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Comment: Re:Once a clown, always a clown. (Score 1) 306 306

...and Obama's frequent and blatant power grabs.

Hey moron. Whether it Reagan, Clinton, Bush, Obama, using executive orders are not power grabs. It enshrined in the frigging constitution. Do yourself a favor. Stop watching Fox News and listnening to propoganda radio. Gawd people are so easy to brain wash - smh.

Comment: SECURE THE BORDER!!! (Score 1, Funny) 97 97

We have them Mexicans INVADING America. We have to secure the border and keep them out. They are diluting our culture and they don't want to learn English and they are bringing ebola and they are bringing measles because they don't have vaccination. It's the downfall of America. SECURE THE BORDER NOW!!!

Comment: Re:YANIH (Score 2) 166 166

The constant whining about NIH in open source/free software is a bullhshit red herring. It is an attempt to legitimize one's hatred for the entity that is trying to create something new that suits their own needs. Not every damn upstream project is going to accept your patches to change the direction from where upstream want's to go. And the guys are notorious for telling downstream submitters to go fuck off and WONT_FIX. So your argument is a total straw man argument and lacks credibility in the face of reality.

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