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Comment: Bamboo Rayon socks are awesome (Score 5, Interesting) 198

by Wraithlyn (#47089973) Attached to: Is Bamboo the Next Carbon Fibre?

My feet would always be cold and clammy after a day at work. Tried a bunch of different sock types... cotton, wool, Merino wool, synthetics, etc. Nothing helped.

Then I tried Rayon from Bamboo socks (these guys), and my god what a difference. Feet are dry and warm all day. They're the only kind I wear now.

Comment: Re: It.. can't be true! (Score 1) 49

Not that I'm aware of... you need a PC, and nVidia is pretty much the only game in town too (apparently it's possible with AMD but painful and inferior). Myself, I have it hooked up to a home theatre with 720p projector (sadly, 1080p 3d gaming is not possible yet... we need HDMI 1.4b/2 devices for the necessary bandwidth).

The interesting thing about 3D gaming is that not all games work equally well. The 3D stuff generally works fairly decently, what it mainly comes down to is the 2D elements. For instance you'll get a menu in front of the 3D scene, but it's depth isn't set correctly so your brain will be convinced it should be behind the scene... really messes with your eyes in an unpleasant way. :)

So with most games it's somewhat "accidental" how well they work with 3D (or don't). A relative handful actually take the effort to address such issues during development and get fully "3D Vision Ready" certified. nVidia keeps a big list of games (and their 3D playability) here. Fortunately with some games, mods can fix the 3D deficiencies.

Comment: I know this is Slashdot but please RTFA (Score 1) 168

by Wraithlyn (#47083981) Attached to: This Is Your Brain While Videogaming Stoned

You clearly didn't read the article (The "Motherboard takes a different look" one at the bottom)

They killed it on the games while stoned, performance was equal or greater (often massively so) in all cases. It's also full of references to other studies (for example about driving) suggesting weed does not decrease focus & performance, and in some instances enhances it.

So.... pretty much the exact polar opposite of the "demonizing" you're complaining about.

Comment: Re: It.. can't be true! (Score 1) 49

3D TV can only play back 3D movies

Well... that's factually incorrect, 3D gaming is already a reality today, via stuff like nVidia 3D Vision (3D Skyrim with a few select mods is very drool worthy).

Still a niche to be sure, but not a limitation of current tech that VR is going to solve. It will probably make it easier and more mainstream though... so you're quite right about VR's potential I think.

Comment: Re:Not for Nerds (Score 1) 253

Funny how you bolded "comedy" and not "situational".

I think back to sitcoms like The Cosby Show, Night Court, etc, and the comedy really did arise from the situations... not by simply making the cast subjects of ridicule.

I really do think television has gotten "meaner". IMHO things really took a turn after "The Weakest Link" and "Survivor" type shows became popular.

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