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PlayStation (Games)

+ - PS3 Price Drop->

Submitted by coop247
coop247 (974899) writes "Sony has announced a 40gig PS3 for $400 in the U.S. So between the price drop and the release of several good games around the same time, will the PS3 finally get some love. If you already own one, I recommend checking out Everyday Shooter on the PSN, easily the best game $10 can buy.
The new version of the PS3 will come with a 40-gigabyte hard drive, cost $400, and go on sale on November 2...The price of the 80-gigabyte version will be cut to $500 from $600."

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+ - Indian made car running on compressed air is ready

Submitted by
Gary writes "The first commercial car to be powered by compressed air could be about to hit the production lines, as Indian automaker Tata Motors prepares to build ex-Formula One engineer Guy Nègre's design. The City Cat runs on nothing but compressed air — which can be refueled at "air stations," and overnight using a built-in compressor, it has a top speed of 68 mph and a range of 125 miles. The Air Car designers are working on a hybrid version that can compress air while it's operating, potentially making cross-India journeys possible."
Desktops (Apple)

+ - What happaned to the clones?

Submitted by Noishe
Noishe (829350) writes "We all know about running windows on a Macintosh with bootcamp, but what about running MacOS on an intel machine?

Apple computers are using standard harddrives, video cards, ram, and CPU's.

Does anyone have any experience with getting OSX up and running on an otherwise normal PC? Why haven't motherboard manufacturors introduced clone boards just like they did in the 80's for pc's?"

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