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Comment: Re:Russia can't even build and maintain roads alre (Score 1) 225

by aliquis (#49346857) Attached to: Russian Official Proposes Road That Could Connect London To NYC

My point was that if there's lots of places where roads possibly could be needed in Russia and it's a small country with a worse economy then that will be harder to do.

Sure anyone can still argue "so how should they be able to do / afford this project then?"

Well it's just supposed to be one road isn't it? One road along whole of Russia I think they could manage ..

Also I would assume their will to be part of it is to be more connected to the world and have better communications and transportation which could help grow their economy and pay for it. .. possibly also road taxes.

Comment: Re:Good bye Top Gear. (Score 1) 631

by aliquis (#49346821) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear

I'm not really read up on what he did that time.

At first when it happened I saw some other speculation. Supposedly he hasn't been acting the way people may want / politically correct on multiple occasions but whatever.

To physically hurt people of course isn't ok.
(Well, maybe not mentally either, but there got to be limits on how much to care too.)

Comment: Re:Boorish (Score 1) 631

by aliquis (#49346787) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear

I think they like Fords and possibly a crazy car every now and then.

But isn't the case that the American ones have been strong and cheap whereas the Italian ones cost more but is also technically superior? Isn't it about how they drive and not just how much power they got? (Damnit Jeremy ..), no hate against Nissan and Mitsubishi as far as driving goes I assume?

Sure he/they may throw in a friendly dismissal of US or Germany ... or Mexico on the ground of what country it is but whatever.

Also the whole show isn't all that serious. If you want a serious consumer show about cars Top gear may not be it.

If you want one of the best entertainments there is with a British and car theme then it is.

Where I've seen Richard Hammond beyond Top Gear he's just been boring.

James MayÂs other shows I've seen has been interesting / in the nerd line he's got going in Top gear and I like those.

But who carries Top gear is Clarkson. He's no #1 and the other two are very close but still by-standards in comparison.

Comment: Good bye Top Gear. (Score -1, Flamebait) 631

by aliquis (#49345411) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear

It's as good as 2 1/2 men losing Charlie.

Yeah. Because Charlie Sheen and Jeremy Clarkson didn't made the shows .. ... now if only some other channel could pick up the same hosts and let BBC have it.

Fucking socialist dictatorship idiots.
Boho! Jeremy Clarkson said something not appropriate!

Fucking star of cars for half his life.

Comment: Re:Russia can't even build and maintain roads alre (Score 1) 225

by aliquis (#49344585) Attached to: Russian Official Proposes Road That Could Connect London To NYC

And they haven't even built a decent interstate system going across the country. And they can't even properly maintain the shit roads they already have.

Wikipedia don't seem to have caught up with reality:
"Total 17,098,242 (Crimea not included) km2"
" - 2015 estimate 143,975,923[4] (not including the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol) (9th)"

8.42 people / km^2.

Spain is supposed to have good roads?

"Total 504,645[2] km2 (52nd)"
"2014 estimate 46,464,053[3] (30th)"

92 people / km^2.

Comment: Re:Wow ... (Score 1) 172

Works very well, thanks for asking ;). There is no need for lube or anything.
Less smelly, too.

Experience of the last part or just bullshit?

I don't go around smell penis ..

It's a poor argument (I have water in-door, can you imagine?)

I know there exist stuff like "Jack Jelly" and that masturbating with lube seem to be a thing in US movies.

And of course moving skin and foreskin help with keeping things move-able (and protect some parts from as much stimuli in everyday situations and can detect touch.)

Who would go around cut of their sex organs if it wasn't for religion?

Comment: Re:Wait... what? (Score 1) 228

by aliquis (#49341563) Attached to: How Nuclear Weapon Modernization Undercuts Disarmament

As bad as the West is the rest of the world make us look like saints.

I'm not necessarily convinced.

Since some guys seem to be involved in what's happening.

Just had this argument on twitter with some American "white genocide" person where there was a complain on Asians going to the US to study at universities and I asked about that and someone said that the number of seats was limited and I asked if that didn't seemed like a bad/stupid policy and why one can't make more seats and more universities.

