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Comment Re:You're looking in the wrong direction (Score 2) 330

Take a deep breath, accept that you don't know everything and then go here and read about LENR/cold fusion which is about to change the world:
Or just google it...

You can, if you want, allow yourself to be wowed by "man behind the curtain" fraud, but I've got better things to do. At least conventional fusion relies only on well-enunciated and well-accepted physics, something which cannot be said for the E-Cat. If Rossi actually possessed anything beyond ego and selfishness, he would have published and cooperated freely with the scientific community. If he possessed anything which anyone who matters considered worth anything, someone would have stolen his "secret" by now and it would actually be released in service to an energy-thirsty world.

Comment Re: Mission accomplished (Score 2, Insightful) 330

When the snow is falling, stand the panels up to minimize the amount that sticks to the surface. When the storm is over or abating, apply heat to the panel surface to melt the residue.

Have you analyzed how much energy you will expend to melt the snow, relative to the time rate of electric energy produced by the panel? Nice powder snow falls are not a big problem, but freezing rain, rime ice accretions, and slop which then freezes solid when the temperature falls prior to your heat application are all conditions a lot of us live with every winter.

The complication and expense of providing the distributed electric-resistance or other type of heating equipment, not to mention the machinery to tilt the panels 90 degrees, would be substantial. And the machinery would have to operate under extremely unfavorable conditions of icing.

I don't suggest these measures cannot be taken, but I do suggest they might have a serious effect on overall cost (initial capital, maintenance, and energy consumption) -to-production performance.

Comment Re:Might want to read the fine print... (Score 3, Informative) 163

At Chernobyl, there were many firefighters within meters of an exposed critical core, resulting in a large toll from acute radiation sickness.

For some definition of "large". There were a total of 28 acute radiation exposure deaths, most of them emergency personnel on the premises and emergency responders from outside, at Chernobyl. To put that in perspective, there were 414 deaths of emergency responders at the World Trade Center when 4 assholes crashed two planes into the twin towers.

The following is definitely nitpicking. I rather doubt the Chernobyl core was still critical when most of those people were exposed. Criticality probably terminated promptly at the moment of explosion.

Comment Re:This is how it will go (Score 1) 253

In the real world in the US, $70/mo for 1 Gbps and $2.08/mo for 5 Mbps sounds like a super offering. I wish the heck I could get it. It costs around $50/mo for 25 Mbps from Comcast now. I believe 100 Mbps from Comcast costs north of $100/mo.

Maybe you could bond several of the 5 Mbps. But it might be that they will not effer you more than one 5 Gb; it sounds like a subsidized offer for the poor to me.

Comment Re:Is it really THAT hard? (Score 2) 167

You can't expect software to paper over BUSTED HARDWARE. If a disk drive flat out lies about status, expose the goddam manufacturer and sue him out of existence. If you think anyone can paper over the scenario you just outlined, then what about this - what about a disk drive that NEVER WRITES ANYTHING but lies and says everything is going hunky dory? Pretty damn sure there's nothing you can do in that scenario.

I've heard that story about the "drives that lie about about write-to-physical-media-complete" many times. As far as I am concerned it is apocryphal. Never once have I seen the manufacturers and model numbers specified. I think it probably came from a long long time ago (in technology time). Finally I sure as hell have no idea how "examples exist" turned into "most storage hardware" as the tale is spun and respun over the years.

Comment Re:Stupid comparisons (Score 1) 345

I was unable to find an accounting of aggregate passenger-miles or passenger-kilometers for each. I am not sure why we are supposing each 747 would fly more miles than each Concorde. Yes, some 747s flew longer routes than the Concordes' routes. And many didn't. And the Concorde is flying twice as fast.

It's an interesting question to ponder.

Comment Re:Why? What advantages does this have over ZFS? (Score 1) 131

Not the driver, that's a divide-by-zero in a bash-script that only happened when there were 0 reads from the L2arc, which can only happen during a brief window after the system starts up.

There is another way it "might happen". You might not HAVE an L2ARC. I had to fix that nasty script on my system.

Comment Re:Where's the terrorist? (Score 1) 467

I find a "war on terrorism" indeed to be a concept that is lacking. Why focus against a tactic?

But I find the term "Islamic terrorism" quite well-defined. The problem is, though the vast majority of terrorism is Islamic, the term "Islamic" is unfortunately subject to being misunderstood; the vast majority of Muslims are not terrorists; also, why rule out religious terrorists of other persuasions?

I wrote above what the difference between Islamic and Muslim is.

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