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Comment Re:Let me guess... (Score 1) 179

Are they though? There are a lot of SF writers that get the details wrong but get the overall state of society right. Go read "Player Piano" and tell me that Vonnegut did not nail the current economy. A small number of automation engineers making tons of money? check. Society scrambling to find "make work" jobs for the masses that include the army and pointless infra projects? Double check. Now granted he got a lot of the technological details wrong(obligatory 1950s sf reference to caverns filled with vacuum tubes etc.), but his description of what society, especially American society, has become.

Comment Re:Sometimes there are no innocents (Score 1) 488

And yet, as we have seen time and time again, this is the only way to actually win a war with a fanatical enemy. Which is why we should never get involved in wars unless it's absolutely necessary for survival. The ONLY way to win a war against fanatics is to basically level their infrastructure(and yes civilians) to the point that continuing to fight is tantamount to suicide of the entire culture. The Japanese were suicidal religious fanatics that were only tamed once we destroyed enough of their country and killed enough of their citizens that they realized fighting will only result in the complete and utter annihilation of the Japanese people.

This is why we shouldn't get involved in wars were we aren't willing to completely level the enemy, including Dubya's little "war to avenge daddy" that is the root of this problem in the first place.

Comment Re: Depends (Score 1) 315

If such cognition wasn't necessary we wouldn't have evolved it. The brain is a massive energy sap, no hunter/gatherer would have been more evolutionary fit if they didn't use it to some sort of competitive advantage, so it stands to reason they used a lot of the same parts of the brain, just differently than how we use them today.

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1165

HBAHAHAHAHA, fuck you are an idiot. Do you have ANY evidence besides "my ideology tells me this is true so it must be true" to indicate that he chose the theater because of their gun free policy? Did the shooter say so? Here's a hint fuckwad, no he didn't. He could have chose it because it offered the easiest backdoor to exit out of, he could have chose it because it was the easiest to case out. Here's another hint limpdick, I know you think because you have a gun you can go out and prove that you are a hero, but have you ever tried reaching for and then aiming a gun in a dark movie theatre? What do you think the odds of you actually hitting the gunman vs. another innocent bystander are? I know your gun helps you feel better about your micropenis, but they aren't magical crime-fighting devices. More innocents get killed by limp-dicked crusaders like yourself than they kill criminals.

Comment Not just South Korea (Score 1) 57

This problem isn't limited to just South Korea, Japan this month Japan will start rolling out a similar system called My Number(and of course, this being Japan, it is associated with a cute character) Not sure why countries are so eager to give ID thieves a field day, but apparently they are. The elderly are especially vulnerable as they are the least likely to understand the new system and use the new technology and the most likely to fall prey to scams.

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