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Comment: Re:I like the idea (Score 1) 126

by CoolMoDee (#32506272) Attached to: Restaurant Tells Diners To Eat Everything On Their Plate
In Japan, you don't take things home. Portions are also much smaller when compared with your average American portion. So, I don't think this problem would occur. Also, bear in mind that in Japan it's polite to eat every last grain of rice on your plate - out of respect for the farmers that grew it. He's merely enforcing cultural standards.

Comment: Re:Obvious (Score 1) 250

by CoolMoDee (#29105665) Attached to: iPhone 3GS Is Number One In Japan
Point taken. But mail is a basic function that everybody can use (and the interface is pretty straight forward). But what I was trying to elude to was these more advanced features the parent mentioned - Wifi Sharing, trackpad emulation, facial recognition etc.. who uses those? It seems like features just to have a checkbox rather than actual features that people actually use.

US To Require That New Cars Get 42 MPG By 2016 1186

Posted by kdawson
from the jevons-paradox dept.
Hugh Pickens writes "New cars and trucks will have to get 30 percent better mileage starting in 2016 under an Obama administration move to curb emissions tied to smog and global warming. While the 30 percent increase would be an average for both cars and light trucks, the percentage increase in cars would be much greater, rising from the current 27.5 mpg standard to 42 mpg. Environmentalists praised the move. Carl Pope, executive director of the Sierra Club, called it 'one of the most significant efforts undertaken by any president, ever, to end our addiction to oil and seriously slash our global warming emissions.' Obama's plan also would effectively end litigation between states and automakers that had opposed state-specific rules, arguing that having to meet several state standards would be much more expensive for them than just one federal rule. The Detroit News reported that automakers were on board with the new rule and had worked with the administration on creating a timeline for the transition." There's a case to be made that raising the CAFE won't save oil or reduce greenhouse gases.

Comment: eMobile in Japan (Score 1) 177

by CoolMoDee (#27769845) Attached to: Viability of Mobile Broadband For Home Use?
I've got a 7.2Mb/384kbit wireless card as my main internet connection in Japan for about $50/month. I am a very heavy user (a few GB/day down is not unusual (all legal, no bit torrent etc.) and haven't noticed any problems except for the some latency issues when using facebook or what not. Note that it is still plenty fast to stream youtube/dailyshow etc.. without any major problems. It really depends on what unlimited means and the coverage in your area. Here unlimited seems to really mean unlimited. Thus at least for me, I think switching to a 3G connection as your main/only connection to the internet is completely viable.

Comment: Re:Everyone hates congress too (Score 1) 327

by CoolMoDee (#27036685) Attached to: Japanese "Hate" For the iPhone All a Big Mistake
I guess the difference is that in Japan, all phones have had push email accounts for years. Instead of being @mobileme or @yahoo.com they are @carrier.jp and are created when you purchase your phone. Instead of being charged per message, you are charged per packet. So if you like to write very long winded messages, they will end up costing you (marginally) more. In Japan, the push problem is solved without MMS. It just takes all the carriers to cooperate with each other for the benefit of everyone. And as a Tokyoite, I thank them.

+ - CES video coverage in HD

Submitted by
Charbax writes "You didn't get to go to CES in Las Vegas this time? Then you can watch hours of coverage in HD. All the coolest gadgets are there. Including 4 extensive videos of the OLPC, demonstrated running the Pepper Linux OS implementation of Fedora Core (this is not the Sugar interface), interviews, UMPCs, Cowon's Wi-Fi connected PMP, vaccum-cleaning and mopping Robots and more."

+ - Water contest for a Wii kills

Submitted by priestx
priestx (822223) writes "A Californian woman who took part in a water-drinking contest to win a video game system has died of water intoxication, tests have shown. Jennifer Strange had taken part in the "Hold Your Wee for a Wii" game run by KDND 107.9 radio in Sacramento, which promised the winner a Nintendo Wii. A work colleague said Ms Strange had reported her head was hurting hours after the contest and was going home."

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