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Comment Re:Pascal? (Score 1) 380

I get it, it just becomes an issue when it is overused and since I didn't develop the original code (it is about as old as I am) trying to figure out what item is actually being referenced at times is a pain especially since the code I am stuck working on has multiple structures with overlapping fields field names that are used in the same function and the original coders like to use lots of global variables .

Comment Run my mouth (Score 2) 716

First I would keep my pie hole shut about coming into a massive pile of money. Then since I wouldn't have to worry about where my next meal is coming from I would start running my mouth at work and let people know what I really thing of some of their ideas. There are a couple of people who I think just like to hear their own voice and when you are in a meeting with them they give the impression that you are there to bask in their glory and genius even if they say some of the stupidest shit ever to be utter.

Apart from that get a new car (I'm thinking an M4), get a new truck like vehicle (can't take an M4 out hunting in remote areas), put up a cabin on my recreational property. Although I would like a nice custom made leather trench coat made from that nice thick cow hide that they make motorcycle safety jackets out of. Apart from that I would probably quietly give to various charities, ensure that my children will be well off, and that any of my relatives won't have to worry about school if they apply themselves.

Comment Re:Mankind and aliens will prefer orbital colonies (Score 1) 103

Oh, and to address your "millions of times the surface area" remark - are you so sure you would want it? After all the surface is vulnerable to radiation, impact, radiant heat losses, etc. You could just as easily turn the whole planet into a honeycomb of underground colonies with ample resources available. A molten cores would be an issue, though a passive heating system might be worth the resource loss, but smaller planetoids such as the moon wouldn't offer than problem.

The primary benefits of an orbital colony are that it's more mobile than a planet, and you're not at the bottom of a substantial gravity well. I rather doubt either concern would be terribly significant to a race capable of flinging stars around.

Comment Re:Mankind and aliens will prefer orbital colonies (Score 1) 103

Sure, planets are optional - stars however are kind of appealing - massive nuclear reactors bound together by the mass of their own fuel - sufficient fuel to continue generating energy unflaggingly for hundreds of billions of years, with nothing to break down and no maintenance required.

Of course, if you're orbiting one of those long-burning dwarf stars you need to worry about the fact that they're prone to not-infrequent superflares. Might be nice to have a big chunk of mass for radiation shielding, preferably something nice and stable that would have a fair chance to survive even if your civilization collapses several times sending everyone back to nearly the stone age - I would imagine such considerations would be relevant to journeys lasting tens or hundreds of times longer than our species has existed. Planets are handy for such things, even if you live deep underground the gravity will help keep atmosphere and resources from escaping.

Comment Re:It can't. (Score 1) 103

(Some) RNA self-replicates from amino acids all the time, and is one of our current best guesses for the earliest forms of proto-life - it's can forma an amazingly versatile range of nanomachines. The question is whether it's more likely that a self-replicating strand forms spontaneously on a hospitable world or gets seeded from elsewhere. After that it's just a matter of evolution.

Comment Re:It can't. (Score 1) 103

Hitchhikers *in* asteroids, not on. I agree any on the outer surface would be unlikely to last on an interstellar journey, but an asteroid hundreds of feet across is pretty tiny really,, and offers *far* more radiation shielding than we have on the surface of the Earth - the atmosphere offers only about 10-15 feet of rock equivalent, and the magnetosphere only protects us from charged particles that wouldn't make it far through solid rock anyway.

Comment Re:So, effectively, all NSA data collection is leg (Score 1) 148

Given the fairly statist makeup of the supreme court I expect if this gets to them to have a similar ruling logic be damned. I still haven't' figured out logic behind the ACA ruling that first had to find that the penalty/tax was a penalty not a tax, and then in the same ruling, a mere few minutes later, find that it was instead a tax. That sort of incoherent ruling in my book means it is a bad ruling. I do understand the Roberts was the one who ruled differently on each part but he also wrote the majority opinion and yet doesn't seem to have the mental abilities to make a logical well reasoned argument.

Comment Re:I can feel some EMF (Score 1) 447

'm not affected by wifi or cellphones, but when I place my MacBook Pro on my lap and wait about 30 seconds I can begin to feel tingling deep inside my legs, like in the bone.

I have felt the same thing and since I have been electrocuted and know what that feels like I was able to figure it out pretty quick. Check to see if the circuit you have it plugged into is actually grounded. I have a similar issue with my work laptop when I am in Europe and have to use an adapter so my laptop isn't grounded. I have also had a similar experience in some hotels in the US where the socket isn't grounded as well.

Comment Re: When The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum (Score 0) 447

Negative punishments are also a great motivator. The last time my kids didn't pick up their toys I had previously told them that I was going to get a snow shovel and a trash bag and I would deal with it. One scoop was all it took, and they have become much better at picking up their toys. I think what is missing from most parents is the follow through, they will tell their kids to do something and say if they don't they get x for a punishment and then when the kids ignores them the parents do nothing but set a new line. Also I am not an authoritarian parent and there aren't many rules and the ones that do exist are, don't wreck other people's stuff, don't hurt other people, and do your chores.

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