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Comment Re:Offline, single player ... (Score 1) 224

> Cheat codes used to be part of the fun of one-player games.

For me, finding cheat "codes" was (and is) part of the fun. Figuring out that Pirates! on the Amiga stored money x10 in the save file (for example, 20 gold = $C8) was the first kind of hacking (in a very broad sense) I did, or can remember.

And I still enjoy figuring out stuff like that in modern single player games, even if it makes actually playing the game less rewarding.

Comment Re:VR Support (Score 1) 76

Perhaps not the Nethack developers themselves, but I bet somebody will do some kind of VR-version of noteye just to prove it can be done once OcR is out.

Pretty pointless from a gameplaying perspective though. A red & in ADOM (not sure if there are Balors in Nethack?) is way more scary than anything that can be done in VR or any graphical layer.

Comment Funny coincidence (Score 1) 168

My girlfriends work computer was hit with Cryptowall 4.0 today. Since the computer belongs to the university she works for, the only backup is the useless sync to the university servers that only works when it rains and there's a full moon. Also, since she's not admin on it, I couldn't install a proper backup solution or a proper AV (Microsoft Security Essentials says everything is fine after a 5 hour full scan, despite a million encrypted files and a dozen popups at startup about paying to have them unlocked).

I'll dd the HD tomorrow and see if the shadow files are of any use (if they're still there), but best bet for now is the manual backup to external HD that she's been doing every week or so.

Well, at least she might be convinced to abandon Windows.

Comment Re:DMCA vs. Human rights vs. Bill of rights (Score 1) 381

Because spineless abuse-handlers comply with DMCA-notices despite it being a foreign law, totally irrelevant in country X. It's especially hilarious when, for example, some UK company sends DMCA-requests to another EU country. When that happens I sometimes explain to the sender that neither of these countries are US states, and US laws does not apply (especially British people seems to be very confused about this)

Otherwise I just tell them politely to fuck off and come back with a court order, if it's regarding something that's actually illegal and not something random that happens to be covered by the silly DMCA (if even that).

Comment Re:Will anyone exploit it? (Score -1) 82

Targeting OS X is tempting because of 99% of all Mac users *knows* that "Macs can't get infected" (the Apple salespeople told them so), and therefore they don't have any kind of antivirus installed.

At work, I daily deal with Mac-users who gets their mailaccounts hijacked because of infections. It takes roughly 10-20 minutes to convince them to download and run Avast or something like that, but it's worth the "oh....".

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