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Comment: Re:Will anyone exploit it? (Score -1) 82 82

Targeting OS X is tempting because of 99% of all Mac users *knows* that "Macs can't get infected" (the Apple salespeople told them so), and therefore they don't have any kind of antivirus installed.

At work, I daily deal with Mac-users who gets their mailaccounts hijacked because of infections. It takes roughly 10-20 minutes to convince them to download and run Avast or something like that, but it's worth the "oh....".

Comment: Re:Item 1 is all I need to read (Score 1) 14 14

> Europeans are jealous as to how much flying in North America is better because there is so much less burdens).

I've never heard that before. Oh wait, we're playing the "make up random nonsense"-game? I'll play!

> Europeans are jealous as to how much horseriding in Argentina is better because there is so much less burdens.

> The Japanese are jealous as to how much swimming in Somalia is better because there is so much less burdens.

> Iranians are jealous as to how much stampcollecting in Greenland is better because there is so much less burdens.

Comment: Re:Leak? (Score 1) 42 42

It's not (not for the gTLD's). People who are anonymous either uses fake information in the whois, or (more likely) doesn't actually own the domain. Which can cause some interesting situations when they want to transfer the domain, and the proxy-service that actually owns it doesn't cooperate.

Comment: Re:anything has to be better than beyond earth (Score 1) 227 227

> I took a pass on Beyond Earth because Civ V was so horrible. In fact I'm still playing Civ IV BTS over Civ V

Same here. Civ V was the last game I bought without at least downloading a cracked copy and testing it myself - it was such a huge disappointment. I still suspect the reviewers were bribed somehow, or perhaps tested the game before it got radically dumbed down, just before release?

It's not until recently that I dare buy games again, after watching reviews on youtube so I can see it for myself. I will never trust Firaxis or "professional" reviewers again.

Comment: Re:There's a solution (Score 4, Insightful) 41 41

Because it's very easy to use for people with their own domain but little tech knowledge, it has a massive amount of themes and plugins to choose from (which I admit can be a problem) and it has much less security issues than any comparable CMS.

I've worked with hosting abuse for a long time, and it's fairly rare to see a hacked WP nowadays - unless the owner of the site has turned off auto-updating. Hacked Joomla-, modX- or Drupal-sites are much more common.

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