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Comment Re:It's pretty obvious what happened to them (Score 1) 145

The company forced them to train their replacements

Bullshit. They BRIBED them to train their replacements by giving them a severance payment if they do so. There is a difference. How could "forcing" them possibly work?

You have to train some new people who are going to replace you.
Bullshit. You're firing me anyway; I refuse.
[Idiot employer stammers uselessly]

But the bribe works just fine.

You have to train some new people who are going to replace you - and if you do, you will get a severance payment; otherwise nothing.

When my employer laid me off, I didn't have to train my replacement, but they did get me to sign an agreement not to do/say certain things after separation, for a period of time.

Comment Re: How did they get 132GB RAM? (Score 1) 99

No they don't. i3 and most Pentiums support ECC.

Ignoramus. It's the e3 and e5 server/workstation chips that support ECC, not the i3. That said, there are some e3's that are pretty good buys and work in the same socket 1150 and 1151 motherboards as the i3/i5/i7, but it's pretty hard to find MOTHERBOARDS that support ECC RAM for anything less than a king's ransom. Hard but not impossible. There are a couple of excellent Asrock "workstation" socket 1150 ATX motherboards at well under $200, and with excellent specs for desktop use.

P.S. - "pentiums" - bwahaha - are you caught in a decade or more time warp?

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 5, Informative) 555

For years [Hitler] kept firing the best generals

I'm afraid you need a citation for this. At least up until the 20 July plot at which point defeat was inevitable anyway, the only significant case that comes to mind is the dismissal of Gerd von Rundstedt, and that was at least 50% a resignation. And Hitler quickly recognized his mistake and restored von Rundstedt.

Now, Stalin was the real example. Shortly before WW2 he purged 5 of his 7 Field Marshalls, 13 of his 15 Army Commanders, 50 of 57 Corps Commanders, 154 of 186 Division Commanders, 16 of 16 Army Commissars, 25 oi 28 Corps Commissars and 8 of 9 Admirals. This was part of a great reign of terror that ripped through the USSR, in which 680,000 persons were executed by being shot in the head. Counting deaths in vicious "detention" in the Gulag and other consequential deaths, it is estimated that 1.2 million died.

There was another purge in 1941, right during the German invasion.

Many of those purged were "executed" - basically murdered.

This insanity was one of the chief reasons why in the initial stages of Operation Barbarossa the Germans cut through the USSR like a knife through butter, despite USSR superiority in numbers and advantage of defense.

Comment Re:So Let Me Get This Straight (Score 5, Insightful) 244

I just have to ask all you clever little MS types. As Microsoft moves Windows Server closer to a CLI-based operating system, what exactly is the point of Windows now, other than, I suppose Exchange?

Exchange Server is one of the killer points, yes. The other one is Domain Login with the attendant domain-wide security model. As a *nix booster, I must say those two continue to absolutely show up *nix to this day. Those two give more than enough of a "point".

Comment Re:Let vs Lets (Score 5, Informative) 123

Pirate Bay Now Let[sic] you stream...[deranged insults over perfectly good English]

"Organization do" (singular) is proper British usage and is dominant in most English speaking locales. "Organization does" (singular) is Americanized pidgin. Get some elementary knowledge, stop the uninformed insults, and lose the provincial attitude. It's a big world and it does not rotate around the United States. Less and less every year does it do so.

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