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Comment: Re:Consider being a subset of SC (Score 1) 109

by the eric conspiracy (#47769005) Attached to: Statistics Losing Ground To CS, Losing Image Among Students

That's complete horseshit (along with this article). It's like saying math is a subset of CS because nearly all maths will be calculated by CS.

Stats is orthogonal to CS. You don't need one to do the other.

Having both though can give you a skill set that's quite useful.

Comment: Re:Monopolistic thuggish behavior (Score 4, Interesting) 328

For me it goes like this:

Electric company - thug
Water company - thug
Gas company - ok
Cable company - thug
Wireless company - thug
Phone company - thug (stopped using 8 years ago because they wouldn't repair their lines)
Trash company - ok

So there are 7 private companies I deal with for important services. FIVE of them are monopolistic thugs that do things like sending bills without reading the meters and fail to keep their infrastructure in reasonable repair (try having to boil water for two weeks because the water company didn't repair their treatment facility after a storm damaged it years ago and see what your opinion on this is).

These state sanctioned monopolies are the children of Satan. Or maybe Eris. They get into the regulators knickers and generally then do anything they please.

Comcast is now bidding to own the interwebs. Tell whoever you can that this would be a disaster for America.

Comment: OK, it's a content publishing system (Score 2) 69

by slaker (#47761295) Attached to: MediaGoblin 0.7.0 "Time Traveler's Delight" Released

I have a number of Plex servers. Plex also allows me to publish images, music and video online, albeit to a select group of people. Were I seeking a wider audience, I'd have the options of Vimeo or Xtube or Soundcloud or Bandcamp or Flickr to put my content online.

I also have a bunch of web servers. What's stopping me from using the dozens of web content galleries, if I'm going to be using my own disk space and bandwidth instead of Google's or Yahoo's?

Seriously, what is this doing that those things aren't?

+ - Some raindrops exceed their terminal velocity->

Submitted by sciencehabit
sciencehabit (1205606) writes "New research reveals that some raindrops are “super-terminal” (they travel more than 30% faster than their terminal velocity, at which air resistance prevents further acceleration due to gravity). The drops are the result of natural processes—and they make up a substantial fraction of rainfall. Whereas all drops the team studied that were 0.8 millimeters and larger fell at expected speeds, between 30% and 60% of those measuring 0.3 mm dropped at super-terminal speeds. It’s not yet clear why these drops are falling faster than expected, the researchers say. But according to one notion, the speedy drops are fragments of larger drops that have broken apart in midair but have yet to slow down. If that is indeed the case, the researchers note, then raindrop disintegration happens normally in the atmosphere and more often than previously presumed—possibly when drops collide midair or become unstable as they fall through the atmosphere. Further study could improve estimates of the total amount of rainfall a storm will produce or the amount of erosion that it can generate."
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Comment: Re:Some versions of it are marxist. (Score 2) 501

The problem with your analysis is that the laissez-faire folks would see points all of your stipulations as Marxist.

1. In unfettered capitalism monopolies are fine. While you don't want regulated markets. construction of monopolies through price manipulation etc. is fine. This is how we ended up with stuff like Standard Oil. Look what happened with the breakup of AT&T - gradually the companies formed by the split re-merged. Only regulation has prevented formation of a monopoly.

2, 3 and 4 are obviously restriction on free commerce and therefore Marxist.

Comment: Same tactics as war on drugs, now its war on guns. (Score 1) 420

by BrookHarty (#47740983) Attached to: South Carolina Student Arrested For "Killing Pet Dinosaur"

Part of the population of the US wants to ban guns, so some states are taking baby steps to pass laws that will make it easier. Total registration is the first step in the future plan. These states keep saying they need a federal/state registry to check for criminals, when all we really need is an 800 number for people to call in before private sales, a simple yes/no if the person is allowed guns. Only a ban list is kept, and never a total registration list. Thus no private sales to criminals, and we keep our historical idea of a ban on government confiscation.

(Except NY, they are chipping away rights faster than California, how would you like to be a store owner with riots like Ferguson and have only allowed a few bullets in a magazine due to bad laws...)

For the kids, the brainwashing has started. Its Doctors asking kids if their parents have guns at home or Teachers trying brainwash kids that guns are bad, and if you mention guns, its a suspension.

This is about forcing political change with the children. Also why people want to stop all religious actions, mandatory LGBT studies at k to 6, rules on cakes at school functions, ban student stores, ban the pledge of allegiance, mandatory feminism classes, etc.

It's about control.

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