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Comment: Forget Android (Score 1) 107 107

Mobile platforms are inherent insecure. Not only the OS is not designed to be secure (against what you're fearing), the manufacturers are not your friend (you already said "hello google"), but the apps are per default spyware as well. if you have installed a security framework, you will know, that 9/10 apps access data they do not need to function as very first action after being installed. Stuff like calendar, contacts, call log, android serial, active/installed apps ...
So on a mobile device almost everything is your enemy. you do not want to access sensible data there.

Comment: Re:Oh, for fuck's sake... (Score 1) 490 490

the point of the poster before you is: most propably your girl/boy will like this stuff. YOU may think you want to press her/him into another role, but the toy manufacturers do not care about "wanted" roles, but about stuff that will be liked and bought. So the selection of items in the store is quite a mirror of the demand.
Maybe your little girl/boy does not like it, but there is a big propability (s)he will, if you ask her/him.

(Sorry for gendering the whole post, but here it seems apropritate)

Comment: People are different (Score 1) 490 490

You may discuss, if you really need to get people into something, they would not consider themselfes. If you want them to try it anyway, it's a good idea to make it somehow compatible to their current interests. So if you discard the "girl focused" toys, you will not reach the girly girls (while the tomboys will use the boy tech-toys anyway). So there is some purpose in it. If they will stay longer than needed for seeing "okay, it starts girly, but then it gets seriously STEM, which is not my beer" is another question. The tech women i know have no problem to use standard tech without womenizing it first.

Comment: Re:Facebook ignorance. (Score 1) 289 289

tells us anonmous coward.

seriously, there are a lot of idiots on facebook posting with their realname. more idiots than the pseudonymous users of some other websites.
"real" identity is NOT a reason not to post something.

and it's a basic right to be anonymous.

In germany every service MUST provide the option to use it pseudonymously, if there are no real reasons against it (like a shop may ask for your real address).
This holds for facebook as well ... facebook just does not care about it.

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