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Comment: Re:I would think (Score 1) 379

by XO (#46799891) Attached to: OpenSSL Cleanup: Hundreds of Commits In a Week

... and in a system with a good code review system, this probably would have never happened to begin with, because once you require more than a couple of people look at it, weird mistakes like that usually get caught. at least, if they are thinking about it. Pretty much all the major code errors i've seen in peer review systems get through when people just start blindly accepting code, or only comb it for style related issues. Serious flaws like what caused Heartbleed are pretty difficult to get through multiple people that are thinking.

Comment: Re:FF4 has some pretty serious memory leaks still, (Score 1) 352

by XO (#34004842) Attached to: Firefox 4's JavaScript Now Faster Than Chrome's

wow, you don't do shit in your browsers do you? My average browser workload has Opera over 500meg commit charge, the same in Firefox is enough to get Windows to say "YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF MEMORY PLEASE KILL FIREFOX.EXE" (64-bit system, with a 4-gig swapfile and 2gigs ram .. yeah, it's a bit light on the RAM, but i'm broke right now)

Comment: Re:Needs more work (Score 1) 301

by XO (#32798002) Attached to: Opera 10.60 Released, With Faster JS, WebM Video Support

Considering that Opera is one of the biggest groups involved with the HTML5 definition, and that HTML5 as an official definition does not actually exist .. your opinion really doesn't make much sense here.

You're trying to develop things that are in total danger of being totally different by the time HTML5 is completed.

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