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Comment Emojis got useless (Score 1) 264

Idea: Encode Smileys in Text
Realization: Display an image instead of rendering a glyph.
Okay. Like different fonts, now everybody can have different smileys, but with a standard for codepoints. no questions anymore, if :) is a smiley or only :-) is one.
Now different vendors implemented the smileys in totally different ways (apple rendering a yellow heart (btw. WTF), android a hairy heart (even more WTF)).
Next: The big apps like whatsapp bringt their own (or a apple clone) set of emojis.
So we can get back to application specific smileys with :smile: or a simliar encoding. This will remove the need for complicated unicode handling (did you read the section about composing i.e. colors and smileys?). And while we're at this: Why does a smily need a skin color? Smileys are yellow.

Comment Eat your own dogfood (Score 1) 112

Its the "eat your own dogfood", what helps.

A person has a problem, solves it with code and shares his program. He improves on the program, as he uses it and needs it, others benefit, too. He will be way more efficient and his product way more useful, than a hand full of programmiers, with some unclear specification, which needs to be worked on to check bulletpoints on a TODO list. They will do what they are told to, while he will do what he needs for his program to work fine. And if he sees that some idea won't work out, he will find another solution, instead of pushing hard until the TODO list item is finished, even when the feature will be useless.

"More software projects have gone awry for lack of calendar time than for all other causes combined." -- Fred Brooks, Jr., _The Mythical Man Month_