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Comment Re:He is not a Republican (Score 1) 493

The world needs more conservatism

I'd like to expand on this for clarification. I don't think the world *always* needs more conservatism. I'm not a card carrying conservative. I am a swing voter. For example, during the civil rights movement and abolition of slavery progressive ideas, social programs, and liberal thinking were needed. But right now, I think we need the opposite. We need to get back to basics, shrink the impact of the government, critically analyse and evaluate broken social programs, and exercise fiscal conservatism. However, at the same time we need progressive reform of long in place political and financial policy. The democrats were supposed to do this in the last 8 years. They didn't. It would seem no one can. In which case I think it's prudent to neuter these corrupt and ineffective institutions as much as possible.

Comment Re:He is not a Republican (Score 1) 493

I couldn't agree more. I call them gangs; because that's what they are. Political parties are nothing more than a slight evolution of the same social structures formed by chimpanzees. A constituent from my area should not be pressured to align with the broad ideals that happen to go against the "enemies" of our larger area. There's no wonder the western political system simply seems broken. The real wonder is why the people haven't become disillusioned enough to seek reform. Charismatic politicians like Obama seem like they can provide the answer in good faith, but they can't, and the illusion that democratic election has any power under the current structure persists. If you need to fix a structure of any kind you start with the foundation. Anything else is patchwork.

Comment Re:He is not a Republican (Score 4, Interesting) 493

As a non-usian I can honestly say the term makes a lot more sense than democrat. Not only *is* the US a republic, but besides having a democratically elected republic, it's not a real democracy. And, rightfully so. A true democracy would be terrible. After all, a democracy can be two wolf and a sheep deciding what to have for supper.

To put "the republicans" more in line with what every other country in the world calls that party: they are conservative. Conservatives, free from corruption, are for small government. They prioritize tradition over progressive ideas, saving over spending, and the free market over social bureaucracy.

The world needs more conservatism. The problem is that a proclivity towards private enterprise makes them easy targets for corruption. This is precisely why we need to keep the government's impact and their ability to monetize self interest as small as possible. The US (and others) political system has done a terrible job of this so far. A good start would be to remove corporate contributions to political campaigns.

Comment Goodbye (Score 1) 493

If American's vote this guy in I might actually lose faith in humanity and jump off a tall building. "Evildoers"? Seriously? What are you 8? You can't even invent your own horribly ignorant and disconnected term for people that don't like you? Even worse you blindly copy your big brother (arguably the worst president in US history)? Fuck it... Goodbye cruel, retarded world.

Comment Re:Intersting video, shame about the Flash (Score 1) 111

Im curious, you boycott flash for what reason? It sucks... I get it. I can't watch a flash video and run a Windows virtual machine without a new i7 processor. It's seriously brutal. But to go far as to not have it all seems a bit extreme. Are you worried about security? If you work at the pentagon you might have an argument.. although you probably shouldn't be browsing slashdot on your work computer regardless.

Comment Re:Fallacy of Climate Control (Score 2) 248

I'm pretty sure there are clear probable causes to the climate change in Egypt and they have to do with the end of the last ice age. Now, what causes ice ages? There's many theories but no one knows. Many theories, such as the changing of Earth's eccentricity, have a good reasoned basis supported by evidence. Others, like crustal displacement, are completely speculative. The truth is, nobody knows, and with regards to anthropomorphic planet warming: it doesn't matter. The question is: do emission from our industrial society impact the climate? I'm not an expert in the field, but nearly all the actual experts seem to agree that they do.

Comment Re:Sure.... (Score 1) 204

It has to only work gmail to gmail, in which case it's entirely dependent on how the receiver is accessing their gmail account. If they are accessing their account through an application like outlook using imap or the native extension then it's probably not going to work. Also there's the obvious problems of screenshot and copy paste. All in all this is probably a terrible idea as it will do nothing more than offer a false sense of security to people who don't know any better.

Comment Re:GPL is good but flawed (Score 1) 250

What your suggesting they do is not legal within the GPL. If it's GPL code they can't publish it and then delay anything. Now if it's their own proprietary code that they GPL chunks of occasionally, that would be right in line with what most companies do including Red Hat and Novell.

They release their code because they want to encourage adoption which will hopefully encourage licensing of the closed version and support contracts. This is the only way to monetize open source currently and hence the crux of the problem. AdaCore can easily give to the GPL but can't really benefit from it. That encourages them to develop under their own license and use these little tricks you dislike.

Comment Re:GPL *perfectly* covers all needs. Flawed?!? (Score 1) 250

You don't understand the purpose of the GPL. It's not intended to just give you things for free, but rather to give you freedom with your software. You want free stuff, and the GPL is good enough to provide you with that? Ok then. But the core premise of freedom with software should not be limited due to errors in design, and it currently is as you pointed out with games and other software, like hardware drivers.

Comment Re:GPL is good but flawed (Score 1) 250

I don't think they would. Red Hat and Novell write code under a proprietary license and then, a lot of the time, release chunks of it under the GPL after a certain amount of time. That's why the open source versions of their os have different names and often lag behind. Some software, like GroupWise, forever remains closed.

They practice exactly what I'm suggesting they just aren't able to as easily take back from the GPL as they are to give to it. So when they have to make big changes to pure GPL code they have little way to monetize it outside providing support.

Further on that point, those companies have been able to leverage their software into support contracts or cloud offerings. It's pretty difficult to a sell a support contract for a video game or hardware driver, which was my point entirely.

Comment GPL is good but flawed (Score 1) 250

I've long believed the GPL has a major flaw that excludes it from wide adoption: there are too few ways to monetize GPL code. Now I'm sure some people are thinking "good, that's what the GPL is about", but they'd be wrong. The GPL is about freedom, and it's flaws force those interested in being paid for their work to often reinvent GPL code to monetize the software; closing it up entirely.

This problem is especially prelevant in industries like computer games, and hardware drivers; coincidentally two of the areas GPL code has constantly lagged behind. To fix this I would propose a provision, or perhaps a sub license that would allow a person or organisation to keep secret their source modifications for a period of time. Perhaps something like 1 or 2 years. This would give incentive to enterprise to build their products upon current GPL code as they could save money by not "reinventing the wheel", while also ensuring that their modifications would have a monetization period.

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