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Comment: Re:So the taxpayer pays for overage, got it (Score 1) 255

The GPA is intentionally distributed, by professors/teachers/etc., in order to fit a preconceived model. Sometimes it's a forced curve applied after the fact, and sometimes it's just in setting the tests in the first place such that the curve is expected to fall out naturally. By contrast, under pure capitalism, compensation is an emergent behaviour.

A school environment is a communist environment in this sense, or at least a socialist one ("To each according to their contribution"). To make an equivalent for capitalism, you would have to be able to exchange your GPA for goods and services that directly impacted your ability to increase your GPA. Eg. spend a 0.3 GPA points on a tutor.

If the school model for GPAs is a good model to follow for compensation, then you should have a central authority or central authorities distributing your income according to their perception of your contribution. I don't think that's the point you were trying to make.

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by Your.Master (#48246945) Attached to: Creationism Conference at Michigan State University Stirs Unease

Copernicus predates the scientific method and Galileo is contemporary with its formulation. In Copernicus' time, no "great scientific mind" had declared the world to be flat for a couple thousand years. But yes, geocentric orbital mechanics (with "epicycles") were a thing in those days.

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No, science is not required to cater to everybody else.

When a Jehovah's witness comes to my door and I politely send them away rather than inviting them in, it's not because I'm afraid that I might like the Watchtower. It's because I don't have time for that shit.

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At infinity, you should make no *additional* profit compared to a comparably-safe investment of the same amount of money to create that last unit. It's a matter of relative profit rather than absolute profit.

For instance, even in your infinitieth year of operation at steady state, if a stable government offers a bond with 1% returns, your business should also profit 1%.

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You seem to be using "selection" in two different ways. You're talking about one-off individuals, and yes, we all know that inbreeding is not good for the kid. Shavano is talking about populations over time, and implying that the ones with various homozygous negative attributes would be selected against, thus reducing the prominence of those attributes in the long run.

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While I do agree with you that livestreaming is overstated, just about everything you said in support of that seems irrelevant. People actually do watch home run derbys and golf. Although there are multiple people involved, these are in fact single player games, and you compete only in the sense of playing the same game at around the same time to compare scores. To a lesser extent, things like bowling and curling and pool also get airplay. And every Olympics, there are solo sports like gymnastics and diving and archery and (of all things) "solo synchronized swimming", as well as minimal-interaction competitions like a million variations on races (footraces, skating races, swimming races, skiing races, skiing and then sometimes shooting things races, luge...).

These things aren't as popular as football in the US, you say? Well no shit, neither is any given livestreaming game. Not the point. These things are all popular enough that they got devoted time on TV even back when TV broadcast much more limited content at any given time.

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