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Comment Re:Smart (Score 1) 291

I assume since you *have* a Model S, you've already thought through the situations where you would absolutely need a swap and either routed your use of cars around that trouble or never encountered that issue in the first place.

The ease of transport of gasoline makes fueling a non-issue and stations ubiquitous. Do you envision a scenario where the $85 is worth it or do the stations for it need to be similarly ubiquitous?

Comment Re:Technically, probably not a good move to dodge (Score 1) 153

True, but, meh? Nobody outside the USA knew what the attacks are, or if they were actually attacked. Nobody's posted any pictures of implants they've found either.

You left out quoting the top part where I was basically saying in absence of a kangaroo court... then this.

Comment Technically, probably not a good move to dodge NSA (Score 5, Insightful) 153

If we pretend that laws mean something...

then they would be *safer* here in the USA where the NSA is not allowed to spy on them, because it's
A: in the USA (FBI territory, right?)
B: whoever it is would need a warrant.

Now, the NSA can do whatever they want, because they're completely
A: outside of the USA
B: totally foreign SIGINT

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