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Comment: Re:Turn it on them (Score 1) 127 127

What we should be doing is filing FOIAs for all data collected on our elected officials. So in this case I should file a FOIA for Representative John Kline, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Senator Al Franken, and President Obama. There would be a legitimate reason for the electorate to know who their elected officials associate with, besides it is just the meta data so no big deal or at least that is what I keep being told. Also there shouldn't be any national security issue with receiving this information as these people aren't terrorists and there shouldn't be an ongoing investigation that would be compromised.

Comment: Re:Hey FISA... (Score 1) 127 127

Hey not all Americans are for FISA and we do try to stop the shit they do. Problem is that too many of my fellow Americans are too apathetic to help out even if they do dislike these things. Then there are the people who believe it actually makes them safes since the government is doing something and support it but not real strongly who sadly are probably the majority.

Comment: Re:The founding documents present a path... (Score 1) 127 127

I have already contacted my congress critters. Unfortunately Senators Klobuchar and Franken seem to support these unconstitutional actions with their vote on the USA FREEDOM Act and don't seem to like our freedoms. I have also contacted my Representative John Kline but his is of similar mind in these cases and seems to be even more supportive of these actions in general. Since I am not in either Keith Ellison's or Tom Emmar's districts they really don't want to hear from me but they were both against this bulk data collection and may be sympathetic. Below is the body text I sent off to Senator Klobuchar, Senator Franken, and Representative Kline both in paper form and in e-mail. I specifically mention their votes on the USA FREEDOM act so depending on how your congress critters voted you may need to change that part if you just do a copy paste.

I am writing you today to encourage you begin the process of impeaching Judge Michael W. Mosman on the FISA court who ruled that the NSA may continue the bulk data collection on American citizens. This action was already ruled illegal by the US 2nd court of appeals. Furthermore with the passage of the USA FREEDOM act, which you should have voted against, further clarifies that bulk data collection by the NSA of Americans data is not allowed and will be ended. This still ignores the fact that the US constitution is very clear on on the issue of bulk collection of data in that the government may not issue general warrants, or perform searches without reasonable cause. How is it reasonable that everyone in the United States might be considered a terrorist?

Comment: Re:a solid business model helps. (Score 1) 148 148

Well they had lots of the older instructions online but not for this loft bed. It just may have been too old for even that. I really haven't had a complaint about their stuff in general and even have some of their inexpensive pine shelves. By the way their pine furniture looks awesome if you sand it, stain it, and apply a couple of coats of poly, and while it is a bit more expensive than the particle board stuff it is a lot nicer especially with a good finish applied and will last longer.

Yes I realize this is IKEA furniture, just because it is inexpensive and sold in flat pack doesn't mean it has to be complete crap. It just gets to live in the basement in rooms where hobbies are done where utility is more important that overall niceness.

Comment: Re:a solid business model helps. (Score 2) 148 148

Well got the joy of putting together an IKEA loft bed without instructions. The model isn't sold anymore, I couldn't find the instructions online, and to add further insult to injury I didn't even have a picture of what is was suppose to look like. I did get it together correctly but it took longer than it should have, especially since I was initially told it was a bunk bed. The lesson I learned from that was don't let the wife buy stuff from her friends that I will have to deal with.

Comment: Re:Because job outfit only look for links in googl (Score 4, Insightful) 141 141

You are entitled to a private life, but if you make something public, it's public, period. No take backs. Not because I said so but because of the nature of public information.

For the sake of argument, what if someone with a twitter feed decides it's newsworthy and does it for you?

Comment: Re:Aww hell. (Score 2) 177 177

>People tend to be quite attached to their arms.

Well, at least until the accident...

In reality though, most rides these days seem to go out of their way to make sure that there's nothing actually dangerous within reach of anyone in the cars. Even if you slip out of your seat and stand up, etc. Sure, you'd have to be a grade-A dumbass to do such a thing, but even grade-A dumbasses getting themselves dismembered on your ride tends to make or bad publicity.

Comment: Re:Operating in Africa (Score 3, Insightful) 24 24

Probably also a generation or two of "we're here to help" medical programs not being hideously abused, as was done in various population-control endeavours and other programs. Involuntary sterilization under the guise of vaccinations? Really? That's the sort of horror story that can take generations to fade, and it seems like every time we start building back some trust among the population, someone decides to abuse it yet again.

Comment: Re: Are we asking a question? (Score 1) 209 209

Software failures will scale up similarly. If you propose for example that, on any single PC, a Linux crash is 10x more likely than a hardware failure, then they're be dealing with dozens of crashes per day - and that would have to be some pretty stable software. What's your crash to hardware-failure ratio?

Comment: Re:Not me, not in California (Score 1) 937 937

So because I happen to own something that means that I can't decide what to do with it within the law? I happen to own some recreational property as well has the property I live on. I have a feeling that you would view this as also being unjust, especially since it has a buidable site.

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