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Comment Re:At a NY Hospital a few decades ago... (Score 1) 105

radioactive gold kept disappearing. After a while a staff member's wife or fiance turned up and had radiation poisoning to her hand--someone was taking the gold to make a wedding ring, and didn't know it was radioactive.

Source for that? I'd love to read more about this. I didn't find anything through google-fu.

Comment Re:Reminiscent of other attacks (Score 1) 264

Breaking DES with side-channel attacks

This lab will demonstrate how power analysis of cryptographic hardware can reveal the key. We will be using basic electronic measurement tools such as oscilloscopes to demonstrate this side-channel attack.

You will be using a small hardware board (fig. 1) with a generic microprocessor programmed to perform DES encryption and decryption. The scenario is that you are the attacker and want to find out the secret key stored inside the board. There is no way of getting to the key directly, so you will need to perform a side-channel attack by measuring the power consumption of the board while the algorithm is running. The hardware board also allows the user to load a custom key in order to compare the power consumption.

Hey, I'm the author of that lab instruction. How on earth did you find this humble little document? :)

Comment Flash and plugin sounds (Score 4, Interesting) 155

I remember this being discussed on the FF bugzilla years ago. It was seen as a very good idea, but the issue was (at least then) that most audio is played by Flash applets which the browser can't control, thus making it useless in most scenarios. I wonder how Chrome tackles the issue of plugin content playing audio.

Comment Re:EPIRB (Score 1) 340

Correct. On the ship, we had a really large copper plate on the underside of the ship that was connected to the radio by means of a 10cm*1mm copper strip that went from the hull all the way to the radio room. Note: a really thick strip of copper, not a wire! We had to take precautions not to get this strip in electrical contact with the rudder hydraulics in order to avoid having the rudder disappear via galvanic corrosion. For fun, I measured the possible galvanic current with an ammeter between the grounding and the hydraulic pipes and got several milliamps. That's a lot of corrosion.

Comment EPIRB (Score 5, Interesting) 340

Get an EPIRB. If the ship collides with a floating container and sinks quickly you will have no time to manually send a distress signal before abandoning ship. A free-floating EPIRB will automatically engage in case of sinking and with its encoded distress signal you will get aid within hours. For communications on the oceans I recommend getting a good shortwave radio with a decent grounding and antenna that can communicate further than any VHF-based system. Source: I helped build and design a Swedish 131' sailing yacht.

Comment Re:Think Tank (Score 1) 282

+1 for Think Tank products. I use several of their products, including the aforementioned Streetwalker Harddrive. Like you, I lug around some serious SLR gear (plus laptop, accessories and heavy tripod) and this bag has performed well and has got very good build quality. Of course, it's quite pricey, but so is your gear.

Comment Re:ArkivMusic or Naxos (Score 2, Interesting) 228

I find this whole audiophile thing pretty interesting, especially now something very similar starting to spill over into mainstream photography. JPEGS are out!, we need 16 bit RAW files for out holiday snaps! As a digital artist, I find it disturbing that people are going to let a JPEG artefact (real or imaginary) spoil their enjoyment of a picture: you're looking at it wrong!

I just couldn't let this pass by without comment. Yes, I am a flac kind of a person, and take pride in ripping music with the absolute highest quality. I am also a photographer, and yes, I shoot in raw format. Why? Because I do post-processing. On every photo I take. A good-quality jpeg is indistinguishable from raw until you start doing the least bit of editing. Then the differences will be clear as day and night. Ever tried rescuing an underexposed 8-bit JPEG and then try the same with a 12-bit raw? And don't get me started about color spaces...

JPEG is perfect for the holiday shooter, though, but personally I long for the 16-bit raw files (best available today on 35-mm SLR:s is 14-bit). That will take care of *some* of the imaging artifacts that come from the rounding errors between the sensor and the memory card.

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