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Comment: Some potential, but hardly for a genuine leap (Score -1) 96

by fnj (#48949455) Attached to: NASA Looking At Nuclear Thermal Rockets To Explore the Solar System

How is this any more than a revisiting of the ancient discredited NERVA/ROVER program which began in 1956 and dragged on to a miserable failed end in 1973?

This shares the fundamental flaw of all rocket technology: the fact that any rocket has to carry and throw away a vast load of reaction mass. The Saturn V employed a total mass of 2970 tonnes to lift a mere 118 tonnes to LEO. But the actual raw energy needed to lift 118 tonnes to 200 km is E=mgh = 118,000 times 9.81 times 200,000 = 232 GJ, which is the quantity of energy contained in just 5.47 tonnes of gasoline. So the efficiency of the Saturn V was 0.184%, not because it was a "bad" rocket, but because it was a rocket.

No other mode of transportation has to carry its own reaction mass and throw it away. Not bicycles, cars, trains, ships, submarines, or airplanes.

Comment: Re:Oracle ... (Score 2) 269

by fnj (#48943403) Attached to: VirtualBox Development At a Standstill

Where software goes to die

Yeah, that is why Java is dead. NOT. Oracle may be destroying it to the best of their ability, but they have been so far unsuccessful. OpenJDK and Google Android are there.

And that is why ZFS is dead. NOT. Oracle has killed off OpenSolaris, severely cutting back on people using ZFS on Oracle products, and seems to have essentially halted all further development of ZFS features, but OpenZFS is flourishing in the form of ZFSonLinux (the real first class kernel driver, not just the FUSE toy), FreeBSD, PC-BSD, FreeNAS, NAS4Free, Illumos, et al. Significant improvements continue to be pursued with OpenZFS.

Once a project has been open sourced, even if further development is then closed by some asshole (I'm looking at you, One Real Asshole Called Larry Ellison), the genie is out of the bottle. You can't put it back in.

Comment: Re: Does It Matter? (Score 1) 269

by fnj (#48943285) Attached to: VirtualBox Development At a Standstill

So there is a free version of VMware (not on all platforms) that is dumbed down and by your own words not satisfactory for professional users and for some non-professional users, and the "real" VMware product is not free. Contrast with KVM, where the whole kit and kaboodle is free. Seems to me saying VMware is "not free" is roughly just as true as saying it "is free".

Comment: Re:Not my anecdotal experience (Score 5, Insightful) 255

by fnj (#48931939) Attached to: Proposed Disk Array With 99.999% Availablity For 4 Years, Sans Maintenance

consumer grade SATA disk which isn't going to be as reliable as the Enterprise SATA/SAS disk we would use

In your fantasy there is a difference besides a hideously higher price and a somewhat longer warranty period. In real life, commodity SATA is much more cost effective. Everybody who is serious reognizes this (Google, Backblaze, Amazon).

Comment: Nothing novel is being proposed here (Score 2, Informative) 255

by fnj (#48931725) Attached to: Proposed Disk Array With 99.999% Availablity For 4 Years, Sans Maintenance

We observe that the same objectives cannot be reached with RAID level 6 organizations

Well, duh. RAID6 is not a serious level of redundancy. ZFS RAIDZ-3 (triple parity) FTW. And you can build in as many hot spares as you want. Dinosaurs who have still not adopted ZFS need to get a clue.

Comment: Re:That's a nice democracy you have there... (Score 1) 392

Oh. For a minute there I thought you meant real evil. You know, the kind where there is not just collateral damage and politicians finding out thast you hate them, but targeted murder of completely innocent civilians. So, fight evil with evil? No, I'm not for that, but no reason to completely lose one's perspective.

Comment: Re:Obligatory reminder that an alternative exists (Score 1) 96

by fnj (#48896405) Attached to: OpenSSL 1.0.2 Released

In what universe do you live ... You ensure that what you downloaded is what you meant to download by using the signify utility as mentioned on the page and verify that the package you download was signed by the OpenSSL devs.

LibreSSL files signed using OpenSSL's private key? In what universe do YOU live?

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