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Comment: Re:Should Hate be left alone? (Score 1) 347

Don't expect the hate to end just because you remove peoples chance to vent their opinion.

I think it should be there and allowed simply because it's opinion and people talking to each other and yeah. Tough like if you don't like them.

As is the communication media is owned by private companies and we've got random individuals censoring the communication and peoples ability to make themselves heard.

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by aliquis (#47528765) Attached to: "Magic Helmet" For F-35 Ready For Delivery

What I mean is that the plane isn't even in service yet.

Lots of people say it's shit but I have no idea how much they know about military hardware and the plane and how it has been with other planes and what not.

I know there's at least some video on YouTube from at least someone who supposedly should know their shit which say it's bad too but I don't know whatever that's correct or not.

Here in Sweden people made a lot of fun of the JAS-39 since it crashed in Stockholm during and exhibition and there was shirts saying it was the worlds most expensive rooter (rotary cultivator), maybe it have still been expensive but today it seem like enough other countries consider it a good plane at at least more countries are interested in it now when back then (which may seem illogical since then may have been closer to 20 years back.)

I guess chances are the F-35 is a better plane 2020 and maybe in 2040 people will be as comfortable with it as the current planes now.

Comment: Re:I owned one (several) (Score 1) 192

by aliquis (#47498441) Attached to: The Almost Forgotten Story of the Amiga 2000

This to:

Also btw for those who don't know, MorphOS for mac:

What's MorphOS anyway?

Icaros Desktop is an AROS environment with more things, like DOpus 5. The coolest feature in it is that actual AROS has been ported to m68k so now they can run emulate an m68k running their own open-source version of AmigaOS and run m68k AmigaOS software that way without requireing copies of the Kickstart ROM and AmigaOS.

Comment: Re:I owned one (several) (Score 1) 192

by aliquis (#47498421) Attached to: The Almost Forgotten Story of the Amiga 2000

It may be true that you may be able to get one for "peanuts", what do I know.

But earlier today I actually searched here in Sweden on powermac to find out if an older (603 or something such) had any value.

Turned out PowerMac G4, G5 and dual G5s are rather cheap too.

Now of course that's no Amiga and of course it likely won't run the toaster and so on but MorphOS may run on some of them and of course at least before they wasn't completely useless for video those either. At least the dual G5 likely work somewhat even today.

Also for anyone who need an Amiga kick check out Icaros desktop:

It will run on your PC so same issue as with the PowerMacs there.. But then again your PC can do things the old Amigas couldn't too.

All three ways is one way of getting the Amiga experience today. Depending on what Amiga experience you want to have :)

Also PCs aren't all that bad / useless by themselves:

Over and out - :)

Comment: .. also (Score 1) 151

by aliquis (#47448653) Attached to: Scotland Could Become Home To Britain's First Spaceport

With the risk of this being "Scotlands" space port ..

Lots of mentioning of scotland in the text.

I'm not well aware of the positiong issue you mention, though I do understand that part =P
Was is the advantage of the opposite such as the Esrange (Kiruna) base here in Sweden?
The amount of space available?
They mention " investigation of the aurora borealis" here so maybe that's it?

Comment: Re:Not to detract from our roots... (Score 2) 128

by aliquis (#47447317) Attached to: How To Fix The Shortage of K-5 Scholastic Chess Facilitators

Yeah, why bother with Chess?

How does it matter really?

I remember reading on BGG how someone brought Hive ( to some group of (children? I'm quite sure) chess players (possibly related to his or her own kids?) they tried it out and of course they wanted to play Hive rather than Chess (it was new for them) and he/her was told to not bring it any more.

Even though it's not very different. Move (and in Hive case place) your different pieces around until you win.

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