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Comment Did Siri even answer this question before? (Score 1) 144

I would guess that this question would have gone to a search engine. Now they've got hooks to answer the question directly which... is based on a subscription service.

The API would probably have be retooled to
* work when you aren't signed in
* flag and separate commands and UI from logged in and not logged in
* return *more* annoying messages about not being subscribed when you tried to interact with the results (clicking or asking follow up questions)

It's not worth bothering to answer these questions you'd usually take action on in the service if you aren't subscribed to it. This is really kind of a dumb thing to whine about

Comment Update program now changes your routing tables (Score 1) 158

Apparently the "upgrade" program on the CD twiddles with your routing tables, in case you're having problems getting packages to download. By default my system wouldn't connect to the network, so I chose the shell option, cleared the tables, used dhclient on a different interface, and then restarted the process by running "upgrade." This *still* didn't work and was kind of confusing. Control-C out of the program shows that the routing tables got changed somehow (it sets the default route to the _external_ IP, I assume some "smart" detection is making this genius decision).

Anyway, if you have this problem, use the ! in the package URL selection process to drop out and change the network settings back. It does this modification early enough in the process that this works.

It was enough work to figure out what the problem was, and I don't have enough patience to deal with a known-abrasive community to file a bug report and do back and forth. So, hope this helps someone searching.

Comment Re:Smart (Score 1) 291

I assume since you *have* a Model S, you've already thought through the situations where you would absolutely need a swap and either routed your use of cars around that trouble or never encountered that issue in the first place.

The ease of transport of gasoline makes fueling a non-issue and stations ubiquitous. Do you envision a scenario where the $85 is worth it or do the stations for it need to be similarly ubiquitous?

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