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Comment: Re:Ok then... (Score 1) 135

by LWATCDR (#49195703) Attached to: How Activists Tried To Destroy GPS With Axes

" Seriously, prove them wrong "
And you are a Russian spy that is under deep cover planing the overthrow the US government and enslave all of us.
Seriously prove me wrong...

See the problem. You can not in any way prove me wrong but the idea is very crazy. If you want change Russian for space alien to push it a little farther into crazy.

When you take a violent action and justify with sci-fi movie you are will into the crazy range.

Comment: Re: Morale of the Story (Score 2) 215

Maybe that means that their is room for a new kickstart.
You invest and get x amount of the company per dollar.
So you put in say $100 into a "Kickstarter" and you get .01% of the company.
The venture fails and you get write it off on your taxes.
It becomes Facebook and you get to retire.

It is probably not possible because of laws and regulations which is too bad since it would be more like real venture capital.

Comment: Re:Last straw? (Score 1) 532

The for the AEW it was too small for the task using the tech the UK selected.
The MRA4 the airframes where not built to a common standard and frankly the engine location made mounting high bypass turbofans impossible.
Even the VC-10 would have been a better choice for the AEW but the UK had to keep the Comet line alive for some odd reason.
They really blew it by not buying older P-3 Orions and upgrading them. They where a newer design and used by nations around the world. The UK could have made a good bit of money upgrading P3s for other nations. Now they will go with the P-8 just as they went with the E3 for the AEW program.

Comment: Re:I never thought it was a disaster. (Score 1) 201

by LWATCDR (#49167419) Attached to: That U2 Apple Stunt Wasn't the Disaster You Might Think It Was

Ahh the cool kids speaks.
Delete it and go your merry way.

BTW popular == relevant. Does not mean great but it does mean that it is relevant to a large number of people.
I am not sure that Justin Beber is popular to as large of a segment that buys IOS devices as U2 but if so then yes the majority of people would be happy with it.
In other words... You don't like it then delete it.

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