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Comment Re:Let vs Lets (Score 5, Informative) 104

Pirate Bay Now Let[sic] you stream...[deranged insults over perfectly good English]

"Organization do" (singular) is proper British usage and is dominant in most English speaking locales. "Organization does" (singular) is Americanized pidgin. Get some elementary knowledge, stop the uninformed insults, and lose the provincial attitude. It's a big world and it does not rotate around the United States. Less and less every year does it do so.

Comment Re:Uh? (Score 1) 281

It's strictly about the number of transistors on a chip.


Just because clock speeds won't go up much more with silicon technology, it doesn't mean that going from a 2D plane to 3D assemblies (with the associated heat problems, but this "low power" stuff helps with that) won't happen.

It will happen. It's "merely" an engineering and geometry problem rather than a physics problem requiring new science.


Comment Re:Pity the birds (Score 2) 178

On the contrary, this is probably the best way to make windmills bird-safe. The bigger the blades, the slower they'll move.

The RPM will be slower, but I very much doubt the tip speed will be substantially slower. I'm pretty sure the design tip speed is fundamentally a certain percentage of the wind speed, independent of the design disk diameter. That's certainly the way propellers work.

It's the tip speed that kills. As a matter of fact, larger blades are probably harder to avoid, because as they rotate they are coming from farther away.

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