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Comment: Re:Too little too late (Score 1) 188 188

The majority of users most certainly don't care (or care enough to sign a meaningless petition). But a lot of moderators, who are essentially the unpaid employees who are driving most of the content on the site, like those popular AMAs, DO care. A lot of them are pretty upset. The lack of communication and planning makes their (volunteer) jobs harder, which makes them less eager to do those jobs.

Take the AMAs for example. When Victoria was there, the mods could do what they do: verify the person's ID, make sure it happens on time, set up the schedules, etc. When they fired Victoria, the link between the admins and moderators was gone. That left the mods with no good way to do their jobs and make all that content the company is so eager to monetize. The mgmt team shot themselves in the foot, in other words, and now all the mods are getting are platitudes and vague promises without any deliverables, timetables, etc.

More people will likely start caring when the overall quality of content goes down as mods get more and more burnt out.


Comment: Re:Sad (Score 3, Interesting) 188 188

It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. Ellen Pao is, by many accounts, an abysmal manager and a CEO who appears to lack vision and/or a plan -- which are two things a CEO absolutely must have. Her handling of Victoria's dismissal is pretty clear evidence of that. A 20-something night manager of a McDonalds on the interstate could have handled letting an employee go better than she did.

We're talking about someone who doesn't even know how to use her own product (she once posted a submission that linked to one of her private PMs) and can't even apologize on her own site before going to the media to try to put out fires. She's apparently got dodgy ideas about race and sexism (her failed lawsuit against KP, banning certain subreddits). So an influential black leader gets pissy over a PR stunt that went bad and demands some action? Sure, I could see Pao reacting by firing the most high-profile and well-liked employee at the company without having a contingency plan in place.


Comment: Too little too late (Score 5, Insightful) 188 188

She was all over other media outlets over the weekend, and only just now makes vague promises about "tools". Hopefully those won't go the way of the "transparency!" promises they made earlier. People are apparently rather unhappy. But the good news is that Ellen Pao thinks that her users don't care, and the ones who are raising a fuss are insignificant. That's the way to make the moderators (which are basically unpaid employees) happy, Ellen!

Her management style reeks of VC meddling. It's all sanitize and monetize now. Weird shadowbanning, giving some offensive subreddits the boot but not others, etc.

I predict a gradual exodus. The cool kids tend to move on anyway once their parents have arrived.


Comment: Re:Cry me a river. (Score 2, Insightful) 216 216

I also write free software. And I have a software patent. I could not possibly care in the slightest if software is free. If it does the job, that's all that matters.

Removing non-free software from the USC is removing user's choices, and thinking for users by imposing your moral/political code on them. That's presumptuous and wrong.

Let the users choose what they want to use. The free stuff is there. If they care, they can use it. If not, they have more choices.


Comment: I don't care if software is non-free... (Score -1, Offtopic) 216 216

If it suits my needs, I honestly don't care even a little if software is non-free. All I care about is if it lets me get done what I need to get done. That's it, end of story. So yes, I think the USC should have free and non-free software in it. It gives users more choices, and that's a good thing. Which is why crusading against removing non-free software is a bad thing: It removes choices for users.

Let users decide what they want to use and why. Let them care if they want to. Let others not care if they don't. It's presumptuous in the extreme to try and think for others and make choices for them.


Comment: Re:Soylent News Looks pretty good (Score 1) 172 172

I've had a fark account since 2002, but I rarely go there any more. Too much blatant censorship under the guise of "moderation". Also, lots of pandering for money. It's OK to have sponsored links, just say so. The lack of threaded comments is also headache-inducing.


Comment: Way to own it, dickhead (Score 2) 266 266

You fucking suckhole, at least have the balls to own up to your mistakes. You assholes not only put a shitty MITM attack in the OS, you fucking used the same goddam key so that anyone else could MITM us too?! And not a single person with half a clue ever stood up in that design meeting and asked what a monumental fuck-up that was? Right. Trying to make the "user experience" better by inserting your ads into my TLS-based google searches or my secure bank session? It "wasn't useful"?! Just stop. Stop that nonsense and own your mistakes like a real actual person.

I've been buying and recommending Thinkpads since the late 90's. I'm using one now in fact (thankfully re-imaged, no thanks to the twatwaffles at Lenovo). I'm never going to do either of those things again. I might have if they had said, "You got us, our bad, we're sorry and it won't happen again". But not anymore. Not with the wishy-washy corporate-speak bullshit.

Do not fuck with people's stuff for ad revenue. And if you do and get caught, at least fucking own up to it.

And so now I'm wondering what my next laptop will be. Because it sure as shit isn't going to be a Lenovo...


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