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by cmdr_tofu (#47423189) Attached to: Radar Changing the Face of Cycling

yeah but imagine if half the city started biking! It would stimulate local industries, people would get healthier (lowering healthcare cost and increasing lifespan of productive people) and it would reduce wear and tear more expensive thoroughfares (not to mention parking problems). I'd argue it's smart money, but maybe not for a city. This should be done at a national level!

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Seriously, I know UAE is a desert, but there are animals in the desert and a big smegging dome will have a real impact on insects, birds, lizards and other animals (and plants). The worst part (to me) is that they will be putting English style gardens with non-native plants under glass (similar to what is done in parts of California). It's such a misuse of resources compared to allowing the natural wonder that already exists there (beautiful cacti, palm trees, etc) to flourish.

Of course suburbia leads to sprawl, traffic problems, fuel overconsumption, and it's not exactly possible where population density is high, so possibly some kind of halfway point in between suburban sprawl and dense-domed cities is the best compromise. A city planned for to create livability alongside population density, but also sustainable and with access to nature, community gardens and/or solar panels rooftops, pedestrian and bicycle friendly. If only I could get a wealthy shiekh to build one within 5 miles of my workplace ....

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hahah I guess all the driver's think I'm retarded because I wear an orange reflective vest and 1-2 LED blinkies (and a helmet which I think I'm going to paint with glow in the dark paint)

Driver's still pass me too closely. I don't usually mind, but when there is broken glass/broken pavement or other obstacles on the side of the road and I can't get to the left, it starts to feel pretty dangerous.

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I'm a little deaf in my left ear from bicycle-touring on busy roads. I'm not sure range/quality of this radar, but if it detects things that you cannot possibly detect, it could be at least a tiny bit useful. For instance you are riding into headwind down a windy one lane dirt road at night. If I car is trying to pass you at the 20 mph speed limit that's fine, but if some joyriding kids are "offroading" on road at 30-50 mph, they aren't going to be able to stop.

Sure if you hear them you will get off the road and try to take a picture of their license plate to send to the police, but what if the conditions (wind, EV, something else) are such that you can't hear them?

The device will tell you *when* and at what speed the vehicle is going to pass you, which are good bits to know in certain circumstances. I don't know about carrying the extra weight and charging the batteries for the thing. If it was small and I only had to charge it once a week though... I would put one on my bike.

As far as the LED blinker application... Good LED blinkers are highly visible and make you safer. I don't see any value in varying the frequency/intensity of light/type of blinking for different speed drivers. If you are riding at night or in the rain or other poor visibility conditions, you should have your LED blinkers on at the highest setting. You don't need radar control for it.

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by cmdr_tofu (#47336917) Attached to: CDC: 1 In 10 Adult Deaths In US Caused By Excessive Drinking

Actually if you look at the study, AAD (alcohol-attributable deaths - including car accidents) were the minority. The majority were YPLL (years potential life lost) mostly death due to liver damage.

This does not factor in the alcohol is a leading cause of cancer and strokes

We all know prohibition doesn't work, but more progressive measures like education and increasing taxes on cheap booze as well as promoting alternative stress reduction programs might help to reduce heavy drinking.

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I'm pretty sure tobacco hornworms are a pest, not a farm-aid. At least if my memory serves me correctly they are BIG critters and demolish tomato plants. Luckily a tiny wasp (bracconid) likes to lay its eggs in the skin of the tobacco hornworm and the hatchlings devour that critter. Whenever I'd find them in my garden I'd toss them into the woods.

I guess in their moth stage they are pollinators. I did not know this.

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If you don't view conditions that humans have recently created "natural" then it makes sense that the type of climate change we are seeing is "abnormal".

For instance if I dump my empty paint containers into the pond, the frogs which have adapted over millienia unsurprisingly die. We are doing this type of thing on a global scale with global impact. Species are going extinct not because they are unfit to survive in "natural" conditions, but because they are unfit to survive in artificially-induced conditions (pollution, etc) that probably aren't all that healthy for humans either.

Further, since almost all of the medicine we have created has keys in the natural world (from looking at some existing Earth plant of animal), it is in our interest to preserve biodiversity.

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It works well under ChromeOS which afaict is just a customized Gentoo running Chrome.

I don't own an Intel Chromebook, but tried to get a (of dubious origin) to work with chrome under Debian and was not successful, although I didn't try very hard.

I think it should work (at least on processors that are like Chrome-device processors)

Them as has, gets.