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by antifoidulus (#47554299) Attached to: Oracle Offers Custom Intel Chips and Unanticipated Costs
Give Postgres a try, it's pretty easy to get started. And if anyone tells you MySQL is faster, ignore them until they prove it using your application and realistic transaction volumes.

While I agree with you about Oracle, you are dead wrong on MySQL. MySQL(well, increasingly MariaDB) is extensively used at some of the highest trafficked sites on the internet(Google and Facebook to name a few). It is more than capable of handling large transaction volumes.

Comment: China is not alone (Score 3, Interesting) 58

+ - Japan arrests woman for making a printable 3d model of her vagina

Submitted by antifoidulus
antifoidulus (807088) writes "The BBC is reporting that a Japanese woman has been arrested for making a 3d model of her vagina that can be printed using a 3d printer. Megumi Igarashi had sent the printable model to people who sent her money to create it. A police spokesman told AFP news agency she had distributed data that could "create an obscene shape". While giant phalluses are a common spectacle at Japanese fertility festivals, apparently vaginas are still considered "taboo". Ms. Igarashi is fighting the charges."

Comment: iOS Management Tools for non-macs (Score 3, Interesting) 126

I wonder if this means that Apple will finally port it's iOS management tools to run on something other than OS X server. Ever since Apple killed the XServe(and really even before that) this has been a major hinderance to wider scale enterprise adoption of iOS devices. The tools are actually quite good, but if you are forced to try to cram a bunch of mac minis somewhere or trying to get some mac pros in the server room, it's just a pain. Add to that lack of practical way to deploy OS X server instances on the cloud and you have enterprise customers just not interested in trying to screw around with iPhones. Hopefully this partnership will fix that.

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by antifoidulus (#47453277) Attached to: Obama Administration Says the World's Servers Are Ours
Anyone that has a Taxpayer Identification number(read social security number) is required to report. The banks ask you at the time of creation of an account if you have one, and if you do then you have to fill out a special form and they report all your assets to the US government, despite you know, the government not needing to know any of this. If we get married then she gets a TIN and then has to report all this shit. And of course the ironic thing is that this is going to cost way more than it is going to bring in. So the US is pissing people off and fucking over it's citizens all in the name of losing money......

The biggest kick in the pants though is that this act has got me siding with the Republicans. I've officially renounced my membership in the democratic party over this turd of a law. Not insane enough to become a Republican but.

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Um, are you aware of FATCA? It is basically the financial version of this verdict. It forces any financial institution anywhere in the world. It even demands that US citizens who have signing powers on bank accounts for their companies report the balance to the US government. And it's not only US citizens, it's everyone who is of "US interest". As a US citizen abroad let me tell you this sucks, this sucks hard. It's now harder for me to get a bank account, I'm engaged to a national of the country I'm residing in, and as soon as I get married she is going to have to report all her bank balances to the US government. I've never thought about renouncing my US citizenship until now, the US government has no business sticking its nose in when it doesn't belong. This has been a pattern of late, and Obama in some regards is worse than Bush. The US government needs to realize it's not 1950 anymore and they don't have economic hegemony anymore...

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No, "publish or perish" really dis-incentivizes novel research because guess what, often times really novel research fails. All "publish or perish" really does is incentivize either cheating or the lowest risk research imaginable. There are other mechanisms for making sure a researcher is actually doing their work, punishing them for taking risks shouldn't be among them.

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Homestarrunner I think works better as a part time project. While the updates over the past few years have been sparse, they have also been very inspired and incredibly hilarious. I can't say the same about the cartoons they were making towards the end when they were doing it every week. They still may kickstart, but I would much rather see sporadic but absolutely hilarious updates to h*runner than lots of bland ones.

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There is evidence that China's one child policy is what enabled it to grow far faster than India did(though there are people that argue that India's younger population will eventually be an economic asset rather than a drag on the economy). In 1980 China and India's economies were at about the same size, but China has grown far faster than India, and many argue that the one child policy was what allowed this to happen. By limiting the # of children people could have they could invest more capital per student, and measures like the literacy rate show that this effort paid off.

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