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Comment Re:One more reason we need restrictions on drones. (Score 1) 138

You're mistaking "need" for "going to be facing." You won't need new laws. You're going to get new ones with harsher maximum penalties even if you don't need them. I tried mentioning this and was modded to oblivion quite some time ago when people were first insisting that they could do anything they wanted with them. Good luck with that.

Comment Re:They should know better (Score 2) 77

I am going to suggest you try that with braided line and not mono-filament. You're going to actually want to tighten up your drag too, assuming you're spin casting. This is most certainly not a good idea for those who fly cast for the fish I am usually after.

For a stupid ass animal that is a fish, they're sure tough to please sometimes. I expect a train to be a bit easier to hook but you're going to have an 'interesting' time reeling it in.

Comment Re:Not a Sex Offender's Register (Score 1) 233

That may be true but I think your statement is a little overly broad. This person should not be in jail, he's a kid. (He's not on some public facing list, either.) I don't have much of a problem with that - we keep police records regardless of convictions and typical background checks only cover convictions, at least in my country. The UK may have a different policy.

Then, there are exceptions. There are folks who have been accused of crimes so terrible that we have chosen to give up rights in order to incarcerate them for the protection of the rest of society. Your view doesn't include those folks and I'm afraid you're definitely in the minority on this one. I'm a pretty damned big fan of liberties and, well, even I can see the sense in this policy. Not that it isn't abused nor is the UK's system free from abuses. However, I see the logic behind it and tend to agree.

Comment Re:Still better than the US (Score 1) 233

Nah, they have multiple classes. His would not be considered a predator so would end up on the list for a shorter time frame at least that's what the various lists I've checked indicate. I'm not sure why your post is moderated as informative when it is factually incorrect. They have life-time registrants but those are for predatory offenses in every list I've ever looked at.

Also, few of those other things you mention are laws (in most states) but are probation conditions. They're generally free to live most anywhere (and certainly are after they've been removed from the list in cases like this), attend school, etc... Notification is the law, that much is true I think?

This could have changed but I was recently checking an area where I was thinking about buying some property and it was still the same there.

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 233

If I'm understanding the comments properly and recall the history of these such things in the UK then I'm pretty sure this is not a public list at all but a private list maintained internally by the UK police departments. Obviously, I did not read the article but someone was kind enough to quote it above.

Comment Re:So does this mean if the teacher saw it ... (Score 1) 233

We'll start doing that when we start reading the article. I've read a couple of articles but I'm a heretic - you're not the boss of me! However, I do use preview and skim my replies. I even edit some replies before submitting them. Hell, I end up editing some of the novellas I write. Unfortunately, it often makes them even longer.

Comment Re:Best and Brightest (Score 1) 260

They post on every story. Browse at -1 and you'll see what I mean.

Data or it's not an argument. In fact, I can prove you are making data up - there are plenty of articles without racist comments. But, seeing as you made the claim, provide proof.

Not that I'm a racist (I'm actually racially mixed) but I think I've found someone who's pretty damned dishonest. Which is funny because you've then the temerity to claim a moral high ground. "I'm not as wretched as them!" That does not make you a good person. I dare say that you disgust me.

Comment Re:More women = good stuff! (Score 1) 260

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That doesn't help but it looks like a Markov chain bot in a different language. My browser add-on indicates it is Turkish and the translation was done with Google's engine.

No, I have no idea why I bothered.

Pascal is a language for children wanting to be naughty. -- Dr. Kasi Ananthanarayanan