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Comment: Re:I Don't Understand (Score 1) 233

And leave out all the thrill and excitement, the sense of purpose & team spirit, bonding etc ? Nah.

Climbing up 3-4 floors from the side of a building and surreptitiously solving and providing answers to your best pal while hiding from teachers, cops etc. balanced on a tiny ledge. Who wouldn't want to do that during their teenage years ?

Comment: Re:Yes meanwhile.. (Score 3, Interesting) 167

by (#48986755) Attached to: Google Quietly Unveils Android 5.1 Lollipop

Ya, N7 2012 is completely unusable with Lollipop.

But you can download any F2FS (filesystem) Lollipop ROM and it'll be fine again. For some reason F2FS is amazingly fast, at least on N7 2012.

I settled for a ROM called slimkat or something (see here: ).

But even otherwise, on newer devices like N5 etc where its quite fast, Lollipop seems to be a mishmash of fisher price colors, too much wasted white space etc. Windows ME is an apt comparison. Though they may have been aiming for iOS 8.

Comment: How ? It doesn't have 3G / WiFi. Needs a router... (Score 3, Interesting) 47

by (#48553117) Attached to: Bluetooth Gains Direct Internet Access, Security Enhancements

How exactly does it connect "directly to the internet" ? It doesn't have 3G/WiFi capability.

All I can see is that a BT 4.2 device can connect to an 'internet connected' router / phone which also supports this BT 4.2 profile (similar to PAN in BT3 with which we could do an internet tether or file share etc).

How is this "directly connected to the internet" when it is using a router to access the net. And all BT4 devices connected to smartphones are anyway getting data to/fro from the internet - like uploading your running data to a website etc.

Anyone with a better understanding care to explain ?

Comment: Re:Happy to see it - Gonna sue for $ 14 Trillion.. (Score 1) 149

by (#46906755) Attached to: Pirate Bay Sports-Content Uploader Faces $32m Lawsuit

Yeah, Right. And I am gonna sue people providing free drinking water for $ 14 Trillion. Otherwise all the world's 8 Billion people would have bought my lemonade for $1 per bottle, 5 times everyday.
Plus my costs for launching this MMSS (massively multi lawyer silly suit).

Comment: Re:Did Fluke request this? (Score 1) 653

by (#46531213) Attached to: $30K Worth of Multimeters Must Be Destroyed Because They're Yellow

Well, from those 2 images I can see nothing similar.
Sparkfun's has an entirely different shape than Fluke's. It is slimmer in the center and much wider at one end while Fluke's the same width.
It has very large print on the 3 terminal ports, while Fluke's has only 3 ports with smaller print.
It doesn't have a row of buttons near the top like Fluke's does.
The selector knob is entirely different.

There's no way you can be confused if you see it from a few feet.
Obviously, if you see from 20 feet you are just going to see yellow blobs.
Just because two products are Yellow doesn't mean squat.
In fact, I have never seen a multimeter which is not Yellow Or Black.
US Customs is a pathetic Joke. Just like most other country's customs departments.

Few years back I had purchased an arm laptop (efika smartbook) from a EU company called Genesi.
I was happy when it arrived at my home without any customs duties.
I found it had a manufacturing defect and Genesi sent me a replacement.
This one got stuck in customs for 1 month and I had to go there thrice and payoff random fees & duties.
All because it was correctly mentioned that it is a replacement and price is $0.

Comment: Re:Haha fail (Score 1) 118

by (#45108277) Attached to: BlackBerry Founders May Try To Take Over the Company

I agree that on Launch there were a lot of key apps missing and that was clearly BB/RIM's fault - they should have done more before launch. But currently all apps are available, and you can install almost all Android apps anyway if you have an app fetish.

Really, I use maybe 20 apps and not more than 5-6 ones regularly. Though i admit i do have around 80 installed ! Just in case I need them someday. As regards what is so awesome about BB - you don't know what you are missing. It's like asking someone to write done the advantages of a certain good vintage wine over one of the cheap ones !

