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The Internet

Republican Bill Aims To Thwart the FCC's Leaning Towards Title II 182

Posted by timothy
from the belief-in-authority dept.
SpzToid writes U.S. congressional Republicans on Friday proposed legislation that would set "net neutrality" rules for broadband providers, aiming to head off tougher regulations backed by the Obama administration. Republican lawmakers hope to counter the Federal Communications Commission's vote on Feb. 26 for rules that are expected to follow the legal path endorsed by President Barack Obama, which Internet service providers (ISPs) and Republicans say would unnecessarily burden the industry with regulation. Net neutrality activists, now with Obama's backing, have advocated for regulation of ISPs under a section of communications law known as Title II, which would treat them more like public utilities. The White House on Thursday said legislation was not necessary to settle so-called "net neutrality" rules because the Federal Communications Commission had the authority to write them.

+ - Ars Technica and Cisco Provide Another Example of Bad Security Reporting

Submitted by wjcofkc
wjcofkc (964165) writes "It was recently reported by Cisco, Ars Technica, and reported on Slashdot that Linux based web servers running the 2.6 series were being attacked and infected with Javascript intended to allow attackers to serve up a variety of malicious content to the visitor. White Fir Design begs to differ, pointing out that the websites are not even all running Linux, much less the Linux 2.6 Kernel."

Comment: Nanex: Knightmare on Wall Street (Score 1) 377

by arunkv (#40867389) Attached to: Algorithmic Trading Glitch Costs Firm $440 Million
It is surprising that the best article on KCG's trades was not shared yet. Check out for a fascinating look at the trades. Chart 3 shows a millisecond interval chart with around 40 trades happening in under a second, each buying at the offer and immediately selling at the bid. As Nanex put it "you now have a system that's very efficient at burning money".

+ - Netflix to acquire OnLive, offer streaming video games-> 4

Submitted by
techfun89 writes "Netflix revealed today, that they are acquiring the cloud based OnLive gaming company for $1.1 billion. Netflix said that the Netflix branded online streaming of games will keep the OnLive interface intact, but will offer different pricing plans yet to be announced.

Netflix has indicated that the existing mini-console offered by OnLive for playback of video games on TV's will also support the playback of all Netflix content, making it an all in one multimedia device. There are some rumors that Netflix may try to offer playback of video games on existing game consoles (where movie streaming supported), but some manufacturers may try to block this feature."

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Comment: This Thread Says it All (Score 1, Interesting) 356

by ChaoticCoyote (#38952637) Attached to: Canonical Pulls Kubuntu Personnel Funding

Perusing this thread will tell anyone why Linux is not a significant player in the OS universe. Too much chaos, to many sharp opinions, jingoism... in the end, all that keeps Linux from being a serious contender beyond cell phones (where it is invisible) and scientists (who have certain needs).

There will never *be* a "Year of Linux".

Yet I'll keep on using customized versions of Linux for my own development needs, just like my wife uses odd and exotic materials media for her artwork. Linux/GNU/etc is an artist's tool, but it will never be mainstream or popular. Deal with it, be glad you have it, and quit bashing each other over the head.

Comment: Too simple (Score 3, Insightful) 744

Like most protest movements, anti-Apple activism is likely unproductive and too focused.

HP, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle... do you really think all the other tech companies are innocent in such matters? Given that the problem extends beyond the tech sector -- are you willing to boycott your refrigerator, or your car, or your shirt? Picking on Apple is targeting an easy mark, one that probably has more to do with disliking Apple's image than it does with any real desire to help people.

I don't own or buy Apple products for a lot of reasons. Their use of asian semi-slave factories will not be solved by a boycott, simply because most people don't give a rat's rump. Consumers want their cheap toys, and the "don't give a shitters" outnumber indignant Slashdotters by hundreds of thousands to one.

If you feel that boycotting Apple is some sort of stand against naughtiness, knock yourself out. Delude yourself that buying an Android phone or a Samsung computer makes you holier the Jobs' army..

However, if you want to make a difference, get involved in the political process, as people did with SOPA/PIPA. Make a stink on the broader issue of companies selling product created by near-slave labor in dangerous facilities.Anything less is playing at activism, as if it were a shiney toy, puffing your ego because "I'm doign something" that costs you little and helps the problem even less.

Comment: Re:remember how lobbying ALWAYS works (Score 4, Interesting) 232

by ChaoticCoyote (#38692996) Attached to: DNS Provision Pulled From SOPA

(1) Expect A;

(2) Ask for something else A+B+C, where B and C are even more insane-sounding things and C is pratically unworkable;

(3) Make concessions to get people onside by suggesting that you're prepared to renegotiate on C;

(4) Wait for objections to be made to much of B and a near complete elimination of C;

(5) End up with all of A and a few scraps from B and C.

Notice this pattern in every jurisdiction with every proposed law. Always tackle the principles, which will be in A - you'll probably find that you want to eliminate the bill entirely. (That's at the second reading at the latest, if you're looking at the UK Parliament. Beyond that it's too late unless the increasingly castrated Lords throw up a fuss.)

Congratulations on codifying reality succinctly. Hell, this is how most projects work, political or otherwise: Shoot for the moon, settle for what you need.

Which makes me wonder -- why doesn;t the opposition do this? We need to demand freedom, push for flory, and expect to get bits back incrementally. Hell, we aren't goign to repeal the Federal Code, but we might just take a few bites out of it and start something positive.

Often, the best way to defeat someone is to use their own tactics against them. Vote, demonstrate, get involved, fight. Anythign else is just posturing.

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