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Comment Re:"Right-of-Way" Misused. (Score 1) 278

The California Vehicle Code requires that all automobile drivers YIELD to pedestrians in the road, but as pedestrians do not have a permanent right-of-way, they can still be cited for jaywalking.

Ah yes, 'jaywalking' a crime invented by the motoring industry and heavily lobbied for to put the blame for the carnage onto the pedestrians and not the new-fangled motor cars that were charging around the roads.

How the motoring industry invented jaywalking

Comment Re:Have an awareness raising conversation (Score 1) 278

For example, if a pedestrian steps off the curb right into my bumper against a red light, while I have the green, I can run their ass over and have no liability whatsoever. Their death in that case, tragic though it may be, is their own stupid fault.

Bollocks... your green light does NOT give you carte blanche to wipe said pedestrian out... 'oh it's OK, it was my green...'

You as a driver, have a responsibility to others when operating your machine in the public space...

Comment Re:Why would anyone do that? (Score 1) 174

Every day I need to cancel the scheduled update to my phone. It pisses me off. I don't want it. But evey morning I need to stop it from happening or I'm going to get it anyway. And if I accidentally hit the wrong button in a waking up fog, I'm screwed.

what da phuk???scheduled phone update? Nah, just turn the bloody thing off... turn off 'allow automatic downloads' - that's the option in my Sony Xperia and it's unchecked by default...

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