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Comment: Re:Two words: (Score 1) 215

by VendettaMF (#47809945) Attached to: Hidden Obstacles For Delivery Drones

>> if a UPS van drove across your property while delivering packages to other people's houses, you'd shoot it too.

No. No I would not, and neither would any other sane person.
If you weren't actually "amusingly" exaggerating or parodying someone/something there then you need psychological help, and should not be trusted with any weapon more potent than a rubber spoon.

Comment: Re:except..... (Score 2) 393

by VendettaMF (#42943027) Attached to: The End Is Near for GameStop

That would be a clear and definite restriction on the right to resell (Specifically, the deliberate crippling of products to disrupt the standard commercial rights of the purchasers) which would near certainly be a case rapidly lost by the crippling companies in the EU.

American courts, somewhat trickier to call. Precedent, law and logic all say this is unacceptable behaviour, but it's unacceptable behaviour by a rich corporation, so...

Good day to avoid cops. Crawl to work.