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Comment: Re:There's another treatment that stops most T2 (Score 1) 253

by assertation (#47484993) Attached to: New Treatment Stops Type II Diabetes

Nobody is forcing you to do anything and quite frankly, with no offense, it doesn't matter to us as it is not our health.

Just as a tip, for your health and to clear up misinformation, it is all about what you are used to.

If you start eating different types of food, your tastes will shift. Even for healthy food.

Exercise may feel like zero fun when you start, I know I have been there.

As you get in better shape you come to enjoy it.

As the OP mentioned, you don't have to do anything dramatic.

Minimize the # of your calories in the form of refined flour products and sweeteners. Get out and start taking a walk every day.

Those things done constituently will make measurable results.

Comment: Re:France built something like this back in the 19 (Score 1) 379

by assertation (#47439205) Attached to: A Skeptical View of Israel's Iron Dome Rocket Defense System


I learned about the wall on a History Channel documentary.

Nobody was an idiot back then, everyone knew Hitler was a problem. The wall wasn't finished because France was exhausted in resources from WW I. French politicians and people simply didn't want to pay for it.

Comment: Hope He Succeeds (Score 1) 204

by assertation (#47437641) Attached to: New Microsoft CEO Vows To Shake Up Corporate Culture

Corporate culture has a way of pushing back.

Look at home lame Yahoo still is technically, even with former Google engineer Marissa Mayer as their CEO.

OTOH, engineers don't specialize in managing people and that is what is needed in changing a corporate culture. That is tough to do even with people who are talented with people, as well as people who aren't pregnant when taking over a company.

Comment: Re:Germany gets 2.3% (Score 1) 389

by assertation (#47423529) Attached to: Blueprints For Taming the Climate Crisis

2.3% is quite a distance from the 50% they momentarily achieved.

Would you care to break down your reasoning on how you came up with 2.3% ? Are you engineer and is this your field?

As far as solar power being variable, isn't that what a grid is for? Somewhere either the sun or the wind is out, when it isn't in another place, so the electricity just gets redistributed from where it is to where it is not?

Comment: Solar vs Nuclear (Score 1) 389

by assertation (#47418919) Attached to: Blueprints For Taming the Climate Crisis

"Up to 60 percent of power might come from nuclear sources"


Germany recently got half of its electricity from solar for a few hours and will be able to get 1/3 permanently. Solar generated electricity is almost cheaper than coal generated electricity in Australia.

It those two countries can do that, the United States doesn't need nuclear power on the scale of 60% of our electrical needs.

Comment: The end of Foxconn? (Score 1) 530

by assertation (#47406175) Attached to: Foxconn Replacing Workers With Robots

Supposedly, while fracking may turn the U.S. into a slag heap, fracking is also supposed to bring manufacturing ( not necessarily manufacturing jobs for more than a few people ) back to the U.S. by making energy cheaper.

I wonder if at some point American companies that outsource manufacturing to China will decide to just install the robotic factories in the U.S. to save on transportation costs.

Comment: Documentary: FedUp & Suppressing Information (Score 1) 532

by assertation (#47331587) Attached to: NYC Loses Appeal To Ban Large Sugary Drinks

I'm fairly anti-soda, but I do not believe the government should start dictating people's personal habits. I am all for the government doing education campaigns to inspire people make better decisions.

The trouble with that idea is that private industry via the government is suppressing information.

I recently saw the documentary "FedUp", which didn't have much new to say about the evils of sweeteners and refined flour, but it had a lot to say politically.

At one point the U.N. was about to publish a report stating that to safeguard their health in addition to controlling their weight, people should limit their sweetener & refined flour consumption to no more than 10% of their calories a day ( 50 grams of sweetener in your food per day on a 2000 calorie diet. A bottle of grape Fanta soda has 80 grams of sugar, a cup of orange juice has 20 grams ).

In the documentary, it was described how the American food industry used its influence to get the George W. Bush administration to convince the U.N. to not publish that report.

While the grams of sugar might be on food labels, the percentage of the limit is not printed on there--- by conscious choice, making it harder for people to know when they are going overboard.

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