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Comment: Re:Department of Fairness can not be far behind (Score 1) 617

by Wraithlyn (#49140267) Attached to: FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules

From your own link:

In 1969 the United States Supreme Court upheld the FCC's general right to enforce the Fairness Doctrine where channels were limited. But the courts did not rule that the FCC was obliged to do so.[3] The courts reasoned that the scarcity of the broadcast spectrum, which limited the opportunity for access to the airwaves, created a need for the Doctrine. However, the proliferation of cable television, multiple channels within cable, public-access channels, and the Internet have eroded this argument, since there are plenty of places for ordinary individuals to make public comments on controversial issues at low or no cost at all.

The Fairness Doctrine was abolished in 1987. So you're frothing at the mouth over a doctrine that was discontinued almost 30 years ago, and was intended to promote discussion of public issues on a scarce medium, and you think it is somehow relevant to the Internet in 2015.

But hey, don't let actual details get in the way of your breathless hyperbole.

Comment: Re:Oh? (Score 1, Flamebait) 137

by Wraithlyn (#49139363) Attached to: 12-Billion-Solar-Mass Black Hole Discovered

Considering he made the exact same mistake twice in a row, it seems like more than just a one-off typo don't you think?

And your response to someone teasingly pointing this out, is offensive name calling?

What are you, twelve? From the generation where nobody is ever told they're wrong and everybody gets a participation trophy?

Mature adults acknowledge their mistakes and attempt to learn from them. If I was repeatedly making a mistake like this, I would WANT it pointed out to me.

Comment: Re:Old stuff. (Score 2) 227

by Wraithlyn (#48854431) Attached to: Sid Meier's New Game Is About Starships

MOO2 was pretty good too.. the only thing I remember disliking compared to the first one was the number of ships you could build were more limited due to different supply mechanics.

MOO3 wasn't evan a game, it was a fucking spreadsheet. Never been more disappointed in a game. And I've played Daikatana and DNF.

Comment: Re:Riddle me this, batman (Score 1) 160

by Wraithlyn (#48628995) Attached to: To Fight Currency Mismatches, Steam Adding Region Locking to PC Games

Because you purchased it while geographically located in Russia, using a Russian Steam account, a Russian billing address and a Russian credit cart (or Russian PayPal account or whatever)?

You can't easily accomplish these things by just "buying it from a Russian site".

Comment: Re:Expensive ? (Score 4, Informative) 39

by Wraithlyn (#48364361) Attached to: First Victims of the Stuxnet Worm Revealed

Ummm... why? You think it's preposterous that software exploits are bought and sold?

"It is common for individuals or companies who discover zero-day attacks to sell them to government agencies for use in cyberwarfare." - Zero-day attack

- Zero-day exploit in Apple’s iOS operating system 'sold for $500,000'
- Nations Buying as Hackers Sell Flaws in Computer Code
- How Spies, Hackers, and the Government Bolster a Booming Software Exploit Market
- Cyberwar’s Gray Market

Comment: Re:It won't be Asimov (Score 1) 242

by Wraithlyn (#48362941) Attached to: HBO Developing Asimov's Foundation Series As TV Show

5-10 minutes? It's a television series, not a movie.

The entire first episode (at LEAST) will be devoted to the first short story ("The Psychohistorians"), of which Hari Seldon is the main character.

In fact, I expect they will want to do one season per book (3 seasons to cover the trilogy). If that is the case, having each of the 5 short stories that comprise Foundation take up two episodes each would make for an ideal 10-episode season of TV.

Comment: Re:Well, that's cool I guess (Score 4, Informative) 125

by Wraithlyn (#48254481) Attached to: It's Official: HTML5 Is a W3C Standard

Sorry, but the steaming pile of ignorance is yours.

> 1. Almost all serious websites are xhtml compliant.

Um, bullshit? Want to try backing that up with something? A random sampling of, google news,, Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn shows they all use HTML5 doctype. And here's a graph showing XHTML's continuous decline as it dies a well deserved death.

> 2. Do you imagine that all the HTML5 support that already exists came from nowhere? It was browser devs implementing the pre-reccomendations for HTML5

No, it was browser devs (WHATWG, as the GP correctly pointed out) ignoring the W3C's strict XHTML idiocy and opting for a saner route.

The WHATWG was formed in response to the slow development of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web standards and W3C's decision to abandon HTML in favor of XML-based technologies.

- Source:

We got HTML5 despite the W3C, not thanks to them.

It is not for me to attempt to fathom the inscrutable workings of Providence. -- The Earl of Birkenhead