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Comment: Re:Scalia Never Met An Unreasonable Search (Score 1) 451

That's preposterous. Scalia wrote the decision in Kyllo v. United States where use of thermal imaging was declared in violation of the 4th Amendment.

He also dissented in another 4th Amendment case, County of Riverside v. McLaughlin where the majority decision weakened protections.

No if I was going to inflict lunch choking on someone it would be Clarence Thomas.

Comment: Re:NSA is so annoyed right now (Score 1) 59

Lots of people keep server logs around for a long time. Now that the requests that cough up private keys have been identified I would think that hack attempts would have been identified by now, just like the ones that are the subject of this story.

They haven't been.

Comment: Re:Too poor (Score 1) 323

by the eric conspiracy (#46800703) Attached to: I expect to retire ...

Exhaustion of the trust fund is NOT the end of SS. There is still enough income to pay some 3/4 of the benefit just from ongoing receipts assuming that there is no change in the current law.

Usually what happens when there are issues like this on the table is the law is changed; on such change is the idea you suggested.

The real issue is Medicare funding. The ACA helps a little with that, but there will be more and fairly drastic changes needed for that.

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