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Comment Re: Debian Spiral (Score 1) 203

Mission creep. Your init system now has a logon shell, and handles DHCPD tasks. Why is init handling logons and dhcpds?

Neither of those things are true, which is a bad place to start your argument. It shows that you don't understand systemd, at all.

systemd added a command in which to start a new shell instance, using the same shell as before, while creating a new environment for it. It did not add a new shell.

systemd is also building new network configuration client components, not server components. If they can do a better job than NetworkManager, it'll replace that project. Right now, it hasn't.

Binary log files (PUKE)

The old logs are still available. The new ones allow administrators to check the status of a process and view logs and stdout/stderr from that process. This is a significant improvement.

Extremely poor documentation

systemd has some of the best, or at least the most complete documentation among any system component I can name.

And then when you ask a fan of it why they like it, the response is "My system boots faster."

Ask an administrator rather than an end user. Or ask a developer. If you're getting "my system boots faster" as an answer, then you're clearly asking the wrong people.

Systemd has very good documentation, unit files are very clear and concise, it actually makes use of Linux features which were not widely used beforehand (cgroups). There are lots of reasons to believe that systemd is good software.

Submission + - There is No .bro in Brotli: Google/Mozilla Engineers Nix File Type as Offensive

theodp writes: Several weeks ago, Google launched Brotli, a new open source compression algorithm for the web. Since then, controversy broke out over the choice of 'bro' as the content encoding type. "We are hoping to establish a file ending .bro for brotli compressed files, a command line tool 'bro' for compressing and uncompressing brotli files, and a accept/content encoding type 'bro'," explained Google software engineer Jyrki Alakuijala. "Can I talk you out of it?," replied Mozilla SW engineer Patrick McManus. "'bro' has a gender problem, even though the dual meaning is unintentional. It comes of[f] misogynistic and unprofessional due to the world it lives in." Despite some pushback from commenters, a GitHub commit made by Google's Zoltan Szabadka shows that there will be no '.bro' in Brotli. "I have asked a feminist friend from the North American culture-sphere, and she advised against bro," explained Alakuijala. "We have found a compromise that satisfies us, so we don't need to discuss this further. Even if we don't understand why people are upset from our cultural standpoint, they would be (unnecessarily) upset and this is enough reason not to use it."

Comment Re:Replace laptop when it stops working (Score 1) 225

the 10 inch 2-in-1s such as ASUS Transformer Book don't seem to work well with any X11/Linux distribution that I'm aware of.

have you looked at some modern PC tablets?

Perhaps I misunderstand what you mean by "modern". I looked at the ASUS Transformer Book, and all sorts of things are broken in Linux.

and yes you can put Linux on it.

Do Wi-Fi and suspend work? They do on my current machine, and I want them to work on any replacement once my current machine suffers inevitable hardware failure. I haven't seen one web browser whose capability to restore the previous session after a PC restart includes the content, not just the URL, of web pages open in tabs.

Comment To me, "working" includes suspend (Score 1) 225

From the linked article by David Elner about dual-booting Ubuntu on a Surface Pro 3: "Sleeping the system while running Ubuntu does not work. (Instantly wakes up.)" In a Disqus comment to that article, Emre Erenoglu called lack of suspend a "deal breaker." It is also a deal breaker for me. I want my session to be restored when I come back to the machine after having taken my seat on the bus, and I want pages open in tabs in the web browser to still be open and loaded even if I have no network connection. Shutting down in a desktop environment that supports session restoration and starting the computer once I have taken my seat is not a substitute, even if it is faster on SSD than on an HDD, because tabs open in the web browser reload to "Problem opening page: You are offline". The buses in my city do not provide Wi-Fi to riders. Has suspend on the Surface Pro 3 improved since December 2014 when the article was published?

Comment Re:Not all of these are in one's control (Score 1) 204

In particular, what to do if you become the victim of an accident, crime or natural disaster is beyond the scope of my previous post.

All I wanted to do is to give a few tips on how not to fall on the debt trap by yourself, things that are within your reach.

Thanks for the initial tips. They sound a lot like what Dave Ramsey recommends, and someone who doesn't already listen to Dave Ramsey's show could learn something. But as of right now, the largest cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States is health care costs and lost wages due to serious health problems.

Comment Are laptops "desktop" or "mobile"? (Score 1) 225

And what is the market for mod making pc's? Hundreds of millions potential mod makers?

It's not only the thousands of mod makers but also many millions of mod users. Unlike PCs, locked down platforms such as iOS and video game consoles have cryptographic mechanisms to prevent the owner of a machine from installing and using mods created by other dedicated amateurs.

A desktop is slowly becoming a niche product, and in a market of niche products the race to the bottom doesn't exist. Those who really need a desktop spend money for good quality and support.

In this respect, is a laptop "desktop" or "mobile"? It's battery-powered like a mobile device, but it runs desktop applications on a desktop operating system. And a lot of these desktop applications are used by millions of university students on millions of laptops. For example, good luck finishing "Intro to programming and problem solving with C++14" on an iPad.

Comment Replace laptop when it stops working (Score 1) 225

It's like, when toasters first came out, everyone had to have one, and growth was steep. But now, everyone already has a toaster, and we only replace them when they stop working.

But in this market, even replacements can often be hard to find. I have a 10 inch Dell laptop running Xubuntu that I use to work on hobby coding projects while riding public transit to and from my day job. But since December 2012, it's hard to find a 10 inch laptop. With what should I replace it once it stops working? I looked around, and unfortunately, the 10 inch 2-in-1s such as ASUS Transformer Book don't seem to work well with any X11/Linux distribution that I'm aware of.

Comment But on which side are college students? (Score 1) 225

content creators and content consumers

The use of the loaded terms "content", "consumer", and "creator" is slightly confusing. I prefer "users who create works" ("authors") for short and "users who view works created by others" ("viewers" for short). But terminology aside:

So these two [author and viewer] camps want very different things, and we're seeing the start of a market split into those camps. It is inevitable that when the PC market falls down below a point, economies of scale won't be there and the prices will rise

At first, I sort of agreed with your core sentiment that the economies of scale for devices for creating works may evaporate as walled garden mobile devices continue to gain popularity among pure viewers. But there will still be a need for devices on which university students can prepare homework, and a locked-down walled-garden device such as an iPad isn't quite ideal for a freshman computer science course. On the one hand, this means that at least university students will form a market for PCs. On the other hand, it could justify overcharging for PCs the way publishers overcharge for textbooks.

Slashdot users' opinion on this issue appears split. Some users, such as betterunixthanunix and one Anonymous Coward, think children will be harmed by lack of access to devices designed for creating works. Others, such as geekoid and another Anonymous Coward, think used laptops and Raspberry Pi single-board computers ought to be enough for anyone.

Comment Visual Studio RT? No. (Score 1) 152

And Microsoft has an ARM version of the NT Kernel. The problem is never the OS, its the fact that the software for x86 can't run on ARM

And apparently nobody has ever ported a compiler to the ARM platform?

It appears that it's harder than it looks. Even Microsoft never got around to porting Visual Studio to Windows RT, an operating system based on NT for ARM architecture. And the legacy APIs on which free compilers such as MinGW (GCC for Windows) rely are restricted on Windows RT. There isn't even a concept of "current working directory", for cricket's sake.

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