Let me just say that I am a gadget freak and pretty much have a whole arsenal of Apple/Samsung/Nexus devices and even a Nokia Lumia. But every time I try to use any one of them I just can't get over the lack of gestures. My thumb just swipes up to wake up any device before realizing I need to push a button.

Then I miss swiping to peek at the message Hub to see all my messages in one place which you can peek without going out of the app you are using. I miss the flawless UI performance which never freezes even for a micro second. You can swipe through 8 pages of app icons in a quarter second and you will see all of them fly by. Do that on Android or iOS and you see the minute difference. And this is when there is actually No way to move through the pages so quickly in ios/android. you have to move one page by one page.

Then let's look at security. Which OS has never been rooted or jailbroken. Ever. Only 1 answer. BB10. (Previous BBs had a workaround of loading a really OS version and then running the various hacktools to get access to some things. Not in BB10 inspite of all efforts.) I am still trying to at least get to Root the Android Runtime in BB10 but no progress or hope yet. You can load the worst of the apps but it never ever crashes the OS. you swipe up diagonally and it goes into its own small window which you can kill.

That reminds me, switching between apps - running apps, not frozen ones like iOS or just screenshots of last few apps in Android - is very nifty in BB10. In iOS 7 I understand it is almost similar. The overall match of H/W & S/W is so good on the Z10 that you never need to look at your hardware specs or run task killers or system monitors. I don't even remember the clock speed/cores/RAM on my Z10. But I can rattle off those for any android device i have. Not so much a problem with iOS though.

There is no issue of "No SD Card" "Non Removable Battery" either in Z10 (though Z30 does have a non removable battery). So overall this is one phone where I don't miss anything which would usually push me to try some other device.

Off course, with BB now going down, i will need to shift to some other device in a year or two. Depends on how long Z10 lasts. To be frank it won't last as long as an iphone i admit. Apple devices do have exceptional longevity and really good resale values even after a few years.

Anyway, that my 2c. Your views may differ. I am just trying to tell you it WAS a great product which is going down. But all features will probably be picked up by iOS and Android or any new entrant (dare I say Ubuntu Phone). Already the youtube and facebook apps for android have a few nice swipe left/right gestures which are good and useful.

Comment: Re:Haha fail (Score 1) 118

by (#45102689) Attached to: BlackBerry Founders May Try To Take Over the Company

Let me be blunt here - all these trolls saying BB10 is not good enough - have never really used it. Probably just played with it for a minute in the store or saw someone using it.

ANYONE who has used a BB Z10 for at least a few days as their main phone - will never EVER find iOS / Android / WP good enough. It is in a class of its own. And yes, Apple as well as Android are copying some of BB10 features.

It is true that BB is going down and their management was too slow to launch the new OS & devices. But the people who designed & developed BB10 are truly some of the best.

Comment: Re:The Internet of Things? (Score 1) 177

by (#45088589) Attached to: Nest Protect: Trojan Horse For 'The Internet of Things'?
Doesn't work with either 3G or EVDO. But you can do a VPN between the two 3G connected devices.

It would have been SO convenient for one of my projects if we could do DUN. Finally we settled for sending small data by SMS (for triggering certain actions) and larger data by VPN between 2 3G connected devices. I could never figure out why it shouldn't work for DUN when the landline phones works fine for DUN

You can search on Asterisk & Gammu/Wammu forums though, there are certain models of cell phones (old nokia 2G handsets mostly) or usb /pcmcia dongles which have the capability and are being used for some PBX type of projects

Comment: Re:It is going to take a while until some science (Score 1) 98

by (#45023163) Attached to: Team of Dentists Create "The Six-Second Toothbrush"
Now that's what I call "insightful" ! My Electric Shaver takes just a little less time than my manual Gillette 3 blade razor and then a full 15 Minutes to clean (I clean once every 3 days though, but still it's a big pain to open the 'foil' system and then use the brush to remove stuck hair bits from both sides of each of the 10-20 blades)

I never cheated an honest man, only rascals. They wanted something for nothing. I gave them nothing for something. -- Joseph "Yellow Kid" Weil