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Comment: Re:Balderdash (Score 1) 190

by aliquis (#48898035) Attached to: Doomsday Clock Moved Two Minutes Forward, To 23:57

"He may not have been perfect but he was the best candidate we had!"

Anyway, considering the current events one would believe Abdullah Al-Saud could had been up for discussion and if him why not Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?

It's a weird world.

May I suggest the prices simply stay in Norway? =P

Or be given post-mortem to everyone who have been sacrificed for their will to think and wish to live free and who dared tell or show it.

Can any solution for bringing the region forward more than just a peace-deal happen without also accepting that part of their Islamic ideology should be ditched?

Comment: Re:I won't notice (Score 1) 302

by aliquis (#48896113) Attached to: UHD Spec Stomps on Current Blu-ray Spec, But Will Consumers Notice?

Neither do I.

Call me when I get a license to the movie as such with downloads where the downloads are of various quality and keep having future improvements.

I don't give me "we'd added this little bonus content so now it's a new movie"-bullshit.

If I've bought it I have. Offer it to me.

Fuck discs.

Comment: Re:Not news (Score 1) 120

by aliquis (#48896057) Attached to: Linus Fixes Kernel Regression Breaking Witcher 2

I'm no expert in the area but on Linux I assume having 32 bit libraries of everything you need would solve it and in the Windows case maybe his programs are just missing out on some 32 bit library somewhere / whatever. I didn't use it early on, have no issues now, have never had any issues with it in Windows the limited amount of time I've used.

Comment: Re:Switch off; turn on! (Score 1) 225

by aliquis (#48884493) Attached to: Eric Schmidt: Our Perception of the Internet Will Fade

At first I wanted to say that isn't the idea that given enough time it will all even out in the end?

Anyway, I think the Google way is more fun:
- Just don't bother about it and let Google find what you want when you want it for you.

"It's better you leave it messy!" they claim. (Because then you need them to help sort it out for you and in return they can find out quite a bit about you. I guess.)
Imagine leaving Google access to your whole home and life to "help you" :)

Comment: Re:More proof (Score 1) 661

by aliquis (#48870057) Attached to: US Senate Set To Vote On Whether Climate Change Is a Hoax


The science / facts are still there.

Whatever do you anything to affect them is a completely different story.

Just because climate change is real doesn't mean you have to have or come up with a solution. Heck. Not having to do that is what many of the politicians prefer most.

There's this website which compare countries which also list the CO2 foot print per capita of the countries in question. Guess something such could give a hint about where to start.

Because one of the boring but rather realistic ways to do something about it is start limit the sources which help it happen (well, if you have decided it's man made and have decided what sources those are.)

Comment: Re:Pointless (Score 1) 88

by aliquis (#48860777) Attached to: Steam Broadcasting Now Open To Everyone

It doesn't support any web browsers other than Chrome and Windows 8Internet Explorer. They won't be competing with Twitch anytime soon with those restrictions.

Mean-while over here I think twitch only work in IE for whatever reason (Adblock, Flash, .. Actually I think some maybe FlashBlock white list thing fixed it?) .. anyway. Why it doesn't work here isn't important. It's likely up to my configuration.

What's more important is that it seem to require Flash at least.

So yeah.. so much for "Oh but it requires .."

(Codec thing? Didn't Firefox get H.264 support by Cisco or something?)

Comment: Re:Linux support? (Score 1) 226

by aliquis (#48857899) Attached to: Sid Meier's New Game Is About Starships

Doesn't matter since he say "we want it for free" which clearly we don't require. At least not in the case of HB.

However one could argue HB is close to free and maybe more Windows users buy their games over on say Steam sales or such whereas more Linux users watch HB because they wanted Linux games.

Then again it's "beat the average" for the extra games and there's no reason to over-do it unless you want too.

And Linux users may do it more.

However HB also used to have two tiers and now often have three and the lower level was even PWYW including $0.01 (still is but with no Steam keys) and since in reality it could be the case the upper tier games wasn't for Linux (or the other way around) that could affect things, or how much the individuals wanted each tier, or in the case there was bots / greedy people who just bought a bunch really cheap and those just happened to run Windows.


I'd say things are more pricey and people seem more willing to pay on the Apple platforms.

Whatever actual price is all that important for Linux users I don't know. Windows is used by a lot and lots of kids who may pirate more whereas Linux may draw a little more mature crowd who can also more easily afford paying (same as with users of Apple products.)

Comment: Re:Linux support? (Score 1) 226

by aliquis (#48857835) Attached to: Sid Meier's New Game Is About Starships

That being said, obviously this leaves the market fairly open to developers that are willing to make the effort to develop for and support games on Linux. My own game studio simply doesn't have the resources to support it, so our titles will likely never see the light of day on Linux.

Isn't it the case that one(?) guy(?, team?) is behind many(?) of the ports over to Linux?

Not in a game such as this I guess but simpler ones.

I don't know if it's all that many in percent but quite a few titles at least?

May just be things on say Unreal engine or such though, maybe/likely not among all the field.

Are we running light with overbyte?