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Submission + - Dmitry Agarkov does to Bank what Banks do to us ! writes: Dmitry Agarkov, a 42-year-old Russian man, who received an unsolicited credit card offer from online bank Tinkoff Credit Systems, scanned the document, wrote in his own terms and sent it back.

The bank approved it without reading the amended text, thereby agreeing to things like: 0% Interest, Unlimited credit, Zero Fees, PLUS Steep Fines for Cancelling or Changing the contract !

After using the card for 2 years, the bank cancelled it and sued Agarkov for $1363, but a court ruled that, because of the no-fee, no-interest stipulation Agarkov had written in, he owed only his unpaid $575 balance.

Agarkov is now suing the bank for $727,000 for not honouring the contract's terms !

[Sources: here and here ]

Submission + - Indian SC bans Lie detector, Narco, Brain tests ( 1 writes: "The Supreme Court of India has ruled that forcing someone to go through brain-mapping, narco-analysis or lie detector tests is unconstitutional because "it is an unwarranted intrusion on the individual's rights."
There are no exceptions, even for terrorists. Unless the Government brings in some new legislation.
The court said that even though there may be apprehensions that hardened criminals & terrorists would benefit from this ruling, it does not deter the highest constitutional court of the country from protecting the rights guaranteed to safeguard the interests of the citizens in their interaction with the government.
Times of India Link, NDTV India Link ."

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