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Comment: Re:Arrest the Credit Card Issuers? (Score 2, Informative) 411

by VGPowerlord (#47558013) Attached to: A 24-Year-Old Scammed Apple 42 Times In 16 Different States

It sounds like the real scammers are the credit card issues that have a system in place to override that has ZERO security in place.

The security is supposed to be that the retailer is supposed to call the bank themselves to verify it. Which they didn't do.

Comment: Re:From what I've read: (Score 1) 236

by VGPowerlord (#47474313) Attached to: Nearly 25 Years Ago, IBM Helped Save Macintosh

The early 2000s (and 1999) also saw fierce competition between AMD and Intel. This happened after AMD stole the performance crown from Intel with the release of the original Athlon, which likely pushed Intel to actually make some improvements.

This eventually lead to the Pentium M (and later Core) microarchitecture which Intel has been building upon for the last decade or so.

Comment: Re:Normal humans exlcuded from practicing law/medi (Score 1) 608

by VGPowerlord (#47415667) Attached to: Normal Humans Effectively Excluded From Developing Software

The real injustice is that I'll never be able to fill that spot on my bucket list under "Perform open heart surgery in front of a judge while vigorously arguing a case on behalf of the guy who is having his heart operated on."

No, but you could probably work that into an app!

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How did it get to the point of being a "series of kludges upon hacks upon misbegotten designs"? So much of it was because of shit-headed ad-hoc, fix-it-now solutions done by amateurs. People like Brendan Eich were nothing but enablers: much of Javascript's stupidity comes his trying to make it accessible to non-programmers.

Much of JavaScript's stupidity was because it was a shit-headed ad-hoc, fix-it-now solution written for NetScape 2.0... back then it was called LiveScript.

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by VGPowerlord (#47196073) Attached to: Sony Overtakes Rival Nintendo In Console Sales

Bad examples. Transistor and Mercenary Kings are both on Steam, as is pretty much every indie game of consequence. In fact, what most indie developers are learning is that they get more sales on Steam than they ever did on the consoles - and Steam will allow them to support their games past release without placing stupid restrictions on it.

This is one of the reasons I don't plan on buying any current gen consoles.

Not only that, but on the WiiU front, Nintendo has released the first game I might actually be interested in for the WiiU, but I'm not about to shell out a bunch of money just for one game.

To add to this, the WiiU's other big upcoming title (Smash Bros.) is also going to be on the 3DS... which nearly all my friends already have. As opposed to the two of them who have WiiU consoles.

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by VGPowerlord (#47195961) Attached to: Sony Overtakes Rival Nintendo In Console Sales

I think that it is worth noting that the sales comparison is not lifetime sales, but sales for 2013 only. So, Nintendo's 2012 sales would not have been included.

The fact that the Wii U has been available for longer makes the PS4 2013 sales look even more lacklustre. All the consoles have their best sales immediately after launch (which is why having a good launch catalogue is critical). The Wii U was launched in late 2012, and it is unlikely that 2013 saw the kind of sales that it had in the first few months after launch. However, the PS4 was launched in 2013. So, when you compare sales data for 2013, you are comparing sales data of the latest and greatest that Sony has to offer with the sales performance of a console that most had already panned as being not worth the purchase.

You realize that the PS4 was only out for the last 6 weeks of 2013 in North America and last 5 weeks in Europe? And wasn't out in Japan until February 2014?

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I did a few shenanigans here and there. Most were just weird things though.

I do remember accidentally making a command attached to a room that would essentially delete your inventory if you were a wizard because it turns out there was an admin command with the same name. And another that would fill up your inventory with undroppable items.

Oh, and I can't forget the rooms that moved you automatically between them in a circle so fast that you had to spam directions and hope you exited to a room that was outside the circle of spinning rooms.... it was supposed to move you from room to room every 2 seconds or so (to simulate a giant spinning gear in a clock tower), not every .2 seconds or whatever it was doing... whoops.

Then again, I suppose I should have actually learned C before monkeying around with LPC... this was back when I was in my early teens and my only programming experience at that time was BASIC.

Comment: Re:LP Mud (Score 1) 310

Oh god, I haven't done coding for LP mud stuff in almost 20 years... while I don't remember doing any crazy shenanigans like that (although I should have seeing as how my brother was also a wizard on the same mud), I do remember making some interesting oopsies.

I never did get back into it after mud ownership passed to a new person, who didn't make backups, and the guy hosting the mud lost his temper and deleted the whole thing.

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by VGPowerlord (#47157357) Attached to: Apple Says Many Users 'Bought an Android Phone By Mistake'

You're assuming he means that they purchased the phones 'by accident' rather than what he probably intended, which is that they later had buyer's remorse and felt they'd made a mistake. He's deliberately blurring the meaning here, but he's almost certainly not claiming that people went home with phones and didn't realise until later that they weren't made by Apple.

Except that's exactly what Apple claimed in court in the Apple v. Samsung cases.

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