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Comment Put it in the library (Score 2) 44

NO language needs a garbage collector, though an option to use one selectively would be nice.

Let's split the difference and say a language needs a garbage collector in its standard library that a programmer can choose to enable. C++ calls its reference-counting garbage collector std::shared_ptr.

Comment Even if the sky is falling down (Score 1) 102

well... when the sky falls, then chickenlittle should worry

In this model, I've spotted the pieces of camouflage that the aliens are assembling.

my sources in the security community get those new adserver names as the pop up easily too.

Not if they're like a328bc97.someadnetwork.example. Even eight hex digits would require four billion lines in a hosts file.

Comment Re:Ads from yahoo has a bad rep. (Score 1) 313

You come off as an entitled dick with a huge case of unwarranted self importance.

Why? Because I realize that's not how things work and, as a result, avoid putting myself in situations where I might be liable for the misdeeds of others? You see, an entitled dick would go ahead and put himself in that position, then throw a bitch fit when things didn't go his way; again, I simply avoid the situation altogether rather than making unreasonable demands. My previous post is an example of such an unreasonable demand, with the explanation that I avoid putting myself in a position to make said demand by not using the service. Furthermore, an individual with a huge case of unwarranted self importance might be inclined to reply to a post on a public forum, somewhere like Slashdot for example, without reading the entire thing first; this often leads them to take what they have read entirely out of context and say something foolish, as you're done here. Your only saving grace, in that regard, is that you posted anonymously and didn't sign your message, while someone with aforementioned huge case of unwarranted self importance would do at least one of those things.

Comment Re:When to stop? (Score 1) 337

I slowly started to install some Ubuntu (for ease of use) on my parents' computers, and that fits most of the requirements they have: internet, flash games, video, music.

After you have defenestrated a PC in this manner, how do you handle it when someone asks for help getting suspend to work again? "I closed the lid and opened it again, and now it's stuck on a black screen."

Comment Screen peeking (Score 1) 211

That's right, we watch them ... TV, movies, maybe video games.

I don't want my big TV replaced with anything which is "cleverly redistributed to smaller screens".

So do you want to make it that much easier to give away your position in a first-person shooter to your screen-peeking competitors?

Comment HDMI switch (Score 2) 211

Paradoxically, if you want a reasonable number of HDMI ports (so you can attach your own devices) you have to get a smart TV.

Or a dumb TV and an external HDMI switch. You need an external switch anyway if you have a lot of legacy devices with composite, S-Video, or component outputs, such as retro video game consoles or a VHS player for those movies that haven't yet been rereleased on Blu-ray.

Comment Re:Streaming video (Score 1) 211

The mouse and keyboard are far superior as controls [to what is available for a console]

I wouldn't be so sure. Though a lot of PS3 and PS4 games support a USB mouse and keyboard, an analog joystick offers finer control of movement speed and direction than WASD, which are equivalent to the 8-way directional pad that's been around since the NES. And what do players 2 through 4 use, especially in games where sharing doesn't mean splitting?

and the processor speed and graphics are superior to any console.

But at what cost? Say you want to build a gaming PC so that it can be used in the living room while someone else in the household is using the PC at the computer desk. Can you build a PS4-equivalent second PC for $400?

But one thing I'll grant to PC gaming is mods.

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