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Comment: Re:Start Button ? (Score 2) 210

by advocate_one (#47890291) Attached to: Turning the Tables On "Phone Tech Support" Scammers
they were asking me what label was on the key next to the bottom left corner...

it may be a windows key on my keyboard... but it doesn't bring up anything when I hold it down and press 'r'... that throws them... they get quite angry as I keep telling them that nothing happens and there is no start menu either on the screen, just a stylised bird... and that when I do click that icon I don't see a control panel choice...

Running Lubuntu LTS with LXDE...

Comment: Re:https is useless (Score 1) 166

by advocate_one (#47684623) Attached to: Watch a Cat Video, Get Hacked: the Death of Clear-Text
"browser vendors will revoke their roots."

Oh come on who are these "browser vendors"? Microsoft (definitely in the NSA's pocket), Apple, yup owned... Google? definitely owned as well... Mozilla? one is also left wondering about them as well... Opera?

at least with Firefox, we have source code...

Comment: Re:Garbage In (Score 2) 231

by advocate_one (#47412951) Attached to: Avast Buys 20 Used Phones, Recovers 40,000 Deleted Photos
correct, if it's part of the manufacturer's feature set, then it's not possible to remove it, BUT, you can disable it after having removed all updates to it. Had to do that with my Sony Xperia... came with facebook and other social media rubbish... Some could be deleted, but the rest had to be disabled from starting up but still take up space.

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