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Comment Commercial-grade copiers will always exist (Score 1) 101

Even if (hypothetically) the industry got a lockdown on all TVs and recording devices so the only devices that could display or record video had to obey the industries rules, you would STILL have the "analog hole."

It's technically possible (but not cheap) to make a sensor as big as a TV that has enough resolution to record every TV pixel faster than the pixel is changing.

Add a little computing power to take care of "bleed over" from neighboring pixels and a well-endowed copy-shop could make a full-resolution copy of anything that can be displayed on their TV or monitor.

Once a copy of a high-demand film is made and distributed to more than a few customers, it will leak to the free-as-in-beer (read: no more revenue for the pirates who funded the initial copying) places on the intertubes.

The best way for the industry to deter that level of well-funded piracy is to make everything available for home viewing worldwide at the same time, and in all formats that consumers want at the same time, and at a price that consumers can reasonably afford. Some publishers are already doing this. Doing this will dry up the piracy market for those who can't get titles in the formats they want when they want it.

Yes, there will still be piracy by those too cheap to pay reasonable prices for content, and there will be piracy by those who have copies of stuff just for the sake of having copies of stuff but probably won't ever watch it, but those groups aren't the ones that would be buying the videos on the open market in the first place, so the industry won't be losing much revenue.

Comment Re: Since all money is fiat, why have taxes at all (Score 1) 166

So, you shouldn't mind giving all of that worthless paper/coins/bank-ledger entries you have to the IRS?

Seriosly though, fiat currencies and coins do have intrinsic value. Well, as much value as and any similar-sized/shaped object make of the same materials. Bank-ledger-entries, not so much.

Pre-1982 copper US pennies have a metal value higher than face value. Ditto pre-1964 silver coins and late-1960s half dollars, and pre-WWII gold coins. I admit I am "cheating" with the gold and silver, as part of their value is because people treat them as "money." Copper on the other hand is values for its intrinsic properties, not as a store of value.

Comment Re:Comcast offices built like fortresses (Score 1) 159

I'll bite: me. They take great care of me. I've got a gigabit ethernet circuit running a thousand miles or so (Knoxville to Houston) that never even hiccups. My 150/20 HFC circuit has seen maybe 30 hours of downtime over the last five years. Pricing on both is quite good (I actually couldn't believe the price on the gigabit circuit).

Their project management does leave a little to be desired (I was VERY frustrated with the PM on the gigabit circuit install---her communication skills were lacking, and she seemed to have no concept of deadlines) but the pre-sales guys (both sales and engineering) do a hell of a job, as do the field guys, and the back end guys I talk to.

Comment Re:Comcast offices built like fortresses (Score 1) 159

It adds up quick. If 100 people paid their bill in an average day, and the average bill is $100, that's $10k. Some people are past due, some have higher bills, and some offices do more business than that, so...

With regard to more security than a bank, I believe it. You rob a bank, the feds get involved. You rob the cable company, it's like robbing a liquor store. Take a look at the average check cashing place some day.

Submission + - Security Firm Norse Corp. Imploding (krebsonsecurity.com)

kalpol writes: Norse Corp. fired its chief executive officer this week amid a major shakeup that could spell the end of the company. The move comes just weeks after the company laid off almost 30 percent of its staff. Sources say the company’s investors have told remaining employees that they can show up for work on Monday but that there is no guarantee they will get paid if they do.

Comment Re:Butterfly Ballot not Supreme Court decided 2000 (Score 1) 634

Oooo, a tone troll, how original. What's the real problem: that people are fed up with zombie lies, or that people keep repeating them now matter how many times they are debunked. Remember Republicans spending years blaming Clinton for Waco and Ruby Ridge, when the former happened five weeks into his presidency, and the latter happened before Clinton was elected, much less took office?

Sorry for not addressing the above. I do remember that. People are idiots, and most of them simply stop responding when you point out that the first Bush was president during Ruby Ridge. I'll disagree with your blowing off of Waco, though--as Harry Truman said, "the buck stops here." Saying "Clinton was only in office for five weeks" is like saying "Bush was only in office for 8 months before 9/11." The failures happened on their watch, blaming the last guy is just blame shifting.

I am one of those people who is extremely irritated by inaccuracy in arguments, regardless of the side I happen to be in favor of. I cannot tell you how often I point out to fellow advocates of the 2nd amendment just how much damage they are doing when they make shit up. Facts are usually fairly easy to check, and arguing from a false position makes it easy to dismiss you completely from a rational conversation.

Comment Re:Butterfly Ballot not Supreme Court decided 2000 (Score 1) 634

You mistake me. I am not trolling, nor do I care about the argument you are having with everyone else in this thread. One guy posted data, you did not. You have, in the post above, followed up with data, which makes your argument at least worth considering. I will note, however, that it refers to ballots where people either voted twice, or ballots where people did not actually punch the candidate and instead left a slight impression, rather than what most of us would think of when the word "recount" is used.

I will leave it to the people you are arguing with to decide if the evidence moves them, but I am reasonably certain it will not (to be fair, I'm pretty sure if you had voice recordings of Justice Scalia saying, "Dude, we totally stole that election," you wouldn't convince them. I am equally certain, though, that no amount of evidence will convince you that you are wrong, either).

Comment Re:Butterfly Ballot not Supreme Court decided 2000 (Score 1) 634

AC posted actual data above. I can't state with any authority that this data is accurate, but it shows multiple scenarios, under which EITHER candidate may have won. You're throwing around insults and screaming without anything to back you up other than a hand wave toward "press reports" that state your candidate wins under any circumstances.

This is now how you win an argument. This is, in fact, how you compromise the point you are arguing in favor of.

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