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by antifoidulus (#48191771) Attached to: China Staging a Nationwide Attack On iCloud and Microsoft Accounts
How many people were saying the same thing about the Japanese economy in the late 80s? Answer, almost all of them. Do a google search for China and debt and you will see what I mean. They are also not the "sole manufacturing center for most of the west". Very little value is added in China, and it's manufacturing that can be done elsewhere, and is increasing done elsewhere as China gets more and more expensive, both economically and politically. Crappy hardware trade shows do not an economy make.

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It's only going to get worse as the chinese economy stagnates. I've been saying this for years, but people are finally starting to realize that China copied the post-war Japanese model right down to the bad loans, today's China is pretty much where Japan was in 1988, barreling towards the cliff. The difference between the 2 countries is the government though. Outside of the economy the CCP has been deeply unpopular for years. However there was little unrest since the economy was booming. However what will happen when growth slows is much more unclear. Hong Kong like protests against the government would probably be the best case. More likely is large scale riots as unemployment coupled with a large # of men being unable to find a wife is a recipe for disaster. The CCP knows they are living on borrowed time and are going to do everything in their power, including perhaps returning to the days of the cultural revolution if it finds it necessary. In the short term expect spying incidents like this to become the norm.

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And Obama and the Democrats made it worse with this FACTA bullshit. Basically as a US citizen abroad, both me and my family have to report stuff to the IRS(bank accounts, investment accounts etc) that I wouldn't have to report to the IRS if I were in the United States. And if you fail to report they will help themselves to your bank account, even if you didn't actually do anything other than forget to file. And it doesn't apply to just individuals, any American with signature authority on a foreign account, be it business or personal, has to report the details of that bank account to the IRS.

And here is the kicker, the whole thing is actually predicted, even by the supporters of the bill, to be revenue negative. Meaning they are SPENDING TAXPAYER MONEY to fuck over Americans living abroad. The sheer stupidity of this bill is staggering. I had up to that point always been a democrat and a supporter of Obama, but this just drove me away from both. I even donated some money to a Republican-led campaign to challenge this incredibly unconstitutional bill in the supreme court. This bill is responsible for an almost exponential increase in the # of Americans getting rid of their citizenship, perhaps most famous among them Tina Turner, who is now a Swiss citizen.

(Un)fortunately, I live in a country that is basically beholden to the US and as a coder I don't expect to be in charge of corporate bank accounts , so it's not a huge deal, but it's just the principal of the thing. More here

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How much of a vested interest does Gartner have in this technology? My guess is a lot, it's 2003 all over again. In 2003 Gartner predicted that within the next 10 years over 50% of IT jobs would be sent overseas, and by the way we also happen to have an offshore IT consulting service, what a coincidence, totally unrelated to our over exaggerated findings, really!

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Did they try to find men who left the field as a control group? The reasons cited in TFA also applies to a lot of men I know that have left the industry. I would like to know if it really affects women, also whether or not a higher % of women leave the tech industry vs men, esp. if you control for being a parent.

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We were taught that in high school physics where I grew up too(the US, though admittedly a richer part of the US). The weaker gravity is the reason space missions are launched from places that are close to the equator, Florida in the US and French Guiana for the ESA. Though granted the reason for this discrepancy(distance to the center of the earth is greater near the equator due to the earth not being a perfect sphere) is different than the reasons for this most recent change

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