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Comment: it will not work that way (Score 1) 267

by allo (#47698529) Attached to: Are Altcoins Undermining Bitcoin's Credibility?

sounds like he has a lot of bitcoins, so he wants to preserve their status.

Altcoins are having success, even parody ones. Why? Because *coins are a ponzi scheme. Who comes first, gets more for less.
Yeah, creators ARE premining. But nevertheless, the first users can do cheap mining as well, paid by the users who are joining later. Because of this effect you cannot tell people to boycott altcoins, when they have the opportunity to make a lot more money there than with bitcoin.

So maybe there will not be mined more and more bitcoins, but for every coin-currency which is "used up", there will come a successor, which can be mined from start. So its a meta-coin, which does not work by hashing more and more transactions, but by creating new currencies, which will replace the old ones.

Comment: Read only the comments (Score 1) 298

by allo (#47681073) Attached to: Writer: Internet Comments Belong On Personal Blogs, Not News Sites

On News sites with good comment systems, the comments add the real value.

- reddit: Comments are dull, because everyone wants to be funny
- Slashdot: Comments are often better than the article, some are just funny, others insightful and interesting.
- Heise: Best* comment system, good threaded discussions, which add value even to the often very good articles.

* look at the news forums. Some other Forums, like telepolisblogs, techreview, mac&i, ... are migrated to new forums, which are worse. If they really migrate all forums, their comments will decline, too.

Comment: Bullshit (Score 1) 316

by allo (#47613381) Attached to: Verizon Throttles Data To "Provide Incentive To Limit Usage"

Think of all the wasted data, greenpeace will hate you!

Seriously. If its such a small percentage, which needs huge amount of data, they can provide it to them. There are a lot of people with unlimited data, who check their mail once a day. So the money is okay on average. Thats the whole idea of flatrates.

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