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Comment Stupid article (Score 1) 352

Selecting between guake / yakuake / konsole / gnome-terminal is pretty pointless.
if you like a "slide up from top" terminal it does not really matter if guake or yakuake.
If you want something kde-based or gnome-based, the libraries of yakuake / konsole and guake / gnome-terminal are the same.
Others like mrxvt, urxvt are completely missing.

Comment Bullshit (Score 1) 208


Look at his "get_repeat_number" example.
He claims it to be O(n). But it's of course O(n log(n)), as the log(n) is both in the add as in the contains operation of the set. (if implemented efficiently).

When i am allowed to just assume every builtin runs in O(1), i propably could solve some NP-hard problems in reasonable time as well.

Comment Re:Local! (Score 1) 74

That doesn't matter as much as you may think.

Of course, the people are having a copy of my mails. But when somebody searches my mails at my provider, they have everything concerning me. When they need to search the recipient/sender mailboxes, they have to search hundreds of mailboxes. And they need to know, whom to search. Without a copy of the mail in my mailbox or addressbook (online) its hard to know.

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