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Comment: Re:The Only Good Bug is a Dead Bug. (Score 1) 726

by Vastad (#45377989) Attached to: Critics Reassess <em>Starship Troopers</em> As a Misunderstood Masterpiece

I have never heard this assessment of Type O Negative before, but I feel like I should have. I only ever got the October Rust album on recommendation and I'm not really fan, but your comment definitely paints "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend" in a different light from before.

Comment: Re: Is that part of an overall prediction? (Score 1) 327

by Vastad (#44415877) Attached to: Tim Cook May Not Know Why, But Samsung Is Winning in China

Neither the iPad Mini nor the iPad fully function as a mobile phone. You haven't offered an alternative, you've completely ignored a key factor and still not accounted for calligraphy.

The iPhone 5 has a 4" screen, but with weird dimensions of 640x1136. That's pretty narrow, though I'll readily admit I used to read on my iPod Touch with a very small font. Still, I find it an odd design move.

I currently have the Google Galaxy Nexus at 4.65" with the movie friendly 720x1280 that's wider in portrait mode, the way most people would read on a mobile phone. It's not an unwieldy pocket-choking phone, especially when not in a third party protective case.

The S4 at 5" with a true-to-pixel HD 1080x1920 comes next in size. Having played with one, I find it still doesn't feel to unwieldy at only .35" bigger than my Nexus.

Finally for that next step up - and note it is a fully functional mobile phone and not a tablet with Skype to make it a "phone" - is the Samsung Note II. This time with a resistive screen that is better suited for use with a stylus - which comes with it's own spring-loaded dock within the casing of the phone. Now, that does feel big. Kinda like those big wide men's wallets that are meant for big trenchcoat pockets or a briefcase. Also dangerously close to that Nokia N-Gage "side-talking" feeling when used as a phone. No argument there, it's on the big side. But you know what? Those bluetooth earpieces are all over Singapore and I imagine China and Taiwan are no different.

Comment: Gang violence is growing again, for the first time (Score 1) 171

by Vastad (#44243049) Attached to: Fighting Street Gangs With Military Counter-Insurgency Software

I was struck by this particular bit in the summary:

With the growing problem of gang violence in major U.S. cities...

Wait a sec. Weren't they saying the Crips and Bloods were a growing problem back in the late 80s/early 90s?
Funny how the same record gets played over and over. I'd wager the amount of gang violence has remained about the same, and in relation to a growing population i.e. per capita, has actually shrunk.

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by Vastad (#40860447) Attached to: Half of India Without Electricity As Power Grid Crisis Deepens

Woops! Got it wrong. Don't know how to edit my old comment. Out of 8 sockets:

  1. a. 1 is a Master socket with battery backup
  2. b. 6 sockets are slaved to the master, of which:
    1. i. 3 slave sockets have battery backup
    2. ii. 3 slave sockets are surge-protected only
  3. c. 1 socket is an independent "always-on" socket

Comment: Re:Everyone's thinking it. (Score 1) 413

by Vastad (#40858467) Attached to: Half of India Without Electricity As Power Grid Crisis Deepens

Ah right. Well the way this particular model seems to be set up is out of 8 sockets:

  1. - 3 sockets are slaved to a master socket and have battery backup (4 in total)
  2. - 3 sockets are not slaved and only have surge protection i.e. no battery backup
  3. - 1 socket is an "always-on" socket, only surge-protected, no battery backup

Hope that clears things up

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by Vastad (#40847827) Attached to: Half of India Without Electricity As Power Grid Crisis Deepens

I've just bought one of these for personal use in anticipation of my new gaming PC I'm building this weekend: APC Back UPS ES8 Power Saving Outlet 700VA

Found it while scouring for surge-protected multi-plugs with good reviews. The really good quality multi-plugs were already pretty pricey, so going for the UPS seemed logical. Based on its specs, I'll get about 8 minutes to shutdown my PC safely. Not too shabby for less than £100.

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