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Comment Re:Where I work - no such thing as "sick leave" (Score 1) 670

More people than you might think have something wrong that makes them sick very often. Some chronic illnesses, even without being severe, can still severely impact work attendance.

Also, I suspect that the "3 weeks of vacation and 1 or 2 weeks of sick leave" is much rarer than you think. It's unusual for front-line service-sector jobs, and almost unheard-of for minimum-wage jobs, at least in the U.S.

Comment Re:Policy change (Score 1) 670

It might be interesting to see if there have been any studies comparing productivity for workers who are given generous, fully-compensated sick leave and workers who are given punitive sick leave such as you describe. My hunch (speaking as a supervisor and former small-business owner) is that you actually get more work out of the former and less work out of the latter -- and if my hunch is correct, then when you are sick, it actually is the employer's problem.

Comment Re:Sick leaves (Score 1) 670

Working from home isn't possible for all jobs, no matter what cultural views you change. For example, I work on the front line in a library. There simply is no way to work from home for about 90% of my job, which involves being there for the people who walk in. There isn't any way to change that, short of making libraries obsolete -- and despite what most pundits seem to think, the Internet has not made a dent in library popularity. My own library is busier every year (measured by people in the building and by circulation statistics).

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