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Comment: Re:Anyone knows how it would compare to razor-qt ? (Score 1) 82

by aliquis (#46834001) Attached to: Lumina: PC-BSD's Own Desktop Environment

Razor-Qt and LXDE is supposed to become LXDE-Qt or something such.

But so far I haven't actually run it (now I can't say that I so far haven't seen any actual release of it because currently I'm running Fedora and they didn't seemed to have Razor-Qt packages or whatever (at least I don't have it installed, you don't have to tell me "but there is Fedora packages on this and that page" because it would make sense in some being available but I would kinda had expected it to be in the regular repositories (if they aren't.))

I guess for now it would compare like an alpha which builds and run but lacks features and have no file manager vs LXDE-Qt.

Enlightenment work for similar purposes too about half of the times I access the menu it crashes for some reason and maybe I had some other issue with it too. For the moment I run KDE 4.x even though it use up some more resources.

Comment: Re:Or.. (Score 1) 349

by aliquis (#46814785) Attached to: Not Just a Cleanup Any More: LibreSSL Project Announced

But maybe the people behind OpenSSL want their format of the code, want their VMS stuff even if it had no use longer (if that's the case) and want their own malloc if they consider that faster.

By doing it this way they can format the code in a way they are comfortable with reading/using and do whatever they want without anyone else complaining or not accepting their changes.

I don't know whatever they remove usable features which just isn't used by/necessary in OpenBSD or not.

Likely limit their burden but still allow them to fix what they may not feel comfortable using as is.

Comment: Re:Don't tell them that... (Score 1) 330

by aliquis (#46813169) Attached to: Why Portland Should Have Kept Its Water, Urine and All

I don't know which part is the reservoir.

Here in Ã-rebro Sweden we take our water from a river which passes through the city, that water isn't all too good (you're not supposed to take a bath in it ..) and that passes the water treatment plant, after that the water is pumped to 3 or 4 what I assume would be called reservoirs and from there it passes .. hum, can't find the translate word for it, stone rich ground after which it's collected again and pumped into the water tower and then distributed outwards.

If the reservoirs is for the treated water of course you're not supposed to mess with it. Then again a piss in 100+ million liters of water won't do much.

Over here just a month ago the toilets at the top of the water tower had a leakage so sewage water from those had ran into the water reservoir underneath .. (there's a restaurant and one can travel up the water tower and look at the city from the top.)

So similar issue though more nasty and a smaller reservoir and over here the recommendation was to cook the water until they had three clean samples (which the three following samples was so it became four days.)

Comment: Re:Quatity is not quality (Score 3, Insightful) 374

by aliquis (#46798719) Attached to: OpenSSL Cleanup: Hundreds of Commits In a Week

And if there are that many, would a new start not be better?

How about no?

Also I don't see why lots of fixes would necessarily mean poor fixes. They likely do what they feel is obvious fixes / stuff they consider wrong. Or something such. What do I know really.

Possibly they know what they are doing.

Comment: Re:I'm liking how Russia is standing up these days (Score 1) 234

by aliquis (#46796243) Attached to: Russia Writes Off 90 Percent of North Korea Debt

Gates's "interest in making the world better" consists of writing checks (on accounts swelled by monopoly business practices) to big drug companies so they can experiment on people without their knowledge or consent.

Yeah he should write them to Get-a-freaking-clue Foundation, Science Whaa' and Paranoid Inc. instead.

Comment: Re:Will this effect markets? (Score 1) 234

by aliquis (#46796039) Attached to: Russia Writes Off 90 Percent of North Korea Debt

Doubt it's a default if Russia voluntarily decides to do it, regardless it wouldn't matter what western financial institutes said.

The US bankers will want higher interest rate when they loan money to North Korea?

The loan is more or less nothing to begin with. Even less than just 10% remain.

Comment: Re:I'm liking how Russia is standing up these days (Score 1) 234

by aliquis (#46795991) Attached to: Russia Writes Off 90 Percent of North Korea Debt

That being said, Obama IS a weak president. :D

Make Bill Gates president.

Seriously. Maybe he have some ideas about how to do what's good for companies while also having an interest in making the world better.

I doubt other world leaders would be very upset at Bill Gates either? For what? Their XP service being discontinued?

Comment: Re:I'm liking how Russia is standing up these days (Score 1) 234

by aliquis (#46795971) Attached to: Russia Writes Off 90 Percent of North Korea Debt

Joking about the US actually able to threaten Russia military I suppose?

While US is spread all over the world I assume Russia isn't all that much so you may have to bring the war to their side.

Even if they wasn't somewhat equal simply fighting in someone else home court likely bring disadvantages, also again people defending their home country relative people who.. Well. I don't know. ... but I've been told?

Comment: Re:I'm liking how Russia is standing up these days (Score 2) 234

by aliquis (#46795953) Attached to: Russia Writes Off 90 Percent of North Korea Debt

Is the US vastly superior?

Globalfirepower rank them about the same, though they include a lot of factors, but shouldn't all those be included?

Sure the US have twice as many people and earn more money (but it's much more unevenly spread and less end up in the government coffins) and spend more money on the military (then again I don't know whatever Russia pay them and if so I guess they pay less and that more production may be government owned or at least be bought for cheaper.)

US seem to have bigger navy and air force and Russia bigger army. Who got the best missile defence? Anti-air?

Even if US is better what are their odds at Russian soil? Because if we are speaking fear of the bully I guess that's where it would be thought?

Many of the US project seem to deliver so-so and cost way more than what was originally planned.

I know lots of people say Russia got old gear but how much truth is there in that? Even if they do how much is newer? How much is newer in the US?

Do F-35 really beat the better models from Russia? Is F-22 clearly superior? I assume the F-15, F-16 and F-18 maybe is more cost effective?

I don't know whatever the SM-2, SM-3 and the S-300, S-400 and S-500 gear/systems is of similar scale but how are they really performing against each others?

I don't really know the composition of either sides nuclear weapons.

How hard is it to sink a carrier? How efficient is the total anti-missile and possibly torpedo defence in a carrier group?

Who win on the ground?

I assume the US may rely on missiles from ships and air-force and sure air-plane vs artillery may be a battle with an advantage to the air-plane but this being Russia how many missiles will actually hit and how well would the planes do? Throw in a bunch of submarines in the equation too.

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