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Comment: Re:Nothing wrong with cheating the State (Score 1) 135

by KGIII (#49799859) Attached to: Chinese Nationals Accused of Taking SATs For Others

-1 Does Not Fit the Narrative...

Seriously, we are an oppressed people living in a police state with the government seeking to completely remove our freedoms and to hand them over to the businesses that paid them to be elected. Because, you know, you can live on campaign funds after election and lobbyists can pay politicians and politicians can keep that money without being noticed and, another thing, they will all get C-level jobs from the lobbyist's corporate overlords later on in life.

Fuck Poe...

I am the 1%, I am the 99%...

Also, you are Hitler. Godwin needs an invite too.

*sighs* A grain of salt is trivial to acquire.

Comment: Re:in all fairness, (Score 1) 135

by KGIII (#49799771) Attached to: Chinese Nationals Accused of Taking SATs For Others

I may sound a bit racist or ignorant here but, trust me, I am not... Really... I am not.

Let me start by saying that I am 1/4 black. I have spent time living in urban areas. I spent eight years in the military where there were many people of races other than white. My family is urban and many are totally black on that side of the family. I have spent more time with them, living with some for some time even, and have observed that many (certainly not all) initially look the same until you have become familiar with them. I have not found this to be true with white people and this is, I believe, because they typically have a number of different characteristics while still being considered white. Hair, facial structure, some skin tone, and other easily observable traits. Using the black people as my example the vast majority have brown/dark hair, are dark skinned (some variation), wide noses, etc.. These are racial traits which are more prevalent in those who have more melanin and likely for the same reason they have more melanin.

They are not all the same nor are they different people. They/we think just like the rest of the world - with a balance of pros and cons in their situations, just like the rest of the planet. People like to make assumptions but they, the poor inner-city people of any color, may be situationally challenged they are not (by any means) mentally challenged. Their vocabulary may be different than your/our own but this is no different then "y'all" or "you'uns." It is no different than an accent from a New Yorker or an accent from a Texan. It is no different than Anglicized words nor is it different than local colloquialisms. See the island and swamp people in the Mississippi Delta for another good example.

Some may view a portion of my post and assume the rest (we shall see) but I implore you to read the post critically, entirely, and make no assumptions. It is not, nor am I, racist towards black folk. A knee-jerk reaction is not called for. I do couch the racist bit because I honestly have a knee-jerk reaction with Germans and Japanese (I have watched too many WWII documentaries) but my logic circuit kicks in, during these situations, and I immediately recall that these persons are persons and not at all accountable for the atrocities and that my own country is just as guilty. While my initial thinking is certainly racist (in the above situation) I immediately correct it and then go out of my way to ensure I am not judgmental in deed and, ideally, in thought. What may be fun is seeing how many folks only read a portion of what I wrote and make assumptions based on that. I am assuming that they do not read this if such happens.

Comment: Re:Hilarious! (Score 0) 135

by KGIII (#49799559) Attached to: Chinese Nationals Accused of Taking SATs For Others

How true... I can get an excellent grade on ANY subject when the format is essay. You can do this in the three, four, or five (or more) paragraph format. You can blow it up with useless stuff if they want 10,000 words or something similar. What you DO need are good grammar/creative writing skills. Essays are NOT a good metric for those who can do this.

Restate the problem in your own words.
Tell them what you are going to tell them.
Tell them what your OPINION is.
Tell them HOW the two relate.
Restate the problem in different words and include your opinion where applicable.

Any of those paragraphs can be made into a number of other paragraphs. Weasel words, critical thinking where applicable, and opinions are the key. I have the time and the interest in assisting my fellow man so I will take a few to give you/us an example:

"Today we have {this} as a proposal/situation. {This} needs to be changed and I am going to offer a solution based on how I think about {this}."

"It is this author's opinion that we will find {this} to be true..."

"I feel that this will impact {this} in a negative/positive manner."

"Other people MAY feel that {this} solution I am propose could be better solved by doing {this}, {this}, or {this}."

"I see the sense in {this} but still feel that {this} is the best solution because of {this}." Where the latter {this} == reasons or perceived evidence. "I believe/understand..."

"Additionally, I strongly believe that {this} would result in {this} and I think this is wrong/right because of {this} and I think that {this} is the proper solution."

"Furthermore, I believe that {this} conclusion/solution would have {this} as a result."

"While other people may believe that {this} is not the best solution I disagree because {this}, I am quite certain, is the most ideal because of {this}."

"Thus I conclude that {this} was the initial problem and I have proposed {this} I expect {this} as the outcome and {this} is why I feel that way."

You can make it as long or as short as you need to. Very seldom are word-count overages penalized so be careful but do not worry too much. This will net you a solid score regardless of the subject so long as you can write well and can use a little critical thinking. You do not even need to know the subject so much as to be familiar with the terms (which you should be due to a well rounded education or a simple observation of educational media including the news).

This has worked well regardless of where I have had to use it. There may be exceptions but I have yet to find one. I have given outlines to family and friends and they have all been successful following something akin to the above used example.

Tada! You just managed to get into college AND you will do well in a number of courses. I do not need payment but if you do end up with a decent job then I ask that you pass it on to the needy not just in the form of taxes but with your time, heart, and money.

Comment: Re:Hilarious! (Score 2) 135

by KGIII (#49799313) Attached to: Chinese Nationals Accused of Taking SATs For Others

To pick the more obvious...

Threw and brand... Through and brain...

Are you sure you went to college and didn't cheat? Oh, perhaps you are Chinese?

Also, your experience may be true but it may be biased and bigoted and only you know the truth. My experience in college was was the opposite. Chinese, Asians in general, appeared to work hard to get very good grades. I, of course, attended a very good institution and did so many years ago so things may have changed or may have been different at your institution. Like I said, your experience may be true or it may be that you colored your own perspective based on your biases. Bigotry is not always intentional, nor are biases - of course.

Comment: Re:Hilarious! (Score 2) 135

by KGIII (#49799119) Attached to: Chinese Nationals Accused of Taking SATs For Others

I hired a programmer (this was years ago) who must have had someone take the entrance exams for him. He could not speak well, he could not write worth a damn, and knew almost nothing that we would consider the typical metrics. But the kid could code. He could code like a son-of-a-bitch. Fast, even if he henpecked the keyboard, and I never found a single flaw in his maths or programming. I paid him very well and he spent his money on Star Wars toys (and the likes) to populate his office. It was awesome and one of the best choices I ever made. Nobody else would have hired him. I think he would be called autistic today and probably ADHD. Give him something constructive to do and he would work through the night on his own. I had to give him cab money or drive him to and from work (or get another person, paid - thank you, to do so if they wanted to make the extra overtime).

Comment: Re:Yes, you can (Score 1) 486

by KGIII (#49798819) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Happens If We Perfect Age Reversing?

I love my children (I have two) and I made sure that they can do anything they want in this world within reason. I also made sure that they were not in a position to do *nothing* in this world (a fine line tailored for each). There is a reason for both aspects which should be obvious so I will skip it. To make a long story short, I am not sure who I would kill. I may kill the children if they were children/dependents for 50 years or I may shoot myself... It would likely be myself. Even though I am, by most metrics, certainly able to afford any likely drug that would enhance aging I surely would not do so. It is my duty to die and leave the rest to charity and a trust for grandchildren. Some/all of my atoms will likely reform into a new life someday and I will live again. As an atheistic Buddhist pragmatism is a must... *sighs* (I was pragmatic before I was Buddhist.)

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