And I guess they took me for some socialist feminist mass-immigration retard so I let them have it with that maybe if US didn't toppled their countries they wouldn't come here and maybe US should take that cost and those people rather than just maintain power and grab resources and let us handle the immigration burden and also how it made less sense to complain about people not staying in their own country when you've been there ruin it. Ended with Iran and Saudi-Arabia not being good countries either but at least they didn't fled here in such numbers as the Syrians and Iraqis do because guess what? US haven't helped toppled the power authority there.

Sure the middle-east is shit. Sure Islam is too.

But the actual borders was set up by UK and France AFAIK and who removed Saddam, Gadaffi and wanted Al-Assad gone? Why is ok with Saud?

Comment: Re:Wow ... (Score 1) 172

So, if you could do this on the outside of condoms you'd put Wet and Astroglide out of business. ;-)

I'll write this in a way to try to not get moderated troll or whatever even though there's more fun ways of writing it.

But yeah. I just want to say that lube is used for other things too.

Sure those who have had their foreskin removed could masturbate with a condom turned outside in instead (how well does it actually work masturbating missing it?)
And of course people can use condoms for anal sex too.

So yeah. I guess slippery condoms could replace sexual lubricants but sexual lubricants isn't only used to lubricate condoms and for usage with such sexual activity is what I want to say.

Mutilated sex organs: Because for humans sex is such a sin! Don't enjoy life. Suffer through it! Because God is .. whatever he's. Awesome!

Ok, maybe I took it too far with that last one anyway :(

Comment: Re:Wait... what? (Score 2) 228

by aliquis (#49338017) Attached to: How Nuclear Weapon Modernization Undercuts Disarmament

Your good vs bad seem an awful lot like west vs the rest ..

Also I don't see why the US couldn't use theirÂs first.

I know a good target which is even an ally to the country but I guess power and possibly stability is more important than human rights and politics. .. or it's about the possibly outcome, or millions of lives. Or whatever.

Maybe it's just against nasty happening at a huge scale in a short time?

Or they are afraid that if they used it that would had told the world it's ok and after that any country would be fine with using it too? .. then again the US is the only country which has used it. .. the good guys ;) .. seeing how that alliance stuff work I guess one could question why it was important and why the Germans was stopped. Was it because bad bad Germans or was it because OMG GERMANY MIGHT BECOME THE WORLDS SUPERPOWER #1!?

I'm not a fan of communism or lack of freedom. At all. But what has China done really? They show some interest of some islands outside of their coast and.. more importantly may become the regional superpower of at least that part of the Pacific / Asia?

As for global conflicts in what way is China worse than UK, France and the US of A?

Maybe also India.. Who were the colonizers again?

Anyway, to be fair my country is being colonized.
Having our law and society overthrown by those moving in.
Living of our wealth.

And while our constitution accept the Sami people and I guess Kurds, Copti and Yazidi our-self as a people is denied. All that matter supposedly is citizenship and not even that matter much. What matter is who's within the borders and then everything belong to them too. Possibly even when they are outside of the borders too and just live anywhere on the planet.

There's a difference in a people and citizenship. I don't feel it's correct that people take control over the meaning of the word to by that way deny peoples feeling of belonging and union. Neither with all the lies about how everyone supposedly want just the same as we do. Or acts as we do. They necessarily don't.

If Russia nuked once would the US start nuking Russia? Really? ..

All ideologies based on enforcing shit by violence are more risky to use it. I guess the idea of freedom may count there too.. Though I consider that one the better one.

I personally don't know where I've got the US as far as foreign politics go. Regional power and stability seem like it may be more important than helping people fighting for freedom quite often. And I guess the behavior isn't consistent.

Personally I wouldn't mind a global society based on freedom, possibly well-fare, shared resources and some control for how they are used (not necessarily central planed though. Something like really high taxes on environmental pollution and resource consumption.)

Comment: Re:Seems somewhat myiopic (Score 2) 213

by aliquis (#49317427) Attached to: Finland's Education System Supersedes "Subjects" With "Topics"

given that people develop at different rates...

I wouldn't be surprised if the Finish school system.. Or well, maybe not, I don't know really, .. the the same as the Swedish one as in that everyone is supposed to progress at the same rate.

Which likely mean some are held back by those who are doing more poorly. But possibly also that those who are doing better can help those who are doing poorly go further.

Good or bad?

I think here it has even been claimed even for the good students this is beneficial.

I'm not really buying that.

Maybe beneficial in the same way as immigration.

In some non-real imagined ideological way.

Make it right before you make it faster.