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Comment Re:DMCA vs. Human rights vs. Bill of rights (Score 1) 381

Because spineless abuse-handlers comply with DMCA-notices despite it being a foreign law, totally irrelevant in country X. It's especially hilarious when, for example, some UK company sends DMCA-requests to another EU country. When that happens I sometimes explain to the sender that neither of these countries are US states, and US laws does not apply (especially British people seems to be very confused about this)

Otherwise I just tell them politely to fuck off and come back with a court order, if it's regarding something that's actually illegal and not something random that happens to be covered by the silly DMCA (if even that).

Comment Re:WordPress is a security problem (Score 1) 51

> I doubt many people update each and every time.

They don't have to, Wordpress updates itself by default. Most Wordpress-sites are hacked through plugins like Revslider (lots of people are still running that old version from early 2014) - usually pirated premium plugins (or themes).

Comment Re:Will anyone exploit it? (Score -1) 82

Targeting OS X is tempting because of 99% of all Mac users *knows* that "Macs can't get infected" (the Apple salespeople told them so), and therefore they don't have any kind of antivirus installed.

At work, I daily deal with Mac-users who gets their mailaccounts hijacked because of infections. It takes roughly 10-20 minutes to convince them to download and run Avast or something like that, but it's worth the "oh....".

Comment Re:Item 1 is all I need to read (Score 1) 14

> Europeans are jealous as to how much flying in North America is better because there is so much less burdens).

I've never heard that before. Oh wait, we're playing the "make up random nonsense"-game? I'll play!

> Europeans are jealous as to how much horseriding in Argentina is better because there is so much less burdens.

> The Japanese are jealous as to how much swimming in Somalia is better because there is so much less burdens.

> Iranians are jealous as to how much stampcollecting in Greenland is better because there is so much less burdens.

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