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Comment Censorship? (Score 1) 539

They're absolutely correct; the makers of Adblock Plus are engaging in censorship of digital advertising created by some others and allowing through the digital advertising created by some others, which isn't optimal and thus there are different solutions which do not opt for such fickle behavior.

However, the key part here is that it isn't by force, it's by choice of the enduser of the product; in direct juxtaposition of being on the receiving end of forced digital advertising delivery.

In almost all cases, in order for me to view content, I must first opt in, by only my visiting the site in question, to digital advertisements before I am able (if at all) to disable the advertising through payment. Instead of bitching, we just utilize these tools to (UBlock Origin is my preference) to censor our own content.

I mean, I get it; they are fighting hard to reduce that 30% of Europeans and 10% of Americans blocking ads but enough w/the rhetoric, please.

Comment Re:But the Mach5 did this over 40 years ago! (Score 1) 65

That would be for progressive decay or other gradual failures and indeed tough to catch but what about vehicles stuck on tracks, wash outs or even that coyote behind the rock with an ACME magneto blasting detonator or worst. But then again they don't have automatic braking and still use humans because it's too expensive so no doubt any of what I described would be decades away from consideration.


Comment Re:does it really matter how she got drunk (Score 1) 259

so how does one go 20 or 30, or more, years with this and not know something is wrong? The testing the husband asked to have done stated that she would get wobbly at .30-.40 levels and when she was stopped and tested she blew a .40.

So it surprises me someone could go that long in life and not know or wonder or have checked what is going on. How did her husband and family not ask why she'd be "wobbly" after drinking so little or possibly not at all? I guess she/they can claim ignorance and that's enough to get you off the hook.

Now they( the DMV ) should know that she needs to have her drivers license pulled until she proves she's cured because not only does she get drunk after eating but she and those around her at too clueless to even know she's impaired.

Comment and those examples use standard infrastructures (Score 1) 152

what it sounds like you are planning is a controlled infrastructure. Just use the existing infrastructure and put up limited availability sites. But if you want to build out your own CompuServe and/or AOL service you are going to be bashed if you do so leveraging your Facebook service to do it. Or maybe you should create your own religion like L Ron Hubbard did and control those who come to you.

But do not try to take advantage of persons in certain socio economic situations pretending to be their saviour. A Douglas Adams were alive today I'm sure he'd have a very comical yet accurate way of describing what your are attempting to do.


Comment Re:Yes! (Score 3, Informative) 785

I switched to a Mac in 2012 for my personal shit and about 6 months ago went to a Mac for work too. With the release of Office 2016 for the Mac, I honestly cannot find a single thing I cannot do comfortably on my Mac anymore.

If you have a serious problem with it, Parallels has been running Windows apps for me better than any native PC installation since version 7 back in 2012.

I mean, I know you're probably trolling or trying to be funny, but it's a dead joke in 2015.

Comment Re:Drunks don't make the best decisions (Score 1) 327

Calling him an irresponsible douchebag for potentially driving w/in the legal limits is a bit much, don't you think?

While I don't drink and drive, by setting a limit at .08, the government is permitting SOME drinking and driving, albeit at a level which is complicated to pass legally more or less forcing you to choose between not driving or not drinking while providing the people some semblance of choice.

If they're going to do this, they should make it so low (.02) no one will drive after drinking, as they do in other countries, or bring it back to an acceptable level to allow for driving after drinking.

Comment Re:Going out of business ... (Score 1) 200

I envision this as a response to Maxim or FHM. People still buy those, even though there's no nudity. Playboy was always able to find some level of legitimacy through their articles and I assume they will still attempt the same level of content even by removing the nudity.

Honestly, I don't see the point in this and they should just retire the magazine and create a new one w/o nudity to compete with the others in that genre; however, they clearly feel they will be able to capitalize successfully on their established fan base and grow it into the future using this new format.

Best of luck to them.

Comment who thought of one spot for one outlet? (Score 1) 554

Did they really think this through considering an employee is expected to be at work for 8+ hours and won't need all 8 to charge the car? Two spots would be better or even 4. Provide the charger with a charge cable/plug for each spot/vehicle and a first come first serve(FIFO) mechanism of charging each vehicle.

There could also be mechanisms for sensing a vehicle in the charge spots(capacitive loops) and sensing when getting unplugged before fully charged to prevent others from unplugging someone's car to get theirs to the top of the FIFO. Something like requiring a RFID tag pairing when starting a charge and another pairing hit of the RFID tag when unplugged before fully charged.

One charge plug per parking spot was not a good plan.


Comment Re:Who actually wants this? (Score 1) 66

Well if it means we're going from small devices with small apps and small amounts of resources to suddenly making them full on desktop machines, I just don't see the point.

And that's totally fine. The point isn't what YOU want, it's what some private company wants to do and these actions will in no way, shape, or form negatively impact your life and thus getting all up in a huff about it is a little over the top.

Comment Re:Who actually wants this? (Score 2) 66

What percentage of Android owners even remotely want any of this?

Users don't know what they want until it is provided to them and, honestly, if you don't want any part of it, that's cool but perhaps it will really help developers port their work cross-platform and bring us to a completely different level.

I would love to see Android or iOS apps come back across the divide in some cases, so there's likely a market in reverse.

No sense in getting all fired up about CodeWeavers doing this.

Comment Re:It's not just IT (Score 0) 152

I agree with you, just not your example. Pharmacy Techs are on-the-job trained in a few days and get paid just north of minimum wage. The technical skills required to do that job aren't complex and those leading the area should have to do the same on-the-job training as the staff. Comparing that world to most IT specializations is a HUGE leap.

Comment Re:In other words. (Score 3, Insightful) 288

The law should NEVER, EVER, EVER, provide protection over any data available behind public sector activity.

The public sector frequently claims the release of information will be burdensome; however, the public sector actors are not always forced, by statute (as they are in Minnesota) to ensure records should be held in a way which the sector cannot claim burden in failure to comply.

This needs to change.

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