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Comment Re:Profitable? Really? (Score 1) 161

Conventional farming requires massive amounts of land. This lets them go vertical and grow way more in the same square footage. I imagine that's where much of the profit potential lies.

They are also able to grow in an optimal environment (LEDs tuned to ideal wavelengths, precisely controlled temperature/humidity, etc) which should produce increased yields compared to regular field farming. They are also able to recycle 98% of their water.

If you can grow (and sell!) 10x the lettuce in the same area, it's easy to imagine that handily offsetting the energy & water costs they're incurring by growing indoors.

Comment Re:Deniers? (Score 1) 507

Here is a graph (similar to the one you presented) showing CO2/temperature correlation over 400k years:

1) Notice how the CO2 never goes over 300ppm.

Now here is a graph of what CO2 levels are doing today:

2) Notice how the CO2 has shot way past 300ppm and is still climbing to the fucking moon.

Now please explain again why there's no difference between today and the historical "spikes"?

Comment Re:Brilliant Oil Hits -.50 a barrel (yes minus .50 (Score 2) 115

So... the US military should wait until it DOESN'T have that safety net, before starting down the road of weaning itself off oil?

Reducing dependence on oil (foreign or domestic... they will both eventually run dry) is in the US's long term strategic interests. Period.

If you're arguing against that, you're simply not thinking long term enough.

Comment NEC Laser Printer - 21 years and counting (Score 1) 332

I have a NEC Silentwriter Superscript 660i laser printer that I convinced my parents to buy for me in high school (in 1995) when I became the editor for our school paper. Microsoft Publisher 95 on a cutting edge Pentium 160, good times.

The thing is an absolute beast and just won't die. For part of its life it was used as a primary office printer at a startup company too, printing thousands and thousands of pages. Just a workhorse. It's so ancient I've had to use HP Laserjet 4P drivers since Windows XP, because they never made drivers for it newer than Windows 9x.

Comment Re:Possible reasons (Score 2) 289

It's already pretty much happened (proprietary concerns notwithstanding) with email addresses.

Email addresses have largely become a defacto standard for login usernames.

It's pretty easy to envision a near future where someone "calls your email", and it transparently maps to the phone # you have registered for that address. In fact that's already essentially how it works in certain applications (eg, Skype and iMessage).

And to your point, an email address certainly isn't guaranteed to be "lifetime permanent", but for practical purposes it's generally "permanent enough".

Comment Re:MPAA is that you? (Score 2) 172

Now that other content providers have their own distribution systems, they don't really need Netflix any more.

This is exactly why Netflix is going gangbusters on producing their own (high-quality) content.

Once the digital-distribution playing field has levelled somewhat, the content-owners will (once again) hold all the cards. Netflix is preparing for that.

Comment Re:That's Ridiculous (Score 1) 108

That can be the 2nd one. And hopefully that one flies a dozen times or more before being put in a museum.

This one is already "first payload booster to make a controlled landing", which is really the most critically important part.

What if there's an accident and it blows up on its 2nd flight? Just lost a piece of history.

Re-using it is just standard engineering and maintenance at this point, it's the first landing that's really the historical accomplishment.

Comment Re:I don't think... (Score 1) 411

Why do YOU feel the need to attack people merely stating a definition? And why are you assuming they are theists? (Hint: I'm not)

If you believe there is no god, you're an atheist. By definition. And yes, that IS a belief.

If you don't believe in anything (or more precisely, believe that such knowledge is impossible) you're an agnostic.

Comment Re:The real worry should be Kessler Syndrome (Score 1) 98

No, you posted that in your reply, AFTER Rei called bullshit on your "correction".

A mature adult would've simply posted, "Ah, sorry I mis-read you" (and perhaps politely explain how his wording confused you), and moved on with their lives.

Instead, you doubled-down on the "nuh uh! I was right all along!" game, while adding accusations of "butthurt" (including to a passing AC that I guess you assumed was Rei again? Classic), which, well, rather elegantly demonstrates the quality of your character.

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