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Comment: Re:Pilot priorities during an emergency (Score 1) 208

Calling Mayday properly requires selecting the Guard frequency to transmit on. Everybody normally flies commercial and military aircraft with the guard receiver selected so anybody around will hear the shout... and perform relay duties if required. But to make a proper Mayday call requires actually selecting the emergency frequency on the radio to transmit on. Some aircraft also allow the pilot to set the Crash Position Indicator transmitter going as well in advance of the crash so the satellite systems can pick it up and triangulate on them...

Comment: Re:Armegeddon for indigenous marine life. (Score 1) 197

by advocate_one (#49169661) Attached to: World's First Lagoon Power Plants Unveiled In UK
these will seriously fsck up the Severn Estuary ecosystem not to mention destroy the Severn Bore... and massively increase flood risk on the Gloucestershire flood plain... don't want another event like back in 2007 where we came within inches of the flood topping over the hastily constructed defences at the power distribution centre and killing power to most of Gloucestershire...

Comment: Re:Um, they just want to use Netflix. It adds valu (Score 1) 121

by advocate_one (#48734821) Attached to: Netflix Begins Blocking Users Who Bypass Region Locks

We live in a very strange world when "piracy" has gone from "armed crews of criminal specialists seizing tonnage shipments of goods on the high seas with cannon and sword" to "a regular schmo paying the regular price to use a regular product in the regular way in his regular living room."

the signs of the rot were there when they went after DVD Jon for having the audacity to provide a work around so that he could watch DVD's he'd legally bought on his own personal computer that just didn't have their blessing as it was running Linux...

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