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Comment: Re:Lets all stop pretending (Score 2) 603

by Tanuki64 (#49697087) Attached to: A Plan On How To Stop Sexism In Science

...that it in fact about equality of outcome, regardless of merit or ability.

I have nothing against "equality of outcome", but please in all areas. Much more man than women are in prison. I demand a 50:50 ratio. Not enough women in prison? Release men. Or draw lots for woman. Who draws a bad one goes to prison. For equality. America still has the death sentence? Fine. Here also 50:50. Sometime an executed women cannot be too much to ask for real gender equality.

Comment: Re:Don't show the authors names to reviewers (Score 2) 301

I did some reviews. No names. But usually one knows from which group a paper came. People working in similar areas know each other. And giving papers to reviewers, who have no association to a certain subject at all rarely makes sense.

And.. gender studies... High probability that the sectarians tried to cash in a vaginal bonus.

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