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Comment: Re:Lobby (Score 5, Insightful) 234

by Virtual_Raider (#38094820) Attached to: New Media Giants Take Out Print Ad Against SOPA

That's one of the reasons I kind of hope it does pass initially it will cause a lot of problems (technical and otherwise). But we'll have to come up with solutions to those problems and when they really want to censor us it will be a lot more difficult. Where as if it doesn't pass it will likely be replaced shortly by more reasonable and enforceable means of censorship.

I think that's actually a bit too optimistic. What Hollywood, "traditional media", Politicians and associated Moneypolists want is to turn the web into Television. They want a one-way medium to distribute their content, whether it be entertainment, political platform or other stuff they sell. They don't want the regular Joe to generate their own content, hence the extremes they go to brand anything not made by them as spurious and pirated.

If this law was to remain, it would cement their grip on the medium so they can turn it into the advertisement broadcast platform they want it to be: sanitized, monetized and sales-orientated. They want to know who you are and where you are so you can't dodge them; they want you to be a trapped consumer, and they want to keep tabs on you to better tailor their efforts at shovelling their crap down your throat. This is why that MoFo Murdoch (or was it Turner?) said the Internet should have been patented from the start. This is why politicians and law enforcement agencies everywhere want it muzzled, they don't want disent they want obedience and mindless consumerism.

Comment: Re:URL? (Score 1) 159

by Virtual_Raider (#37981800) Attached to: Google+ Opens To Businesses With 'Pages'

using Google, you're doing it wrong.

Hate to break it to you but this is absolutely not the same and not better. If you type you land on the business page straight away, and the first thing you see is whatever content business placed there.

If one follows your method, you land on a Google search page where the page you look for is one of many links. Yes, it is the top link but you are still on google, you still see the listing of other random crap (or related crap if you're [un]lucky). It takes an extra click to get to the goods, and all the extra links are potential distractions that in some cases will take you away from the business you were looking for originally. would be a much cleaner solution.


+ - Apple patents Kinect->

Submitted by Virtual_Raider
Virtual_Raider (52165) writes "Apple patented a method to control an iPad using "3D Gestures", which basically are nothing but hand waving like "hand swirls and swipes". From TFA:
"As suggested by a newly uncovered Apple patent, you would be able to manipulate and control graphical elements on your display, such as icons, media files, text and images. The gestures themselves could take many forms: geometric shapes (e.g., a half-circle or square), symbols (like a check mark or question mark), the letters of the alphabet, and other sorts of predetermined patterns."

I guess these guys better come up with other ideas."

Link to Original Source

+ - Python's heart grows 40% after feeding->

Submitted by ram.loss
ram.loss (151102) writes "An article in Science Magazine suggests that the heart of a burmese python (Python molars) grows up to 40% after having a big meal. Apparently, a combination of fatty acids is responsible for this reaction, as it was observed by a team of molecular biologists at the University of Colorado. When mice got injected with the same combination a similar reaction was observed, opening the door for studies exploring the application of these chemical compounds to treat some cardiac diseases."
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Comment: Re:Look at how we take care of our planet. (Score 1) 904

by Virtual_Raider (#37814008) Attached to: What Happens When the Average Lifespan is 150 Years?

Hatred of our fellow man didn't put us at the top of the evolutionary chain. Banding together and sharing the burden of survival as a group did.

I beg to differ. We are unquestionably at the top of the food chain, but evolutionary chain? very debatable. Just because we have culture and technology and other nifty stuff doesn't mean we're more "evolved" than oil-eating bacteria, or sharks, or cockroaches, or...

Comment: Re:Typical Slashdot comments pattern to follow... (Score 1) 265

by Virtual_Raider (#37746670) Attached to: Comet May Have Missed Earth By a Few hundred Kilometers

That's a lot of words to dance around "Yes, there's no evidence"

I disagree; in any case it should be "There's no conclusive evidence" because his whole point is that there is some of it. If whatever evidence there is isn't enough to convince you that's fair enough, some areas of human knowledge aren't as solid as math and physics (biology, medicine and psychology to mention three biggies) and have much more hazy areas than the "hard" sciences.

Comment: Re:Assange condemns greed? (Score 0) 944

by Virtual_Raider (#37735524) Attached to: Occupy Wall Street Protests Go Global

(Off topic)

I have no mod points. So all I can do is post that I agree.

The moderation system works because most moderators mods up the insightful, informative and funny. And refrains from modding up because they agree, or worse, mod down because they disagree.

Great point. What /. should do is have a dual system. An "Agree/disagree" button that does absolutely nothing but count the number of either paired with the current moderation system. To reduce a bit the potential for abuse and promote fair moderation, they could make the Dis/Agrees invisible to people with moderation points.

Comment: Re:OMG!!! (Score 1) 138

by Virtual_Raider (#37735270) Attached to: Scientists Discover Mechanism That Gives Shape to Life

Snakes have a defect!!! Then, they ARE in league with the devil! Grandma was right all along!

Crap, Annon, you beat me to it. It's only a defect if what you wanted is not a snake, for them is a feature. Opinions may vary but I for one don't feel so defective because I don't have gills or feathers for instance...

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