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Comment: Re:Congress needs to butt out of science! (Score 2) 382

by andydread (#49139425) Attached to: Lawmakers Seek Information On Funding For Climate Change Critics
Yes politicians need to butt out who cares if they poisen us for profits. When oil companies were paying scientists to say lead in gasoline was a good thing politicians shouldn't have done a thing.

Comment: Re:Sweet F A (Score 1) 576

Because a starship/fleet probably wouldn't be equipped with stealth systems to begin with. If they were to jump to our system they already are way ahead of us by orders of magnitude. No stealth is required. It would be simple brute force. When one lifeform that is significantly more advanced meets another that is significantly less advanced they simply roll over them. We don't deploy stealh systems against creatures living in the forest when we bulldoze the forest to setup a new housing subdivision or shopiing mall. They *can* be detected with simple radar after they jump to our system, not to say that they will be detected because we don't have a system setup to detect them. And even if we detect them it doesn't mean we can do anything about it but simply run. Just like the creatures living in the forest when a bulldozer comes to clear the land and setup shop.

Comment: Re:When will there be justice? (Score 2) 95

by andydread (#48915247) Attached to: Researchers Tie Regin Malware To NSA, Five Eyes Intel Agencies

How long is it going to take before the American people get fed up with this. The NSA is obviously an out of control agency and has been for years. The people in charge need to start spending LONG prison sentences for their crimes against humanity. And before people start screaming "Think about the terrorists" remember that those in charge (both the NSA, FBI and others) have deliberately chosen to ignore gathered intell about actual terrorist threats (such as 911 and the Boston Marathon bombers). This should prove to everyone that the government considers their own citizens as more of a threat than foreign terrorists.

Is this shown on the news? Have CNN spent a whole 2 days on it like they have a current blizzard of new york? or previously Inflategate? Nope So why whould the unwashed masses be upset if the fucking media is failing to report on it. It's not a blizzard, sports cheating or a plane crash so they are oblivious. We that read slashdot hear about stuff like this all the time. DEA cameras, NSA GCHQ etc. The greater "American people" do not. So they cannot be outraged over something that the media is not reporting.

Comment: Re:Steve Scalise did NOT speak to KKK group (Score 1) 420

Yes the baggage in the context of having a conversation with a reporter about getting elected. David duke we all know could not get elected because of his KKK affiliations. Saying you are David Duke without the baggage is implying that you believe in what David Duke believes in without any publicly known affiliations with any group that can keep your from getting elected. David duke was known first and foremost for being a racist. It's pretty clear.

Your scout leader analogy is a poor analogy. David Duke was a well know racist. In other words if you didn't know anything else about David Duke, the one thing you knew about him was that he was a racist. Even David Duke came out and said, and I quote: " Scalise was his buddy (who he met “several times”)" So this guy Scalise in public doesn't want to be associated with David Duke once the heat is turned up, yet, in private they are "buddies"

So we have here this guy that 1) addressed David Duke's convention of racists, 2) Claim's he's David Duke without the baggage, And 3) is buddies with David Duke.

I don't expect you to take me seriously as you seem bent on being an apologist for this clown.

Comment: Re:Steve Scalise did NOT speak to KKK group (Score 1) 420

it's not guilt by association. When you address a group of racists and claim to be David Duke then those actions speak for themselves. And you don't have to be a KKK member to be a racist which is basically what he was implying when he said he was "David Duke without the baggage" I'm an independent. Not an ideologue like you. I'm neither a "conservative" nor a "liberal" im a free thinker so your assumption the I hate Republicans and don't hate Democrats is way out in left field. I like neither and hate neither. I just don't like bigots or racists. I have more respect for the racists such as David Duke that are open with their racism than I do for the closet racists like this guy and those that are apologists for people who embody closet racism. Racism is a primitive ideology of people with a primitive way of thinking.

Comment: Re:Steve Scalise did NOT speak to KKK group (Score 1) 420

haha your attempt to deflect to byrd is laughable. This is not about byrd this is about Steve Scalise and is admitted associations. He addressed a group of racists and he also bragged about being an electable racist by claiming he's David Duke without the baggage. You can be an apologist for him all you wan't smh.

Comment: Re:Steve Scalise did NOT speak to KKK group (Score 1) 420

by andydread (#48881223) Attached to: Blogger Who Revealed GOP Leader's KKK Ties Had Home Internet Lines Cut
I never claimed to revere Byrd it is your attempt to put words in my mouth. All I said was that was a strawman argument that you were making ie irrelevant. Also I said he wasn't a party leader in the house or senate. read and comprehend before you post. David duke was know first and foremost as a racist. He said he was david duke without the baggage. Your attempt to water it down is laughable at best. and your attempt to divert the conversation to Byrd and Obama is pathetic. David duke coudn't get elected because he had the baggage of being a KKK member. This guy saying he was David Duke without the baggage obviously means he embodies David Duke without baggage keeping him from getting elected. no thanks. David Duke's policies are not policies i would support.

Comment: Re:Steve Scalise did NOT speak to KKK group (Score 1) 420

by andydread (#48879639) Attached to: Blogger Who Revealed GOP Leader's KKK Ties Had Home Internet Lines Cut
David Duke is known first and foremost for being a racist and also having an affiliation with the KKK
So being David Duke without the KKK affiliation is some how better? smh
You can try to explain away the baggage part all you like but it is clear what he means.

no one is talking about Byrd or Obama. I know you types like to bring up the Byrd strawman Byrd is not even alive today let alone being a party leader/whip in the house or senate. It was Scalise that bragged that he was "David Duke without the baggage."

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