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Comment Re:Advertisers, worry about security? Get real (Score 3, Insightful) 171

The goal of most advertising companies appears to be to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. Indeed, the entire industry appears totally committed to this goal.

The problem started with allowing sites to serve executable code. it seems it will end with users having to block all executable code - short of nuking from high orbit, it is the only way to be safe.

In the case of Flash, nuking from high orbit is probably essential.

Disclaimer: My Government sells nukes.

Comment Re:truth is... (Score 1) 83

Yea, because open-source software is famous for having well-designed, easy-to-use comprehensive instructions. ;>)

It often sucks, certainly. But there is one compelling advantage, in the case of unusual stuff such as this. The developers themselves are happy to talk about and answer questions around their tools. And open source tools tend to attract hobbyists that do things for fun, and are happy talking about what they do, and not just commercial developers that won't publicly say a word.

So with open source tools you're much more likely to find blog posts, forums and so on with information to help you along. There's a chance there's be people out there that had the same trouble you do, and wrote about it in public. With commercial tools - and especially tools with a userbase in the hundreds rather than tens or hundreds of thousands - there may simply be no public information out there at all beyond the docs written by the provider.

Comment Re:Priorities (Score 1) 82

Some hams who were present to aid communication with families outside the area reported that their antennas were destroyed without reasonable explanation. So one may guess that aiding communication was not their priority. Also, IIRC, some doctors were shot at by law enforcement while attempting to provide medical assistance, so that probably wasn't their priority either.

Comment Re:Katrina should be a learning experience (Score 1) 82

Whether the things they did were wrong or not often depends on what you assume their goals to be. I believe that much of the land has moved from those who are impoverished to those who are wealthy. One can guess whether actions with this result were a mistake.

Comment Re:Rampant Crime (Score 1) 82

You can't really reasonably blame that on Bush. The Scientific American had an article about New Orleans and subsidence that had basically left much of the city below sea level.

Now one *could* blame the Army Corps of Engineers for not doing a better job supporting the levees...but that's not the only place in the country that has decaying infrastructure. They've only got so much time and money. And local businesses (almost) always object to their construction projects.

For that matter, this is predicted to be a record El Nino year, and IIRC the levees on the Sacramento river need a LOT of work. Which they aren't getting. We're in the middle of a drought, so why shore up the levees?

All that said, the Corps of Engineers has made some rather striking mistakes, also, so they tend to be a bit careful about work when there isn't a real emergency.

Comment Re:What else would the FBI (Score 1) 82

Was that before or after they went in for counterfeit money...issued by the government. (They decreased the proportion of gold in their money and lied about it.)

(I'm not saying your wrong, I'm saying it's not the first government to go into debt, and it's not the first citizenry to go into debt, so I need a better characterization of "massive debt".)

Comment Re: The Homer! (FP?) (Score 1) 376

Quite a lot of Africa has very good public transport if what you want is to be able to get somewhere at any time of day or night quickly and cheaply. However, it is public in the sense of Uber, not in the sense of socialist.

I accept that the vehicles are of the same standard as all the others in the area. Obviously, so does everyone else.

Comment Re:Serve your users (Score 1) 81

It's not residual, and it has less to do with their monopoly than with their business tactics. The monopoly just made their tactics much more abusive. They should have been disbanded as an abusive monopoly, instead they bribed the right politicians and were let off with their wrists being slapped gently with a single wet noodle.

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