that were not Super8.

I have two Samsungs, one with a third party ROM, other with Touchwiz. The way I hear it, Lollipop is not yet ready for primetime. If you want a bug infested phone with no upgrade path, there is always Windows.

Comment: Re: Cost savings (Score 1) 104

by JanneM (#49144065) Attached to: Argonne National Laboratory Shuts Down Online Ask a Scientist Program

It is ridiculous of course. It is also a common attitude among PI's toward their postdocs and students, especially in high-profile, high-pressure labs.

This letter from a PI to a worker made the rounds a few years ago. The PI claimed later it was a joke. It doesn't read like a joke, and the exact same attidude is not uncommon at all:

"It's when they say 2 + 2 = 5 that I begin to argue." -- Eric Pepke